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Tue Aug 13

Do you know what is more troublesome than choosing that perfect outfit for your wedding? Getting that awesome photographer for your wedding. Isn’t it? From asking your beloved ‘Google or Instagram’ about best wedding photographers in jaipur or scrolling through hundreds of websites, the search not only seems never-ending but also nothing less than winning a KBC probably!

You always try to ensure that the sweetest moments of your wedding are captured and are stored for your lifetime.

But if you want to choose a wedding photographer from a particular city like jaipur, which has hundreds of talented photographers, no one knows when and where your search will end!

But since some people are always happy to help, We present you with a list of dexterous best wedding photographers in jaipur who just have magical vibes in their skills.

So, here are the Best Wedding Photographer in Jaipur

1.Eye of Turtle

best wedding photographer in jaipur

Eye of Turtle is a prolific photography studio based in the city of Delhi. Their team has worked in the business for over 7 years, making them a very experienced lot. They cover the most beautiful destination weddings too. Their brilliance can be judged by the number of awards they’ve receieved including some from MAAC Academy, AIFT and DSP.

In their own words,”Eye of Turtle is making photographs to understand what our lives mean to us, photography is a way of feeling, of touching, of loving what you have caught on film is captured forever.

It remembers little things, long after you have forgotten everything, taking an image, freezing a moment, reveals how rich reality truly is.” Services offered: Candid Photoshoot Traditional Photography Wedding Albums Pre-Wedding Photoshoot


2.The Unicorn Studios

best wedding photographer in jaipur

The Unicorn Studios is a group of photographers based out of Jaipur. Their love for wedding photography has made them a reputed and trusted choice for weddings all over India.

With over 5 years in this industry, they have perfected their craft, using nothing but the best equipment and technology.

They specialise in candid photography, capturing every exchanged look and every beautiful moment. They’re also traditional photography specialists. So, if you are looking for the best wedding photographers in Jaipur, then you can choose these professional photographer for your bug day.

So, If you wanna store your wedding like a film to cherish till eternity, this photographer is just for you.


3. The Wedding Files

The Wedding Files was started by Amrit Arora almost 7 years ago. Based in the city of Delhi, they have never let distance come in the way of capturing beautiful images.

They cover destination weddings too. They work very closely with the family, never missing out on important moments.

These are candid as well as traditional photography experts. They’re professionals who believe in putting a smile on the faces of those they capture.

They say,” Wedding is the purest sacrament for us then how could we miss any moment of it? We believe, that your wedding album should be self-spoken piece of art that tells a story of love that after 10 yrs from now, when you will look at it; it will still give you goosebumps, as your wedding day will give you now!”

It truly believes, “Every love story is a fairy tale in itself and something to be treasured amongst the noises of everyday life.”


4. Cupid Love Stories

best wedding photographer in jaipur

‘Cupid Love Stories’ was started by Rombish Pathak & Shashank Pathak, two driven, passionate and talented brothers who always believed in following their vision.

Based out of Dehradun, their work in the world of videography and their experience with music videos, corporate features, short films, and ads made them realize their interest in creating beautiful and memorable wedding films.

The professionals at Cupid Love Stories mould moments into lifetime souvenirs through their lens as they capture and document the biggest day of your life.

They specialize in transforming ordinary spaces into magnificent venues for events as per the client’s vision and taste. Planning your wedding with Cupid Love Stories guarantees you an unforgettable event and you will cherish forever.


5.Knot Just Pictures

best wedding photographers in jaipur

Knot Just Pictures are a wedding photography company based in Delhi and Sydney. Known for converting moments into eternal memories, their services go by their brand name – they are not just pictures.

If you are looking for Lifestyle and Wedding Photographers in Sydney, or India , your search ends here. Headed by a creative team, the people at KJP made a profession out of their passion.

Pictures that romance, give you nostalgic glimpses of your glorious past, frames akin to only dreams and movies – you get your candid as well as dramatised lovestory in print and slides.

They have experience of covering more than 100 weddings and 50 events in Goa, Delhi, Chandigarh, Lucknow to Sydney. So, this must of the choice of your’s  as the best wedding photographers in Jaipur.

It’s up to you now, to choose the best photographers in jaipur who leaves no stone unturned to capture the journey.

Choosing a correct photographer may be a daunting process but in the end, it’s all worth it for your super special day!

In conclusion, these Explore list of Best Wedding Photographers in Jaipur can be considered in any order of Importance.

Happy Pre-wedding Planning!

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