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Hand Jewellery Ideas for Every Beautiful Bride


Tue Apr 9

Beautiful Hands are searching for trendiest hand jewelery ideas, but the Internet is bombing you instead of all those overside mang Tikkas and heavy Bridal Naths? Well, the conflict is real! These exquisite bridal ornaments are a major moment this season. Either way, it does not mean that you should give your hand accessories a miss! There are so many options available – from traditional bangles and statement rings to full hand and finger cuffs of the beautiful cap. And as a genuine defender, it is our duty to take care of all your wedding dreams and we should help you to fulfill them. So, with this blog, we want to flood you with some great hand jewelry ideas.


You want some contemporary like those beveled handcuffs or the same old traditional bangles, but in the new patterns, we have prepared the best option for you!

Go check them out and equip your bridal trousseau now! All hand jewellery options and designs for you all Sassy Brides!

Hath-Phool Ideas The Trends of This Era 

hand jewellery

The game is changing with Hand Flowers Ideas. Hath Flowers have become yet another staple ornaments in a bride’s wedding trousers. A lot of brides are playing with this versatile piece of hand jewellery and rocking on their wedding. Although some people are picking flowers of colorful and pointed flowers to wear in their Mehndi and turmeric ceremonies, or on their receptions, others are liking Bejeweled with its Bridal Lehenga. See, which hand jewellery goes best with your costume!

The bangles and kadas still completes

the bridal hands


hand jewellery

Traditional yet modern bangle and stiff design play as an integral part of a bride’s sixteen makeup, bangles have become the favorites of every bride’s hand jewelry over time. Even though it was originally only a traditional piece of jewelry, but now it has come a long way, and it is available in umpteen designs and patterns-right from wide hard to vogue cuff and ultra-mod bracelets. Not only bangles but beautiful kadas are also an integral part of bridal hand jewelry. It looks very beautiful with all types of outfits. Beautiful kadas and various types of bangles are carried both on haldi and mehendi ceremonies. Not only chudaas are in trend but beautiful kadas and bangles are also loved by most of the brides.

Rings are mandatory for the Queens


bridal ring


Rings are for victory! Another piece of hand jewelry that holds the important traditional value and adds a contemporary and chic edge to a bride’s wedding day look, is the statement ring. It is available in endless designs and patterns of kundan, diamond, silver, polki, pearl, gold and diamond. Rings not only complete your bridal look but also improvises your bridal hands. And this bridal jewelry is needed by every single bride. Here are some designs you can bookmark for yourself!

Mesmerizing finger and handcuffs for some new and innovative look




In addition to all the traditional bridal hand jewellry to finger, the finger cuff and hand cuff are that expensive like your manicure, the brides have options for some contemporary and pointy choices for couples with their cot and even cocktail outfits. While some are wearing wide-handed hand cuffs, others are donating shiny and elegant finger cuffs to polish and embrace their hands. These bridal jewellery is mostly seen on bride’s hands on her mehendi, haldi, sangeet and reception functions. Bridesmaids can also opt for this hand jewellery to rock the wedding.

Bridal watch trends

bridal watch

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Every girl loves to wear watch. So why not on her wedding day with her wedding attire. Many brides have bought this trend in the market too. When you go for your office or college you always prefer to wear your watch. So let’s flaunt this trend in your wedding too. Wearing watch on your left hand will make you look sincere and educated as well. It will leave a good impression on your in laws mind. They will also adore you for this innovative and new experiment on hands at your wedding.

Unique and beautiful Chooda designs blowing every heart

chooda designs

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Chooda designs have suddenly taken over the market. Not only in North India but now choodas are every bride’s favorite hand jewellery. Brides also wear choodas in contrast to their bridal lehenga. Beautiful and mesmerizing choodas are heart robbing. Beautiful choodas have a variety of colors and designs. From wine red to dark pinks. From golden to tomato red. You will find every single color in the market. With matching or contrasting designs according to your bridal lehenga. Choodas are never outdated or old fashioned. Girls wear choodas till their one year of marriage or till six months of marriage. That’s total up to your wish. You can also extend the time period if you are in love with your choodas.

Mesmerizing kaleeras


kaleera designs

Kaleeras have suddenly increased its fan following among the brides. Not only it’s carried for the kaleeras rituals. But it’s also included in the bridal hand jewellery. We have many patterns and designs for kaleeras. From big and long kaleeras to small and simple kaleeras. Kaleeras scope of color is not only restricted to a golden or silver color. We have combinations of colors with golden and red Or maroon.


So there are many trendy and innovative ideas for hand jewellery you just have to relax sit back at your home and choose among them which one will suit according to your wedding attire.

Raise your hands and flaunt your hand jewellery while dancing at your wedding.

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