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How to rock the various shades of Coral at your wedding!


Mon Jun 10

Pretty decor?  Check!  Stunning outfits? Check! Unlimited fun? Double check! It is really heartwarming to see the bride and groom having a gala time at their wedding! After all, it is a celebration of their love first and foremost, isn’t it? India is a country rich in colors and traditions.  So, this is a detailed list giving you the best Pantone Color of the Year ‘living coral’ wedding outfit ideas & inspiration. Choose a combination which best suits your style & personality to adorn a trendy & a dream bridal look. And of course, complete it with your sweet & adoring smile; as rightfully said, “Happiest brides are the prettiest”


  For Bridal outfits

Living coral is a bright shade of orange with golden and pink undertones. This is a joyful color which symbolizes happiness and optimism. And so the addition of living coral color in your wedding celebrations will make them all dreamy and vibrant.

If you’re still in two minds about which hue to pick for your upcoming wedding, then this is a good idea which looks amazing too!

The color is timeless, youthful, and feminine & most importantly suits every skin tone, so you can mix & match it with other colors to get a desired dreamy outfit.  As described by Pantone, the color of living Coral is “An animating and life-affirming coral hue with a golden undertone that energizes and enlivens with a softer edge.” Sounds dreamy and perfect for weddings, right? Well, since it is such a pretty and dreamy shade, it can be used almost anywhere and for anything- be it outfits or decor!

Coral is amazing as it is, but we really don’t see too many brides rock this specific shade of the hue- but this particular Sabyasachi lehenga has been quite popular as we’ve spotted it on two brides already! Maybe now we’ll get to see this hue used in lehengas more often!


The bridal trousseau need not stick to just the traditional colors of reds, yellows, and greens. Introduce different colors and shades to keep it diverse and interesting. Living Coral makes a great addition for the trousseau. It can be used in different ways… lehengas, kurtas, jackets, blouse, sari, etc. Or use it as an embellishment on contrasting shades of fabrics. This color goes well with colors like white, cobalt blue, red, deep brown, deep pink, royal blue, pale green, mustard yellow and light grey. Both gold and silver will go perfectly with the living coral color.


  For the breezy bride!

Whether you are the bride, the cousin of the bride or the best bud of the groom, living coral can work out for your traditional wear clothes. It not only looks dapper on guys but also looks stunning on girls.


                   The dapper groom!


First of all, let’s take some time to admit that a wedding isn’t just all about the bride-to-be. Her better half is equally important and so a little importance must be given to what the groom-to-be is going to wear. Not all men like looking and matching their outfits in keeping with the dress codes and themes. In short hunting for the perfect wedding, the outfit is not an easy task if you want to make a good impression on your in-laws.

      For that Sangeet night!

Coral looks incredibly beautiful on most South Asian skin tones, so this is a huge win! Not only is coral a delightfully light and fresh color, but it has a range of shades that can be dressed lighter or darker. Can’t you just picture it? A groom wearing his deep coral sherwani in the temple, beautiful soft coral fabric draping on the mandap, or a bride’s living coral suit, complimenting the warmth of the sun on a gorgeous summer day.


        Fascinating color combination!


There are a million things to think about on your special day.  But how can you make it all fit, and keep a cohesive theme without going crazy? Color combinations! Contrasting or complementary, choosing a color scheme will help your plans.


  The ravishing decor!


These decors are made for couples who want a very graceful affair. Take inspiration from these couples who incorporated this color beautifully!  In this era where man is digital and always exposed to dark sights of humanity, it is important to connect with nature with pop and magic in our lives. Living Coral is a color that seeks a connection, it is made to enliven the spirits and symbolizes are longing for positivity and happiness. Pantone 16-1546 Living Coral is a light color unlike the heavy red or the serious green. A color that induces a spirit of playfulness. Adorning a color such as this not only calls upon the onlooker to be enthusiastic but makes the donner feel beautiful too.


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