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Best Wedding Photographers in Chandigarh – Have the “Perfect Shot”

Girija Mutha

Sat Aug 24


After finalizing those perfect outfits, phenomenal, you might feel that you have just accomplished the colossal of struggles of planning your wedding. The most important part of your wedding would be “that perfect photographer” that would pause the button of your life and capture your memories of your fairytale. So, here we provide you with the list of the Best Wedding Photographers in Chandigarh, that will give you the perfect shot.

But if there is anything that remains forever amongst fun and chaos, it is the everlasting memories which should be captured. When choosing your wedding photographer, you want to ensure they create the wedding album you have always fantasize.

He would ensure that the sweetest moments of your wedding are captured and are stored for your lifetime. But, choosing that ‘Perfect Wedding Photographer’ is no less than winning a war! Who would store your ‘Happily Ever After’ in his lens and obviously you need that picture-perfect posts for your Instagram!

We firmly believe in investing in a quintessential wedding photographer as even after all the ceremonies gets over, pictures are something which lasts forever and is stored for a lifetime!

But, before that, there are certain things you should search for before booking that one photographer for your big day. Since the photographs from your wedding day will be an invariable memento of your special day.

Choose your Style!

Started searching!!
Hey! Before you begin searching for photographers, I think you need to identify a few things as:

-First, decide the type of photography style you prefer.
-And what preferences you have.

As this will help to determine which kind of photographer you will want for shooting your wedding.
Do some research! Get an idea of what kind of photographs and themes you want for your D-DAY!

Set Up Interviews

Don’t base your decisions solely on what the photographers have on their Instagram and highlights! They will obviously be posting their best pictures and that’s where you have to act smart!

Set up in-person meetings with at least three to five potential photographers, to look at their work and assess whether your personalities match or not.

Do Your Homework

Carefully review potential photographers’ websites, their social media to check out photos of other weddings they have shot, which will give you an idea of their style and patterns they usually follow.

We always happy to help you, that’s why we provide you with the master list of the best photographers in Chandigarh, you could book if you are getting hitched anytime soon.

The List of Best Wedding Photographers in Chandigarh

Mohit Jaura Photography

Mohit Jaura  Photography is a professional photography service in Chandigarh. His work is highly appreciated by his customers. He works with full dedication to capture that perfect moment at the very right time, to create a memory for a lifetime!. He really appreciates to take feedback and work on it.

best wedding photographers in chandigarh

They never let distance come in between the opportunity of clicking startling pictures, covering destination weddings as well. He believes in excellence and dedication. The extremely talented team believes in progressing and working together.

The photographers are well qualified who shoot your precious moments and capture them with for life. They keep on updating themselves with the latest tools and apt techniques and they use the perfect lighting to capture the perfect pictures.

wedding photographer in chandigarh

Head to his Instagram to have a look at his work.

 The Last Bench Photographers

They have expertise in candid photography, traditional photography and pre-wedding shoots. They also cover destination weddings. Understanding the importance of your special occasion and bringing the magic out in your photographs is what they aim for.

They provide about 700 edited pictures to their clients. They strive to make your special day although more special by capturing the perfect moments with their dedication and hard work.

best wedding photographers in Punjab

This wedding photographer will put an extra effort to make sure every detail is captured with precision and utmost sincerity. Indeed the last bench is one of the best wedding photographers in Chandigarh.

the last bench photographers | setmywed

Head to their facebook to have a look at their work.

Sunny Dhiman Photography

They have been presenting a world full of beautiful moments and “movie feels” memories through their photographs. The company consists of a team of talented photographers and visual artists that strive to capture your wedding in their own stunning manner.

best photographers in Chandigarh

They strongly believe that you can ever over-invest in art, moments and memories. They strive to give amazing and interesting photographs which hold the legacy of the most cherished day of your life.

best photographers in Chandigarh

Head to his Instagram to have a look at his work.

Lenscaged Production

With internationally acclaimed cinematographers and photographer, their team makes sure to provide the best services to you.

They are the ones who understand the value of those intangible moments and all emotions connected with each passing second.

best wedding photographers in Chandigarh setmywed

They are certainly the photography team you would want to have for your special days. Capturing the tiniest moments and emotions,  the less caged production will not fail to leave you awe-struck with results!

best photographers in Chandigarh

Head to their Instagram to have a look at their work.

KB Photography

These are the photographers who provide you with the best possible pictures that you can cherish for a lifetime. Their team has the latest technology and modern ideas to give you the best and the most captivating pictures from your BIG DAY!

best photographers in Chandigarh


With creativity they make your special days precious as it ought to be, we know and understand the depth of creating a memorable experience. They believe in creating beautiful stories and sagas, for the to-be-wedded couples. The wedding is the most important day in one’s life.

Not only is the wedding day crucial but also the days when your relationship started to embark on a new journey.

So, that was the list of the best wedding photographers in Chandigarh that will help you to get that “Perfect Shot” on you Dream Day. Hope that will help you out. And there are various other photography professionals are also available in Chandigarh.

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