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Brides neck’s delight- Indian bridal jewellery


Mon Mar 18

The bridal jewellery is the highlight of the wedding. Different and beautiful Indian bridal jewellery is every girl’s desire.


A bride is said to be incomplete without heavy and grand bridal jewellery. Every girl from childhood dreams about the amount of jewellery she is going to wear to her wedding.

bridal jewellery

Indian bridal jewellery has a vast variety of different jewellery types. From plain to the grand one, Indian culture has every sort of jewellery.


Now the question comes that how to choose among such a vast range of Jewelleries. Finding a piece of suitable jewellery which embraces your wedding outfit is hard to find.


And every bride asks for grand and beautiful heavy jewellery to embrace her look at her wedding.


Now let’s discuss the types of bridal jewellery so that you can choose one of them for your wedding.


1. Kundan jewellery: –

kundan jewellery

Kundan jewellery is the purest and the most expensive jewellery among all. It is made from 24 karat pure gold.

This jewellery is adopted from the Rajasthani culture in Mughal times. And has become very popular across the country.

This is made from kundankari and contains many precious stones.

It’s beauty and brightness stoles every heart.


2. Meenakari jewellery: –

Meenakari jewellery

Bright and vibrant jewellery, this enameled jewellery originated in Rajasthan. Colorful meenakari jewellery looks very adoring and bright.


Bright colors like red, green, blue and yellow are mostly used to make this jewellery. Designs of peacock, fish, and other embraces the whole look of the jewellery. And meenakari jewellery is not popular in the country but is loved by everyone across worldwide.


3. Rani haar: –

Rani haar

The name itself represents its royalty. Beautiful rani haar is the most used for the wedding to embrace brides.

They’re long necklaces. Either single strung or multi-stringed.


The length of this necklace gives that luxurious and royalty feel. These necklaces look greater when combined with the choker necklace.


Its beauty makes the bride Rani. It’s very popular among brides for a long period of time. This bridal jewellery completes the Royal look of the bride.


4. Choker haar: –

Choker haar

This necklace gain popularity in the Western world from the past two years. These necklaces are placed against the neckline.


There vast range of chokers and is becoming very popular among the brides. Bridal jewellery is said to be completed with choker haar. Chokers are combined with rani haar to bring a beautiful output to the bride.


Not only for brides choker haar suits every festivities.


5. Navrattan haar: –

Navrattan haar

This necklace has all nine precious and beautiful gems in it. Beautiful Royal necklace completes the bridal look.


The beauty and uniqueness of this necklace can be only found in this. This has been originated from Rajasthan and now loved across the world.


Navrattan necklace is long and small as well as. It has a wide range of diversity.


6. Gulbandh: –


These necklace are the most simple and elegant. It sits just below the collarbone.

It is also called the princess necklace. Its beauty and design is adored by everyone.


Not only for weddings it fits in pre-wedding functions and every festivity.


It varies from single layered to multi-layered as well. This is one if the most elegant necklace which embraces every event.

This bridal jewellery completes the elegant bridal look.


7. Aadh necklace: –

Aadh necklace

Half is full many times.

It is basically half of the necklace. And can be divided as a choker followed up with gold strings. It comes in every range from Kundan to meenakari.


This necklace was seen on Rajasthani brides more but now it is loved by everyone in the country.

This bridal jewelry completes the look of the bride. It’s simple and shows the culture with it too.


8. Guttapusalu: –

Guttapusalu jewellery

Deepika Padukone and Sonam Kapoor wore this beautiful neck piece at her wedding.


And this has become a trend. It was originated from South India but now guarantees every bride’s beauty across the country.


This necklace is loved by everyone in the country. Its long length gives the bride a Royal look. And completes her wedding look. You can combine other bridal jewellery with this and get the desired look as well.


9. Collar necklace: –

Collar necklace

They look very similar to chokers and sits on the collarbone.

Like an actual collar.


Beautiful and simple designs rob every heart and this bridal jewellery is also combined with rani haar and much other bridal jewellery.


This jewellery is made from gold and from several precious stones and gems including pearls.


10. Diamond jewellery: –

Diamond jewellery

Very simple and elegant diamond jewellery is loved by many minimalist brides.


From necklace to maang tika and beautiful naths. Many brides switch from to diamonds.

necklace to maang tika and beautiful naths

So get set ready and choose the best jewellery for your wedding.

There is a vast range of bridal jewellery and have many options available for your wedding day look.


Choose the best and rock your wedding!!!

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