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10 Mistakes To Avoid While Planning Your Honeymoon


Sat May 25

We always plan the Honeymoon on the very last minute. And we want to have a beautiful perfect Honeymoon as well. We are always bounded in a dilemma that to plan Honeymoon first or look at the wedding arrangements. And we always focus on the wedding arrangements. We prefer it much. And so our Honeymoon program gets spoil. We never realize how we spoiled it. Rather we always start playing the blame game.


It gets unsuccessful through our risky and last moment decisions and hustle and bustle of wedding functions. It gets unsuccessful due to the rush we made at the last minute. And we always ignore our Honeymoon arrangements. And then regret later. So let’s talk about the top 11 mistakes to avoid while planning a Honeymoon.¬†

1 Avoid Last Minute Packing


Packing is something which is very important for the Honeymoon. And it should be given first priority. We always intend to do packing after we are done with every function and ceremony and then in a hustle and bustle we forget many important things. We leave many important outfits, accessories and many other things. We really stuck in a panic situation what to take and what to not. We all are aware that when we are going for a Honeymoon. And so we should take plenty of time and pack our luggage attentively and peacefully to avoid any regret later. If your Honeymoon is the next day of your wedding then pack a separate suitcase for it and take it along with you after your vidaai. It will make it quite easy for you. And if it is some days later. Then pack accordingly that you have at least one week for packing.

2. Planning Honeymoon Immediately After Your Wedding


Every bride and groom get tired with their hectic schedule for the wedding. And so you deserve to take rest for at least two to three weeks or more. Wedding is not just the end of rituals and events. There are many post-wedding events after the wedding. And doing everything in a hurry is the greatest mistake. Take time try to complete everything peacefully. Your reception and all other small rituals that are followed after the wedding. Do not plan your Honeymoon just after your wedding as it creates huge chaos and confusion. You will really get panic attacks. Be sensible have rest for minimum 3-4 days. And then go for your Honeymoon.


3. Not Completing Your Homework


Focus on complete research on your accommodation, hotel, food, transportation, and budget. We always blindly take others suggestions and follow the customer reviews. But that’s very wrong. We should plan and check everything ourselves. And we should always avoid suggestions and recommendations by others. We should plan our budget and then decide how much we will cost for everything and they should take an important decision. We should plan everything beforehand to make our honeymoon beautiful and perfect rather than a nightmare.

4. Not Making A Separate Budget For The Honeymoon

We really ignore and avoid making a separate budget for the honeymoon. And we include a honeymoon and travel to our wedding budget. And it is always seen that wedding budget extends a little. And so, therefore, we are left with no money. So we should always intend to plan and manage a separate budget for the honeymoon. As you never know what will cost you how much. We should always have a separate budget for the honeymoon to make it perfectly organized and managed.

5. Having Too Many Activities In Your Itinerary



We always want more. Remember we are humans and we never get satisfied with anything. We plan many activities to do on our itinerary and we miss many things due to this. Especially when we plan many things we are mismanaged and we are not able to complete a single activity peacefully. We should always have an organized itinerary with not so much things so that we live in the moment and create beautiful memories. We will then able to focus on our partner and love. Remember honeymoon is not for your picnic or vacation. It is for your love and bond with your partner. So plan a few things to enjoy it with your partner peacefully and properly.

6. Over Packing Luggage


Overpacking is a result of last minute packing. We just through many things in our suitcases. That is of no use mostly. And we always forget most of the very important things in rush, confusion, and chaos. Though we are in short of time we pack everything and then we create it a problem for ourselves. We are so much confused with accommodation and other things then we have to carry unnecessary stress about luggage too. So you should always save yourself from this unwanted stress. Never over pack things in a rush.

7. Not Booking Beforehand 


We all are aware of our wedding date. And if it is in the peak season of weddings then we should always pre-book things. We will save a lot of money if pre-book it. As in the peak wedding season, the costs charged usually touches the sky. And also prebooking will save you from panic and rush made at last moments. And so you will get time to research things well.

8. Not Considering Weather Conditions


We always ignore and forget to consider the weather conditions of the place we are traveling. And then we suffer a lot. The place may get some drastic weather change. And especially if you are going to some hill station you should be aware of the weather. As hill station is always in the risk of landslides, heavy rainfalls, and earthquakes. Or if you are planning to go to some warm place then make sure the place is not so warm for survival and you have booked everything fully air-conditioned. So make sure that you are aware of the weather conditions of the place you are going to visit.

9. Don’t Plan It Alone¬†


Avoiding planning everything yourself. Plan and discuss your honeymoon with each other. It is for you both and both of you should involve and participate equally. Plan everything with each other. You will get to know each other and their liking and dislikes too. And by planning things with each other you will save yourself from the blame game. You will create a strong bond with each other.

10. Not Considering Extra Expense

When you are planning to go abroad you should always consider and keep a little amount aside for your unseen expenses. And this should be kept out of budget. As many things are uncertain and you should be prepared for everything. Therefore you should keep some amount for unforeseen expenses.

So plan a perfect honeymoon by avoiding these common mistakes we do. And save yourself from last moment hustle and bustle.


You should consider these top 10 mistakes to avoid while planning your honeymoon to make it perfect and to create some lovable memories. And yes don’t forget to thank me later. I suggested you how to have a superb honeymoon.