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Bridal Solo Dance Performance Songs On Which You Can Hit The Dance Floor


Mon Apr 8

bridal solo dance on bollywood songs

When planning a wedding, and especially when it is your own wedding, there is so much to do that you are bound to remember relatively small things like dance on Bollywood songs. We understand all those madness, you are also stressing about your Dance performance! But the girl has got your back! Here is a list of all new, and we mean, oven-fresh songs that we have never seen before and are just fit for your Bridal Soul.

Just take a few steps or tell your cousin that you want help from them, and prepare to win your heart!

Leja Re

bollywood songs for dance

Leja Re is the renovation of an old-time song that is more than half the people of our generation – this new singing of Leja Re has been mixed with the sweet Beats which makes it the perfect choice to create fun on a musical night! For the first time, we had seen Blogger Mousemanawala dancing on her music for the first time and this song has been in our last-choice list since then. Sadly, we did not exhibit brides. With melodrama filled with high and low beats, this one would be right for you even those who are not a that great dancer! So hence this can be one of the best bridal solo dance performance songs.

Sajan Bade Senti

bollywood songs

We challenge you whether you can oppose it to dance! It has been found that when you get the stretch line you will find your feet tapping! Hey. If you are looking for a reason to make a little bit of your partner, then here is your golden opportunity! So this Bollywood song can be one of the bridal solo dance performance dedicated to her groom.

Shy mora Saiyan

shy more saiyan

Leave the first 30 seconds of the Shy Mora Sai song and start with the beating with the beats, this is a subtle shadow on your shy husband! Well, what is a night without some holes? So again this is also the bridal solo dance performance dedicated to her groom.

Laung Laachi

laung lachi

You are the latest product of Long Mai ilaichi remixing fad, this is a Hindi version of the super hit Punjabi track and the better!


coca cola tu

Coca-Coca Who does not like some Punjabi tadka now? This is a perfect mix of Pepe’s Beats and Bizarre Songs, so it’s better that you bring a game of Tomas and shocks. Now before we close this list, we thought that you know enough to know about this song that we have not actually danced on so many brides, but we hope it will soon change!

Patt lai Gaya

patt lai gya

This song from Pat Lai Gayi Jasmine Sandals is like ‘Must-Have’ for your singles! Although it is a slow song, it has got a very contemporary tune – a fresh pickup for today’s bride! So, now that you have a list, do you have a favorite? Hit the dance floor with this song. Your bridal solo dance performance will be remembered by everyone.

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