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5 Wedding Footwear Hacks for Bride – Wedding Basics


Mon Sep 16

Wedding day is full of a hectic schedule. And comes with great responsibility and tasks. You will have to do everything planning, organizing, controlling and directing. To achieve a successful and perfect wedding you need to do great management. And in these footwear hacks are a must, because walking in heels with that heavy lehenga is not an easy task!!

You need to be careful about your outfits, jewelry, makeup, and footwear. As you never know what can happen in the next minute. So get prepared.


Finalize everything beforehand. Like how much alteration you need in your attire. How light or heavy makeup you want to have. What design of jewelry you want to wear. You should check every possibility so that you won’t face anything at the last moment.

And that too is applicable with footwears. As you never what consequences you can face with your footwears. So let’s tell you some best and top footwear hacks to make yourself comfortable on your wedding day. And to save yourself from last-minute hustle and bustle.

So Let’s Get Started!

Wearing Heels Are Not So Mandatory

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You have an option that if you want to be heels you can otherwise don’t go for it. It’s up to you and your comfort. What others are going to think really doesn’t matter. As it is not necessary everyone comes to wish you luck they only come to have food enjoy and go back home.

So you have the option to wear heels. If you feel comfortable then only opt heels. As you will have to wear them the whole day long and carry them on your heavy wedding attire. So twice before choosing heels about your comfort level.

In fact, you want to wear heels on your entry time you can change them later on. And Don’t feel what others will think. It’s you or nobody.

Switching Is Always A Perfect Idea


I have a middle way between flats and heels. You can wear heels for a period of time change it later on. It all depends on you. It’s your comfort and you should never compromise with it.

You can change for footwear after some events. At least you will comfortable with this. And you can ask help from your family and friends to help you with switching.

Don’t Try New Footwear On Your Wedding Day:- It’s Quite Risky


Shoe bite is very common in new shoes. And it happens with every girl. Though you can help it out as well. But can’t take the risk for your wendy. As you have to really struggle on your wedding day. You will have to walk, dance, pose and many more things. And if you will hurt your legs everything will be disturbed.

As your all focus and attention will be on your pain. And you won’t be able to enjoy your golden day of life. And so don’t take the risk to wear brand new shoes on your wedding day. If you want to have new shoes then buy it a month before and wear them regularly 15 – 20 days so that the show bite things like will end till your wedding day.

Or you can use your old footwear as well. So don’t take any risk on your wedding day. You will hamper your happiness and regret later.

Try Taping Your Shoes



This is one of the most underestimated sorts of advice ever given by anyone. All you need to do is tape your third and fourth toe together while wearing high heels. Now you will feel no more pain.

Do you want to know how does it work? I will tell you everything. Supposedly, there is a nerve between these two toes and when we put pressure on the toes it leads to the pain which we experience while wearing our most beloved pair of heels.

Therefore this is the top footwear hack to make yourself comfortable on your wedding day. It is best to advise given ever to glam up your outfit without compromising with your comfort.

Try Simple Footwear



Always try simple footwear as if they will have many stones stuck to it, it can be stuck on your lehenga and you may fall. These are the best bridal shoes that should try out by every bride.

Try something which doesn’t have straps and laces. Try to wear simple to avoid any hustle and bustle at the very last moment. It’s better to choose simple before you get embarrassed in front of anyone.

Though there are many footwear hacks, these are some of the best hacks you can ever try.

So yes get set go! Try these hacks out and thank me later.

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