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10 Wedding Cake Trends That You Can Follow At Your Wedding


Sun May 12

Wedding is a dream for every girl and boy. Somewhere deep inside our heart, we wait for this golden wedding day of our life. And we also try to make everything perfect for this dream day of life. And we also focus to have everything unique and innovative. Starting from the outfit, decorations, and food. We strive to make everything unique and extremely perfect. So let’s give you a brief idea about some trending wedding cake designs.

Let’s check out some trending wedding cake designs for your wedding. And let’s make every single thing grand and unique.

We All Wants To Have Love In Our Married Life – So Why Not To Have Love Topping On The Wedding Cake.

wedding cake

Let’s have a simple and sober looking cake with beautiful italics love titled topping on the top of your cake. As we all want a happy married life. And starting the new journey of life with having a topping of love titled on your cake is the best thing. This is a perfect wedding cake for your wedding and you will really get acknowledged by doing this.

Let’s Have A Giant Four Layered Vanilla Wedding Cake

wedding cake

A giant four layered cake with all vanilla flavor and trust me it is the best cake to have on your wedding. You can divide it among the guests. And also if they come and have it on their own still it will not get less and everyone will get equal pieces of cake. And this cake looks very tasty delicious and graceful by its decoration. Don’t miss to have this cake at your wedding. You will surely get many acknowledgments afterward.

A Bride Oriented Wedding Cake – That Have A Topping That Looks Like The Bride

wedding cake

Why should share your cake with a groom. Why should boys have all the fun? So we have a complete bride oriented cake that looks similar to the bride with her outfit to hair and her face everything matches with the cake. Let’s cut this alone and enjoy your wedding. Your groom will also love it. If you don’t love yourself first then how will you love someone else? So let’s show love for ourselves on our wedding and let’s have this trending wedding cake design.

Why Not Show That How You Are Going To Control Your Husband – Be A Dominating Bride

wedding cake

As everyone knows that every husband is controlled by his wife for a life after marriage. Let’s accept this bitter and sweet truth and have a funny cake having a topping of a bride dragging her husband topping on the top of the cake. Don’t miss any chance to show the girl power. You will become the queen of the house. So let’s flaunt your responsibility. Wondering which responsibility I am talking about?  Of course, every wife has only one responsibility to control and protect her husband from other bitches.

Let’s Have A Tag Line Wedding Cake Of Mr. And Mrs

wedding cake

A simple and cute cake having the title of Mr and Mrs is the best option for the cake that you can have on your wedding. And the beautiful floral design on the cake makes it look very adoring and beautiful. You can also keep this tag line afterward if your cake artist put a plastic made customized cake decorative. Or you can ask him to do that for you.

A Wedding Cake With The Topping. Of Bride And Groom Followed By Their Pets

wedding cake

We all love our pets and many of the bride’s and groom goals are updated with taking selfies on your wedding with your pet. We also see that many brides have no bridesmaids but her dog coming along nicely with her. So why not to show your love for then on your wedding. Let’s have a cake that has a topping of both the groom and bride followed by their pets. Just like the above cake have.

Let’s Have A Topping That Exactly Looks Like The Bride And Groom

wedding cake

One of personal favorite cake. Let’s have a topping model which looks exactly similar to the bride and groom. And let’s make this a wedding goal. You will really get appraised for this beautiful and graceful wedding cake. This will really look very adoring and will become the highlight of the wedding.

A Wedding Cake Full Of Floral Toppings With Floral Layering

wedding cake

This the huge cake with five layers. And the beautiful cake topping that has a floral effect makes the cake look mesmerizing. The combination of purple and white color cream make this cake look very tasty and delicious. You will really love to have a cake like this at your wedding. And it can also match your wedding decoration theme if it is in white and purple color.

Let’s Have Your Name Printed On Your Wedding Cake

wedding cake

Let’s have your name cards printed on your wedding cake. This cake is the trendiest cake and easily available. Beautifully crafted by the cream topping on your wedding cake looks very tasty and beautiful. Don’t miss to have this cake at your wedding.

Let’s Have Name Topping On Top Of Your Wedding Cake


wedding cake

So why not to have your name topping on your wedding cake. This is again an excellent idea. You can also have your nickname topping on your cake. This will look cute and mesmerizing.

So now rush to a good cake designer and order the desired wedding cake. You will regret later if you didn’t get these cake designs. And thank me later for suggesting these wedding cake designs.

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