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Designer Groom Wears to wear in 2019


Mon Mar 11

The question always arises which color lehenga the bride is going to wear but have you ever thought what the groom is going to wear?

We have so many designer lehengas and have so many designer sherwani as well.

Why should girls have all the fun?

best groom wear sherwani

The boy’s outfit is not talked as much as we talk about the bridal lehenga but the groom look is completed by his beautiful and spells bounding sherwani.

Now the question strikes which pattern or design is available for groom wear.

We have ample of groom wear designs but 2019 has brought some beautiful patterns along with it.

1. Green and ivory color with a little floral pattern on sherwani.

green sherwani for groom

The beautiful green color is everyone’s favorite. And looking a boy in ivory color is going heart robbing too.

This groom wear can be optimized with a good green wedding theme in the middle of some good green garden or green valley.

This sherwani is often used on people having dark contrast.

Though this trend is going famous and both groom and bride wear green as their wedding outfit.

2. Velvet designer sherwani

best groom wear sherwani

Velvet has its own brightness with the smooth texture. And using velvet sherwani is the best decision one can take in their wedding day.

Beautiful dark color with the velvet fabric has a separate fan base in North India and is liked by light contrast people.

This sherwani has beautiful zari work with a beautiful combination of dark and light color shades.

3. Silver color designer sherwani

designer groom wear

The color silver has it’s own sort of enlightenment and magical effect in it. And if a groom wear a silver color sherwani on his marriage, he is able to rob everyone’s heart including her bride.

This groom wear is mostly seen on beach wedding themes or fairytale wedding themes.

This color is loved by everyone in the country. This groom wear embraces both day and night functions of wedding.

4. Maroon designer sherwani

marron designer sherwani

The king of all sherwani is the beautiful maroon designer sherwani. This Royal sherwani completes the groom wedding look and makes a simple groom into a king.

The Shahi themes and nawabi wedding themes support this king maroon designer sherwani.

Not only the bride looks beautiful in maroon or dark red but the groom looks so eye-catching that his elegance becomes the highlight of the wedding.

5. Orange and beige color designer sherwani

Orange and beige color

Beautiful and vibrant orange color justifies every wedding themes.
Though the orange and beige color designer sherwani is loved more by Punjabis at their wedding.

The royalness look came after wearing orange and beige color designer sherwani is every groom’s demand.

This trend of sherwani is famous in North India. And looks very vibrant for both day and night functions.

6. All white designer sherwani

white designer sherwani

Beautiful white color when designed for groom wear embraces both the groom and bride.

Beautiful white color looks so peaceful and adoring that it catches everyone’s heart.

The eye-catching white sherwani is designed by Golden zari work on it. This sherwani fits the white and golden color wedding themes.

Vibrancy hidden in white color is highlighted by Golden zari work. The groom looks very adoring once he wears it.

7.  Mughal designed sherwani

mughal designer wear

Have you ever thought to marry like Jodha and Akbar?  If yes then make your groom wear a beautiful Mughal designed sherwani for your wedding day.

Beautiful emperor look conjures everyone minds.

The dream of marrying to a charming and brave king can become true if you make your groom wear a Mughal designed sherwani.

8. Golden designer sherwani

Golden designer sherwani

The beautiful and mind-shattering golden color which is enough and doesn’t needs any other combination of color along with it looks very adoring on the groom.

Your handsome groom needs a color like golden for robbing every heart.

Golden color signifies royalty as well and will suit any wedding theme.


So let your groom shine more than you on your wedding day.
Let everyone notice him first.

Let him be the highlight of the wedding.
Let him be adored the most.

Let’s show your handsome partner to everyone.
There are a variety of designer groom wear to choose the best and make him the center of attraction

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