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10 Bridal Looks Across The India You Can Choose For Your Wedding Too


Fri Apr 12

India is a country that is home to a variety of religions, culture, and there is something special in every part of the Indian bridal looks. The rich cultural diversity of this country and the generous blend of rituals comes in life on happy opportunities like weddings. It is the  Different Nation!. There are 29 states in India, each of which represents unique wedding rituals and traditions.


bridal looks

However, in all cultures, the bride is the star of this occasion. Everyone is eager to get a glimpse of the bride and give her a good luck.No wonder, every Indian bride takes her time and effort to look her best during this period. In fact, the concept of sixteen makeup or 16 steps for beauty lies deep in Indian culture and it has been passed for modern brides so that they can increase the charm and peace on their wedding day.

Every attractive Indian bride mentioned in this post has a unique element in the bridal looks, who feels her appearance and special.

Beautiful Luckhnowi Bridal Look

lucknow bride

The city of Lucknow is of nawabs and is historically known for its royalty. Thus, right from his attire, Lakhnavi bride goes out of the way of regal. The bride usually wears a heavy-embroidered Zardozi cloth or shanty in bright colors like red, pink, or green. Jewelry is wide, including manga tik, chandelier dice, necklace, earrings, and rings. The complex henna designs on hands and feet are an important part of the bride’s updo.

Cool Punjabi Bridal Look

punjabi bride


Punjabi brides of Punjabi weddings are celebrated for their fanfare and high glam quotient. Although the modern bride chooses the latest bridal look trends, some traditional wedding accessories are worn by every Punjabi bride. Accessories, such as kaleere, chuda, manga tik, Nath (nose ring), jutis (flat shoes), and dupatta are an integral part of Punjabi bride dress. Some of these items have formal significance. for example, Bridal should be added to the bride (head clothed accessories) on the head of unmarried girls during the marriage. It is believed that the one who receives part of it is considered to be the next line to marry.

Elegant Kashmiri Bridal Look

kashmiri bride

Kashmiri bride since Kashmir is influenced by rich Islamic and Hindu traditions, hence one of the Iranian, Turkish and Indian dressing styles in the bride’s apparel There is an amalgamation. The traditional Kashmiri bride wears the charming Ferran, with a long heavy embroidered gown, silver ornaments, and a string, An ornate silk headgear which enhances its beauty.

Mesmerizing Muslim Bridal Look

muslim bride

sabyasachi bride



The most prominent feature of Muslim bride dresses is complex ornament pieces, floral nets and a silk cloth around its wrist. This silk band secures a gold or silver coin given by her mother. Apart from this, one or two days before the marriage ceremony begins, the hands and feet of the bride are decorated with Mehndi pattern, which symbolizes optimism for her breeding capacity, beauty and a new chapter in life.

Adoring Gujarati Bride

gujrati bride

Gujarati gorgeous bride usually works with a traditional painter, a bright silk sari with a bright red border and zari. She can wear sari of the red and green band with gold border. The wedding sari is usually given in gift by her maternal uncle. She wraps saree in a strange Gujarati style and supplements dress in gold ornaments or gown-based clothes.

Spell Bounding Marathi Bridal Look

marathi bride

Elements of dress in the bride of Maharani bride who separate a Marathi bride, Mundawali (a white pearl is worn on the forehead), a brightly colored sari, which is worn in a dhoti style, and a traditional nath. During wedding rituals, it is custom for tying Manglasutra (sacred thread) in the neck of the bride for the bride, who symbolizes marital union and dedication to the new relationship. Mangalasutra contains black beads and a gold pendant. However, modern Marathi brides choose from the classy collection of gold mangalsutra of gold studded with diamonds and other precious stones.

Christian  Bridal Look

goa bride

The Goen Brides are the unique blend of Portuguese and Indian cultures in Goa. Goen Christian bride wears a white gown that is attached to gold or diamond jewelry. The gifts given by the maternal uncle, the wearing of colored glass bangles, is also formal.

Bengali Bridal Look

bengali bride

The brilliant Bengali bride wearing red or maroon sari with heavy gold zari work. Unlike most cultures using henna, Bengali women use a red garland to decorate their hands and feet. In addition to gold ornaments, the bride wears traditional wedding bangles, which include white shell bangles (conch), red coral bangles (hollow) and iron bangles (iron). Her dress is incomplete without the unfinished shiner crown, a white headgear and a sandalwood pattern decorating its forehead.

Adoring Tamil Bridal Look

tamil bride

Tamil bride symbolizes beauty, royalty, and elegance. Tamil Brahmin bride wears nine gauges kanujivaram sari (dress of non-Brahmin bride in a six-yard sari). The bride decorates herself with heavy gold ancestor pieces of jewelry, such as toe rings, anklets, nose studs, a waistband, earrings, necklace, and jadnagam, which is used to decorate her peak. Her hair is mostly tied in a bunion or peak and is embellished with aromatic flowers and gold ornaments.

Beautiful Kerala Bridal look

kerela bride

The Kerala bride Malayali bride often wears a white or cream kanujivaram sari or Shimla on her wedding day. A Christian Keralite bride can choose to wear a gown or a white sari with golden border. Since gold ornaments are the soul of this Indian state, most Malayalee brides prefer to feed it in their memorable days. Brides often wear complex gold necklaces, earrings, bangles, and hand jewelry to polish their beauty and family status. Using flowers such as flowers ornaments, jasmine, and tubers, it is also used to enhance the appearance of the bride.

The bride’s apparel in India is defined by the special customs and rich history of the region. We hope that you will enjoy reading about the nature of Indian bride and her importance.

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