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Designs beautifying your leg’s mehendi


Sat Mar 23

Trending mehendi designs for legs

When wedding hits your mind the first thing strikes is mehendi. Beautiful and dark the color of mehendi the happiest married life you will get.

In India, the wedding is not only an official announcement of two people uniting but also is the love and emotion connected with their upcoming beautiful married life.

bridal mehendi

Every girl wants a happening married life and so she tries her best to craft beautiful and best designs for her mehendi.

Mehendi for brides is not only for her hands but her legs as well.

A bride is completed with mehndi on hands and legs as well.
This is our Indian culture.

We have not so many doubts regarding mehendi designs for hands but the confusion starts with the thought of mehendi for legs.

mehendi design for legs

We have so many trends, styles, and patterns for crafting henna on our hands but no as such pattern designs for legs.

Let us aware you all about the several mehendi for legs.

The legs are the best canvas for mehendi designs.

The adoring Arabic design: –


The beautiful florals create a magical effect on the legs. Mehendi for legs looks more beautiful with Arabic design.

This design has a separate fan base among Muslims and is now trending in all over India.
From nikaah to shaadi, this design robs every heart.

This design flaunts on legs. This has become one of the most demanded designs in the market. And is the most popular design among every design.

The admiring jewellery design: –


Don’t you feel that gold is getting expensive day by day?  And to wear gold ornaments on your legs will cause you a large amount.

Switch the original gold ornaments with henna. We have jewellery designs to make your legs more attractive.

These designs are very beautiful. Anklet patterns, toe rings, and other combination of florals with ornaments improvise your beauty of legs.

The Bengali tikki design: –


Beautiful Bengali mehendi for legs are stealing every heart. Simple and elegant Tikki design looks very eye-catching.

Using very minimum henna on your legs and making it a grand design is a commendable task to do. Though this design is quite tough but every tough work’s result is the most beautiful thing.

A simple floral Bengali mehendi for legs will create an elegant look on legs. Simplicity is many of the girl’s favorite ornament you can wear it with simple Bengali Tikki mehendi for legs.

The Minimalist design: –

The Minimalist mehendi legs design

This became trending after Anushka Sharma tried this on her wedding. Mehendi for legs doesn’t come with a compulsion that mehendi should cover the whole legs.

The minimalist girls love these kinds of designs and patterns. A very simple pattern with extreme beauty can be clearly seen in this mehendi for legs.

The minimalist designs signify simplicity and though only a simple design of anklet or toe rings or just a simple floral in the middle of the leg or at the ankle or borders are used.

Any girl who loves the simplicity and just wants a little mehendi to be applied on legs can blindly go for it.

The artistic designs: –

mehendi design for legs

Are you an art lover?  Do you love paintings?  Or are you a fan of raja-rani designs? If yes then just close your eyes and follow this mehendi pattern on your legs.

This design has a vast range of different patterns of artistic designs and many more. Beautiful raja-rani designs or beautiful patterns cover your whole leg with great art.

This design can only give you that Royal bridal feeling. Just go for it and be that Royal bride you desired for in childhood.

Mehendi on legs is not just beautification it’s emotions as well”

Let’s discuss a trending fact: –

Not only brides but school and college girls or unmarried beauties have so fantasized with mehendi for legs that they have started a different trend with them.

In India, not only brides but the married women or unmarried girls put henna on their legs as well and wish for a happy married life.

The very small amount of mehendi presented in beautiful and mind-shattering designs stoles every heart.

The main love for mehendi on legs is not only in India but in many other countries.

Bridesmaid also put henna on legs to get married soon or for their happy married life.


So we have given you a vast variety of mehendi designs for legs.

Not you have to do is just rock your golden day of life. Embrace the color and fragrance of your henna in your life. Henna’s color simply signifies your love in your married life.

So beautify your legs and target every heart from your groom to family and friends.

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