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Best Bachelorette Party Destinations in India Other than Goa!!

Girija Mutha

Thu Aug 29

With facebook statuses changing to ‘Engaged’ or with invitations in the inbox, the wedding fever is officially here. From ranging the trendiest wedding wear to destination weddings are being discussed. But before the actual event, you obviously need some alone and fun time with your girlfriends. As the bride-to-be or the best friend to the bride, you must be super excited for some time bonding and having fun before the hubby-to-be takes over! So, here is the list of best Bachelorette Party Destinations in India other than Goa.


The concept of one-last-party-before your bachelor life is also catching up like a storm amongst the bridesmaids and the brides-to-be.

However, Choosing a place is a back-breaking decision which has been going on ever since you made a bunch of best friends. As you don’t have that much time and money to invest, Las Vegas and its casinos are out of the question.

But, fortunately, India is blessed with an ample amount of natural bounties and historical wonders. But, choosing a single place in the entire country to be the venue of your party might be a tad bit confusing. To ease the things up for you, we provide you with a master list for best places for your Bachelorette party in India.

But, before jumping into the fun-filled places for your bachelorette, there are few things you should be considering before throwing it.

  • Choose a Date

Picking the date means coordinating with the bride and often finalizing with the people that are most important to her. If possible,  you should always pick a date that will work for her three to four to her very best people. You should create a group, where everyone could reply with the dates they are available on. This is the most easy way to see who is available on which weekends.  This would be great, in order to ensure a date will work for everyone, include a lot of options.

  • Book Your  Stay

Whether you decide to stay in a hotel or to rent a vacation home, you definitely want to book accommodations right and correct. If you are unfamiliar with the city that the bachelorette is going to happen, browse online and see where the best tourist places are. Then, you could find a hotel or a vacation rental nearby.

This will help you cut on costs too since you will be right next to all the actions.

  • Set A Budget

One of the most important things to do is to set a budget before throwing your party to bid goodbye to your singlehood. In order to make sure no one will break the bank. Remember that some of the people may not be able to spend the exact amount as others.

One of the easiest ways to come to an agreement is to provide a few little options. Then find an amount that works for everyone.

so, these are the few things you should take care of before you bid goodbye to your singlehood.

Without any further ado, we present to you the master list of best places to have your bachelorette in India


Udaipur with its magnificent lakes and palaces is an ideal choice for pampering before the wedding. You could stay at one of the luxurious and ultra grand heritage stays and absolutely spoil yourself and your friends.

Explore the vibrant and beautiful town and click as many photos as your heart desires for your Instagram feed. It surely will make for the most memorable journey. You can book a palace like a place near any of the lake for your bachelorette party and enjoy every bit of your freedom before getting hitched.

Best Place to Stay: The Oberoi Udaivilas, Udaipur


The adventure capital of India could possibly be one of the best choices for your party. You and your squad can look forward to having fun activities such as white water rafting, camping by the river Ganges, bungee jumping and more!

If you and your friends have a mutual love for adventure, this maybe is a  trip that could possibly outdo even your honeymoon. And this is indeed one of the best bachelorette party destinations to take a Chill-pill with your team.

Best place to stay: Aloha on  the Ganges


Andaman and Nicobar Islands

The stun destination is yet to be exploited by tourist crowds and beach lovers, this means you have the beautiful beaches and blue waters all to yourself. Sunbathe, play and have mouth-watering yummy food at one of the many resorts here.

It is among the best destinations to detox and relaxes while getting pampered. You can also consider this place for unique experiences such as scuba diving and many other water activities with your girlfriends.

bachelorette party destinations in india

Best Place To Stay: Taj Exotica Resort and Spa, Andamans


Don’t you want the unforgettable feeling of warm rum in the chilly weather? There is nothing better and charming than traveling to a destination and experiencing life before you get back to your life and get ready for your The Day.

Visiting Ladakh is a one time experience and why not make it absolutely unforgettable with a Bachelor’s trip.

bachelorette party destinations

Best Place to Stay: Hotel Shangri-La, Ladakh


Gangtok in Sikkim is absolute paradise in East India. You can explore this place at any time of year and every view of these places will leave you amazed.

Celebrating your bachelorette in Gangtok is like a celebration in heaven with barbeque in a sky full of stars. This would definitely be once in a lifetime kind of experience.

bachelorette party destinations in India

Best Place to Stay: Resort Mayfair, Gangtok

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