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Are You Aware of These Makeup Trends of 2019?


Tue Mar 12

Makeup & its trends changed many faces with beauty.

Here we find some cool makeup trends of 2019.

From sponges to brushes.

From single lipstick to coats of lip colors and gloss.

From simple face powder to face primers and face foundation.


makeup kit for bridal

The makeup and its applications ways changed a lot.

Makeup trends in 2019 are the most beautiful version of makeup and its application earlier.

Earlier facial features use to get change from makeup but in 2019 makeup trends.

From eyes to lips everything gets highlighted and looks vibrant in makeup trends of 2019.

makeup trend 2019

eye makeup for girl

smokey eye makeup

Your eyes speak everything when your lips fail to says. 

Eyes which are the most beautiful gift of God in human and is the most beautiful gift for a girl.

A girl’s beautiful eyes can give hallucinations to anyone. That’s the beauty of a girl’s eyes.

Makeup trends in 2019 have proved this very well.

Earlier the eyes use to look extra dramatic and sparkle a lot. But 2019 makeup trends are making eyes vibrant, elegant and beautiful.

Makeup trends in 2019 bring uses of glitters on eyes as eye shadow. With glitter liners as well.

Makeup trends in 2019 focussed on smoky eyes with some more good experiments on it including eyes shadows and contrast with smoky eyes with eye shadow.

beautiful eye makeup

Steps for eye makeup: –    (in 2019)

Firstly we apply eyeshadow primer or concealer on both the eyes. And is spread throughout with a brush.

Earlier it uses to be done with the help of a sponge and doesn’t cover the whole eyes and leave a strange patch on eyes.

Then we apply three shades of eyeshadow first the lighter and followed by mid darker and darker shades.

Before this only single or two shades use to get applied to the eyes.

Makeup trends in 2019 focus more on to make eyes look big and beautiful so after it eyeliner and Kajal are applied and then we apply fake eyelashes to make eyes look bigger and beautiful.

best ideas for makeup

face makeup

full face makeup


Your cuteness starts from your cute cheeks

Now for full face coverage, makeup trends in 2019 focus more on making the face feature highlighted.

Steps for application of face makeup:- (in 2019)

Firstly we apply primer followed by face foundation then we apply concealer under eyes followed by contouring powder on the cheek lines.

All of these above-mentioned products are spread with the help of brushes and sponges.

Earlier we used only sponges to spread everything. And earlier we used to apply more of blushers than contouring powder to add fake pink effects.

Than highlighter is applied on the cheeks and on nose and on point outs of highlighting area. Earlier we used to have liquid highlighters which were not so used. 2019 makeup trends focussed a lot on highlighters. And we have pallets of highlighters these days.


branded lipstik shades

lip balm for girls

maybelline color sensational divine wine burgundy lips

Everyone admires your lips

Earlier we used to apply lip liner and fill it with lipstick but makeup trends in 2019 taught us to apply lip primer followed by lipstick and gloss.

Makeup trends in 2019 have increased use of liquid and matte lipstick.

Steps to apply lip makeup: – (in 2019)

Firstly we apply lip balm followed by primer. Then we apply lipstick or matte liquid lipsticks that too depends on the artist’s wish. After it we can apply more color of lipstick to add wish like the color. Then we apply a little glossy effect it’s too depends upon the artist’s wish.

Many changes in makeup trends in 2019 came from Kim Kardashian and Kyle Jenner. Huda beauty products replaced the market with other products. 

These changes cause different beautiful and elegant versatile changes in makeup trends in 2019.

Beautiful makeup can turn a simple girl into a dazzling beautiful diva.


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