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Bridal Portraits-Most Creative Ideas to get “That Perfect Shot”

Girija Mutha

Wed Sep 25

On wedding days, As a bride, you are frequently bouncing around between places, shooting candids here, details there, pre-wedding ceremony, formals and what not! So, here we are to help you to get the best shot with these bridal portraits.

Frequently, you just don’t have as much time as you would like to do a well-thought-out and lit bridal portrait. While having your hair and makeup on set with you can be a Godsend when it comes to making sure all the little details are just right. When are running around half the day, you can almost guarantee that your makeup and hair aren’t going to be looking fresh. And after that posing for that perfect bridal portrait definitely won’t be easy.

Bridal portraits

Don’t spring the idea of a portrait on your team at the last minute. Whether a day of or pre-wedding, planning, no matter how much, goes a long way toward. Also, take greater care with your appearance on the day of and be more likely to show up camera-ready. Make the shoot all about making sure that you get photos of you looking the best before the day gets stressful. Trust me, after putting all that a lot of effort into getting your appearance just right. Picturing it at its full glory is a good thing.

In order to reduce your confusion and saving you from burning your brain for deciding what pose to choose.

We provide you with some poses you could use to absolutely slaying your bridal portraits.

But, before jumping into that, there are some tips you could use before posing for your happily ever after.


  • One Before Wearing the Lehnga

This pose is absolutely adorable. The bride posing before actually getting into the lehnga is super chill and lit at the very same time. SUPER LIKE!



  • The Shoe Swag

Pretending to tie that heels with showing off your lehenga. Well, what better than that. Right? This pose is a must-try for all the sleek brides.

Bridal portraits Bridal portraits


  • The Celebration of Life Shot

This shot has our heart with it.  The bride looks absolutely enchanting. This shot will definitely be the highlight of your Instagram.



  • For The Super Chill Bride

Who could miss the last booze before you bid goodbye to your bachelorhood? Loved how super chill and lit this photoshoot is. Absolutely worth trying.

Bridal portraits


  • Doing What You Love The Most

Scrolling Instagram can never stop, even if it’s your wedding. Why not get clicked while doing the same?


  • For That Foodie Bride

Don’t ever forget to pose with the food items you love. Perfect for that foodie bride who can’t compromise on her food. Absolutely loving this one!!

bridal potraits


Bridal portraits

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  • The Close Up

This portrait will definitely be your next profile pic for like everywhere! With you ready with your make-up, hair and your dazzling wedding jewelry. Get your photographer to pull out his magical lenses and capture a bold close-up.


Bridal portraits

  • One While Getting Ready

The efforts between the perfect bridal look are surely uncountable. Then, why not even store them for your lifetime.  Crushing over the entire portrait of brides getting ready for their big day.

Bridal portraits


bridal potraits

  • Cute and Chill

For the fun-loving bride who doesn’t want the missout on the fun behind all the hassles of her wedding day. Stunned with these ones. For all the bride-to-be don’t forget to take notes.


bridal potraits

Source: Pinterest

  • The Magical Veil

The veil or ghoongat is for sure the most magical and appealing accessory on your wedding day. Your groom is dying to see you as your eyes play peek-a-boo through that thin net fabric.

This bridal portrait is inspired by the charming Deepika Padukone.

Bridal portraits


bridal potraits


  • Keep that Sass Going On!

Every bride’s ‘Must Have Bridal Poses’ this season is the fully ready Indian bride with a rocking pair of shades. After all, you are a 21st century’s pretty and slyer bride.

bridal potraits

Source: Pinterest

  • Behind The Doors

This pose is absolutely adorable and sophisticated at the same time. Truly loving the simplicity attached to it. You will truly get all the bride feels while posing for the same. Definitely worth a try and obviously Insta Worthy Picture.


best bridal Portraits

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One From The Back

Well, why not flaunt that super hot and sleek blouse design while getting clicked from the back.

And indeed this is one of the most trending poses for bridal portraits.


bridal potraits


bridal Portraits

The Evergreen One

One can never go wrong with the basics. Loving the evergreen poses and the simplicity attached with them. This Bridal portrait pose is in trend from last many decades and still have a place in the heart of people.

simple bridal potraits


 bridal Portraits

There are some tips you could use before posing for your happily ever after bridal portraits:

chill bridal Portraits

Source: Pinterest

Hire a Skilled Makeup Artist

Hire a professional and skilled make-up artist. After getting your makeup done,  always look in the mirror to make sure the color of the skin on your face and body are the same. Sometimes your face can tend to be lighter than the rest of your body after getting makeup done. Talk to your makeup artist and she will know what to do.

Makeup artists play a huge role in getting your perfect bridal portraits.

Be Confident

Be confident. If a pose isn’t working your photographer will let you know and make adjustments. Instead of thinking about how you look and getting all nervous about it, just enjoy being in the moment. The best photos are made when you relax and feel comfortable. Seriously, enjoy yourself. How often do you get to put on a gorgeous gown, get your hair and makeup done, and feel like a model right?

Practice Posing

Your lehnga isn’t a garment that you wear every day, so don’t feel silly if you want to try it on at home and practice posing in front of the mirror before your bridal portrait session. Depending on the style of your outfit, it may affect your posture or the way you walk, so experiment with which poses look and feel most natural and amazing on you. While you are in front of the mirror, explore different facial expressions. Practicing by yourself will most likely to make you feel more comfortable in front of the camera lens later on.


So, these are some points you should keep in mind before your Big Day! Now, let’s get into the portraits which we absolutely loved and had our eyes stuck.