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10 Fashion Designer Who Changed The Classical Design Of Saree


Wed May 22

You can’t replace the beauty of the saree with any other outfit. Saree has it’s own beauty and tradition attached to it. Saree has been carried by every woman from ancient time. We Indians are known for our tradition and culture. Therefore our saree is adored a lot across the globe. But wearing the saree same way with its same design has made many women are getting by bored with the same pattern and design. So our talented Indian fashion designer felt our pain and so they designed new and most beautiful saree patterns and design.

And now has changed the concept of ancient saree style. We have gifted with so many patterns by our beloved fashion designers that is been praised a lot across the globe. They have maintained our legacy and also offered modern design to our most beautiful outfit saree. They added aesthetic flavors to improvise and modernize our saree pattern and design.

They did a commendable task. Let’s acknowledge them for their achievement and let’s get to know who are they? Who gifted us beautiful and innovative saree pattern.

Kiran Uttam Ghosh

fashion designer

Kiran Uttam Ghosh presented saree with metallic form. And gave it an elegant look. He discovered that saree can also look metallic rather than being floral and classic every time.

Gaurav Gupta

fashion designer

He is popular for his ruffled saree and gown design and draped silhouettes. He combined his signature craft with ancient saree style and made it his own with his style. He is specialized in ruffled saree and gowns.

Manish Malhotra

fashion designer

One of Bollywood’s most favorite fashion designer Manish Malhotra is not left behind when it comes to experimenting with sarees. We love his unique and incredible style that how he has combined shararas with sarees. He is always unique in his creativity.


fashion designer

The most popular and know bridal fashion designer of India, Sabyasachi who recently launched an extraordinary beautiful collection of unique and experimental sarees. They have made a mesmerizing effect on every heart. Sabyasachi never leaves behind when it comes to experimenting and creating unique and new outfits. So, therefore, he has presented his collection of incredible saree.



fashion designer

Now this one is a label that does both traditional, classic and creating and experimenting with equal perfection. They really changed the classic way of carrying saree. They created incredible design and pattern with their way of personification in saree. Now let’s check out some of the most drool-worthy specialized sarees experimented by this label.

Arpita Mehta

fashion designer

Changing a classic sarees and giving it a contemporary makeover, Arpita Mehta introduced multi-tiered sarees that are popular the most in-vogue silhouette right now. She totally changed styling saree. And gave it an all-new and beautiful look. She personified her collection with her talent and passion.

Ridhi Mehra

fashion designer

She talks about ruffles and frill sarees, and Ridhi Mehra is the fashion designer you should check out once. And she has presented ruffled saree and gown that looks spell bounding and gives you mesmerizing beauty. Her collection of saree is both a mixture of classic and modernization. She has gifted a whole new look and level to saree wearing.

Rimzim Dadu 

fashion designer

The name indicates and is popular for molten sarees, Rimzim Dadu is a magician in her creation and her craft. One should look at her sarees and you will instantly want to slip into them. And flaunt them. She has presented her collection in such a way that it fits every shape of the body. And therefore looks flawless and adoring. In fact, this type of saree can be carried at any event, occasion, and festivity. They have a huge market demand.

Amit Agarwal

fashion designer

He is a magician with metallics and has become the most certain and one of the most unconventional couturiers in Indian fashion trends. Amit Aggarwal’s structured personified and experimental sarees are always a sight to behold. He has given them a beautiful outlook and created them with beauty. He experimented different pattern on different styles of saree. And gifted us the most beautiful collection of experimental saree. He has used his passion and talent to make this collection his best. His saree is very perfect for every occasion, event and festivity.

Anamika Khanna

fashion designer

Uncustomary and experimental brides swear by the outfits created by Anamika Khanna for all right reasons and occasions. The excellent and perfect design has been changing the wedding fashion norms for a long time now. And settled different levels of wedding fashion norms. Whether it is introducing and creating new color palettes for the brides, playing with the silhouettes or designing edgy bridal ensembles. She has done a commendable task always. Anamika Khanna has done everything in order and accordingly. It is said that she is also a professional with the concept and contemporary sarees. Her pant sarees, cape sarees, and belted sarees is the most favorite choice among the Bollywood fashionistas as well.

So you can also have their experimental and personified saree to make your day special and remembered. You will surely make many heads turning for you. By wearing these sarees by these fashion designer.

Do not miss any chance to have these sarees in your wardrobe. It completes your wardrobe and style. Have them to your fashion sense. And create a new style statement. Be the most stylish girl.


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