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Gemstones for Your Engagement Rings That Will Bring Love and Prosperity With It


Sun Apr 7

8 Gems For Your Engagement Ring To Bring Joy, Love And Passion In Your Married Life The first function of any wedding (Indian or Western) is the ring exchange ceremony – where the soon-to-be couple will betray each other.  The wedding or engagement ring symbolizes their love, dedication, and commitment to each other. It is also a symbol that they will play throughout life and it will represent the beauty of their relationship to all friends and family.

engagement ring

It is also said that the engagement ring structure should be innocent and without any cuts or errors in the body. A smooth surface symbolizes that the relationship of a couple will be full of love, happiness, and respect for each other. The spirit of the wedding ring, however, lies in the gem, which enhances its beauty. In India, since ages, gems are worn by people to remove negative elements and bring joy, positiveness, and prosperity from their life.


Today, we will share with you a list of 8 grand ideas for a magnificent ring with gems which will fill your married life with love, passion, and longevity. The stunning gems are the perfect choice for your engagement rings.


lapis ring

This attractive, dark blue gem is also known as Lapis Lazuli and it is called ‘The Love Stone’. The power of the stone ensures that the love and attraction between the couple are just as it was at the beginning of the relationship. It is often said that Lapis is very helpful for all those couples who have participated in an array wedding, because it is embarrassing them, comes out from the shell and expresses their feelings for each other is.


diamond ring

Diamond is the planet of this white and shining stone that is called the planet of love, passion, romance, desire, and lust. It said that Venus is responsible for sowing the seed of love in the heart and the diamond is good for the person wearing the sexual health and blesses the life force and energy to the person wearing it.


ruby ring

Ruby This red and vivid stone is perfect for couples who want to add passion and mind-blowing chemistry in their relationship. Since your precious stone, buying it will give you a good amount. It is said that Ruby blesses the one who worships in a relationship with devotion, integrity, and happiness. It also provides confidence, stamina, vital power and power to the wearer.



If it is not possible to buy Ruby, then you can buy quartz and garnet every day because they are less expensive and get similar benefits like Ruby. The green color is formerly considered as one of the most precious stones, green jade is called heart stone. Couples are asked to strengthen their bond and to bless them with love and happiness, to start their married life.


pink ring

Pink crystals are often called as stones of unconditional love and this energy works by activating the heart cycle through vibration. This pink beauty helps in opening the heart, which brings faith and harmony in a relationship. This is the stone of an ultimate love that slowly and gradually changes any negative energy with affection and provides additional support to your marriage.


sapphire ring

Sapphire This beautiful and shiny stone is one of the most effective and expensive stones in the world. It is called the stone of heaven and blesses the couple with unconditional love, devotion and commitment. It has a positive effect on the cha throat cycle, which helps the two partners open communication in their marriage, which brings transparency in the relationship. Therefore it is considered to be the best engagement ring gem for soon or already married couples.



Charming Moonstone is known as the symbol of romance. It is known for attracting love, affection, and exposes passion in a couple’s relationship. This sacred stone is soon considered to be the perfect gem for married and married couples. Like daily quartz, Moonstone comes in the category of semi-precious stones and it is not expensive to buy.



Coral This bright red stone draws its power from Mars, which enables a couple to work together as a team and achieve the goals of life. It blesses them with the motto, motivating and standing for each other in good and bad times. Mars is a planet of security, goal-setting, courage, energy, and vitality; That’s why this gem made a hot favorite of couples for their wedding engagement ring.

So what are you waiting for?  Go at some good and trusted jewellers and find the best and suitable gemstones for your engagement ring.

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