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Best Markets To Shop Wedding Trousseau In Delhi/Mumbai/Jaipur


Fri Jul 26

Shopping is necessary for a wedding. And shopping is a vital part of the wedding. Buying outfits, footwear, sweets, jewelry, and much more.

And buying everything at a reasonable price is a great challenge. We always face a common difficulty to find the best market in the city. As there are many markets but their specialty varies. Not every market has everything. And here everything means both reasonable price and quality product.

There are markets who sell quality products but at a very high rate. And also there are markets who sell products at a low price but low in quality. And we always want perfect and best things which are reasonable and pocket-friendly and has the best quality.

And we have found the Best Markets To Shop Wedding Trousseau. So in this blog, we will cover the market places in Delhi, Mumbai, and Jaipur. So let’s go to the tour of the Best Markets To Shop Wedding Trousseau.

Let’s Begin With The Heartbeat Of India:- Delhi

“Ye Dilli hai mere yaar”

Delhi is the heartbeat of India. And the capital of the country is famous for its shopping addicts people. Everyone here loves shopping and are shopaholics.

Bollywood has also appreciated Delhi’s markets. They have used the name of the market in their songs.

“Sarojini ke kapde pehen ke jati madam disco”

And exactly there are many girls who prefer buying clothes from Sarojini Nagar market. And they are extremely graceful so that we can wear them and go to the parties.

Interesting right? 

Though there are many different markets we have some markets which are best for wedding trousseau. And we have brought the names of those markets which are perfect for wedding trousseau.

Chandni Chowk

The most popular of market Delhi. Every delete visits Chandni chowk once in their lives. And that too if they are getting married. This place is also popular for its delicious food. You will never forget the incredible flavors of Chandni chowk food.

The place offers every single thing that you will need to complete your wedding day. From outfits to jewelry. From sweets to gifting items. You will find everything. There are different lanes which are specialized in some products.

Bangles, saree, footwear, makeup, dry fruits, plastic disposals and much more. That too in a variety of ranges. You will never forget the experience. And you find everything at the same place that too at reasonable prices. And the products are also available in wholesale.

The Beautiful Pink City:- Jaipur


“Shehar gulabi Jaha ki Hawa Bhi nawabi”

The beautiful pink city, Jaipur is famous for its palaces, culture, Rajasthani cuisine, and tradition. Jaipur is the city of kings and queens. A royal city where real legacy exists.

You can plan your destination wedding in Jaipur as well. Go for the Royal or Rajasthani theme. And make a list of your shopping articles according to it. And then go and buy it.

Though there are many Markets in Jaipur as well. But the markets popular among tourists are quite expensive. And so many can’t afford it. So let’s go to the visit of some Best Markets To Shop Wedding Trousseau In Jaipur.

Purohit Ji Ka Katla

The Market has four main entrances, which are Johari Bazar, Tripolia, Chandpol, and Badi Chaupar. The best way to reach here is to take an e-rickshaw from your nearest stop and enjoy the beautiful city view and then get dropped near Johari Bazar.

The lanes of the market are very narrow so car, cabs and auto-rickshaw can’t enter the market. Once you will reach here you will find small shops selling lehenga and choli. That is followed by everything you might be searching for. And don’t forget to view and search the whole market you never know what you will get.

Let’s Go To The City Of Dreams:- Mumbai

“Maya ki Nagari Mumbai”

Mumbai is the city of dreams. As many people come here to make their career and live there dreams in reality. This place is a Bollywood hub as well. So if you want to try yourself in acting line don’t forget to visit the place.

Though Mumbai has big showrooms with sky-touching prices and small markets with relevant and reasonable prices. Everything depends on quality though we know a place where quality and price is equal.

Gandhi Market

The best place to find designer lehengas, jewelry, footwear, gift items, and everything. All the products are also available in wholesale.

You will get everything at reasonable prices and that too quality product. So never miss a chance to visit this market. You will have a great experience.

So let’s tie up your shoelaces and start shopping!!!

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