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Innovative Bridal Entry Ideas You Can Choose For Your Wedding


Fri May 10

The bridal entry at the wedding venue is the most anticipated time of marriage. This is the moment when both the bride and groom enjoy maximum with their families. And guests also enjoy it completely. Couples go to any extent to see their entries directly out of a story.

bridal entry


Here are 7 quirky, stylish, and the inspirational bride and groom entries ideas you would love to copy.

The odd couple in an autorickshaw.

bridal entry

It’s super fun and as a couple, it is very unorthodox to enter your wedding venue in an autorickshaw. Obviously, it will make you laugh with your guests loudly and it will pile up lively and clearer moments to catch your photographers. This is really going to be remembered through ages. And this is the coolest and funny entry style you can opt for your wedding. Don’t wait to book an auto right now for you.

Bridal entry with brightness all-around. 

bridal entry

Give an entry with some extra brightness A dream entry of a bride to a wedding spot with sparklers around it is a great idea to be followed. Make your entry extra stylish and unique with colorful sparkler or confetti. You will surely tell your entry stories to your kids. And with this entry style, you will create a style statement and become the inspiration for many people. Many couples are surely going to copy your entry style. And will also contact you for your advice.

Bridal Entry With the Florals

bridal entry


With flowering, a flower wedding site adds extraordinary beauty to your entry. A floral shower on the couple will definitely increase the overall beauty of the wedding. The flower shower will eventually take you and your wedding guests to some other beautiful world. And will create a spell bounding environment. Add some mesmerizing background music to embrace the entry. Trust me you will enjoy it and will remember this till your last breath.

Chadar bridal entry

Chadar Bridal’s bed linen with DIY items is quite common in the bride’s entry. Why do not you try to do something unique to your marriage rather than traditional clothes? We love this way, the way the bride has made her entry with a chadar Which is decorated with the Dream Catchers and the Good Lucky Charms. Play ‘din shagna da’ as your background music to create that Royal and mesmerizing effect. You can also add any other song but that’s my personal favorite song for this style of bride’s entry.

Traditional baraat for the groom

groom entry

Do you love the dance people do in front of the baraat? Do you want to give your friends baratiyon title? I know yes. It’s pretty traditional but very cool. As a traditional Baraat for the groom, the main fun part of North Indian weddings is the procession when the bride enters the marriage site with loud music, dance, and fun. And we believe that it will not be out of circulation in any generation. And you must try out this traditional and full of fun baraat style. Become ‘baraatiyon ki Shaan’ and rock your wedding.

Royal bridal entry into the palanquin 

bridal entry

Have you ever dreamt to be the Karan Johar’s movie Bride?  Yes, I know everyone dreams about this. To become the Royal bride. With this bride and groom entry ideas, you can actually live your dream. The entry of the royal bride in a sedan is one of the brilliant entries in the bride’s palanquin. It looks royal and very amazing. His brother or uncle or another relative will take her to the event venue with tears of love and happiness. In fact, the entire scene will be quite dramatic, yet it will be a shocking one.

Make it filmy

bridal entry

Who will not like to watch the movie touch at your wedding? See the entry of the most unique bride and groom in the horse carriage like the royal days. Is not that good? The movie we watch and desire to have that filmy touch in our wedding is possible in this way. And this bride and groom entry will be praised throughout the year. And you will give people inspiration to have these kinds of the innovative bride and groom entry ideas.

So have you chosen which entry you want for you?  I guess yes and if it no then decides it right now. Don’t wait for anything. And yes thank me later for these superb bride and groom entry ideas.

You will surely rock your wedding with these entry ideas. And yes trust me they are excellent and will lead you to the most stylish bride and groom.

In addition, if you have more ideas about making the bride and groom entries fun and bizarre, share them with us. And of course, do not forget to follow setmywed for more wedding blogs.

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