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Couple’s Beachside wedding Photoshoot : Ocean have some different Plans for them


Sat Nov 2

For whom their wedding shoots are not important? Because those pictures are the memories that will be cherished for life. But this couple from Texas as something else written in their destiny. They went to a beach in Hawaii for their dream wedding shoot, but that didn’t turn out the way they have expected it. Because the ocean has some different and overwhelming plans for them. The ocean tide completely ruins their dress, but they all looking so happy. The pictures are just looking like a super romantic movie.

In this viral photoshoot, the couple i.e Tim and Bekah Blakely-Savage are seen being washed away by the ocean while they kiss and pose in front of the camera. They don’t look posed they look spontaneous and fun the way pictures should be.

couple's Beachside Wedding Photoshoot

It seems like the earth blessed the couple in her own style.

In an interview Fox News Bekah told in last month they got married in Alaska, then they decide to have a shoot for their wedding album.

Their mother suggested they, to include a beach shoot as well in their wedding album. So, they Find a photographer from Hawaii on Instagram and finalize the shoot.

They plan the photoshoot at  Makua Beach in the sunset. But the ocean has some other plans.

When the repercussions of the incident got on camera shows the couple doused in water and sand. Still, they figured out how to make the best of the existing moments, all while smiling, kissing and holding each other end.

viral beachside wedding photoshoot

“We plan to frame them in a sequence going down the hall to our bedroom,” Bekah wrote.
viral beachside wedding photoshoot in hawaii

Furthermore, in spite of the damage done to the bride white dress, Bekah said she figured out how to rescue it: “Whoop to the world’s best cleaner who still figured out how to get every spot and stains out.”

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