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Best Gifting Ideas You Can Gift To Your Bridesmaids


Mon Apr 29

The most confusing task is to gift something to your bridesmaids. When you gift something to anyone you make sure that they like it and it comes to their use. Gifting options have a vast range with various confusions. We always want to gift the best and precious thing within our budget. But the same question stuck our mind is what to gift?  Which thing to wrap up and gift it to the lovely bridesmaids. What thing they will like and will not murder our pocket much.

bridemaids gift


So We have the answers of all this query. I have the solution to your every question. Gifting bridesmaids are tough but not impossible. I have a list of gifts that you can gift to the most beautiful and lovely bridesmaids.

1. Customized Bags

bridemaids gift

This is a great gifting idea for your bridesmaids. You can have your group photo or just a beautiful symbol on a bag. Or else you can do is just customize the bag with her name’s first alphabet and make it a memorable one. Also, be focused on choosing the best and elegant color to make it trendy and beautiful. It will cost you under 3000 rs which is a pocket-friendly as well.

2. Monogrammed Travel kit or Makeup Bags

bridemaids gift

This is the cool gifting ideas for bridesmaids and you will really make your girls happy with this. You have both options for small travel kits or makeup bags. You can have a monogram of their name’s first alphabet or the joint name of both you and your bridesmaids. You will get it under 4500 rs and you will really amaze them with this gift. Choose light color as many girls prefer light colors these days. Or you are the best friend so you may know her choice much better.

3. Personalized Jewellery


bridemaids gift

This is the most cutest option you can gift to your bridesmaids. You have a large variety available in it. Like necklaces, rings, bracelets, and anklets. Trust any girl who will receive it will really feel so happy that she will really praise you tillages. You can have full name customization or just the first alphabet of her name and she will love this gift. This gift will cost you under 1500 rs. Choose the same color whether golden or silver for your bridesmaids.

4. Customized Champagne Glass

champagne glass

Yes, she will love it!  Gifting her the customized champagne glass will beat every other gifting ideas for your bridesmaids. Having her full name or just the first alphabet of her name will really cause a lot of appreciations and you will inspire many brides by doing this. They will really acknowledge your innovative idea. And the customized champagne glass will cost under 3000 rs and therefore it is so pocket-friendly.

5. Customized Compact Mirrors

gift for bridemaids

Compact mirrors which are customized with full names or monograms or first alphabet of the name is a most useful gift.  That will be cherished by your bridesmaids forever. And who doesn’t wants to have it? Trust me it is the most useful and excellent gifting ideas for bridesmaids one can have. And you will get it under 500rs each. This gift is so pocket-friendly and will be happily cherished by your bridesmaids.

6. Monogrammed Signboard Light

You can give them a marquee light of the first letter of their name and with a message card saying that may your brightness spread just like the light of this signboard light. They will be happy and cherish your efforts and also use it a life long. This light can cause you under 1600 rs. And that’s not at all a bad deal. Just go for it without thinking much.

7. Personalized Bath or Sleep Wear

You can gift them customized bath wear or sleepwear is an amazing idea. Get it done for your crazy bridesmaids and I can assure you they will love it. And cherish it throughout. You can the set of sleepwear or bath wear under 3000 rs and you should spend this amount to just bring out a huge smile on your lovely and beautiful bridesmaids.

8. Bath Set With Bath Bombs

gifts for bridemaids

I know your bridesmaids are really very beautiful but let’s gift them something who will make them feel soothing and relaxing and will give them all the beauty elements through their beauty bath. Bath bombs including bath set will cost up to 2500 rs. They will really use it and will be really happy and praise you for your efforts.

9. Perfume Hamper Set

gifts for bridemaids

Gift your girl’s perfume hamper and give them a mesmerizing fragrance they will never forget. And they will really love it and this will be used by them mostly and whenever they will take bath she will always remember you and thank you. Perfume hamper set will cost 2500 – 3000 rs. And that’s really not a bad deal. So thank me later and order it now for your bridesmaids.

10. Customized Chocolate Hamper

gift for bridemaids

Every girl loves chocolate and gifting ideas for your bridesmaids can’t be complete without chocolates. A girl smiles when she gets a single chocolate bar and when she receives a hamper or set of chocolate she becomes the happiest person on the earth. This hamper will cost you under 3000 – 4000 rs.


Now don’t wait just order the gifts for your lovely and beautiful bridesmaids. They are going to hold your hand on your wedding and it’s your duty to make them happy.

Order these gifts and make your crazy girl gang happy. Just make them feel special by showing them this gesture.


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