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Karwa Chauth – Date, Story, Sargi and Importance

Sonika Dalal

Thu Oct 3

India is a land of numerous festivals. The celebration is a way of life here as for every season, there is a festival. Many of our festivals include fasting. Karwa Chauth festival is most popular in Northern India. This festival is celebrated by married women for the well being of their Husband. This festival is mainly celebrated in the Northern states including Haryana, Punjab, Rajasthan and much more.

This year Karwa Chauth will be celebrated on 17th October. On this day wives keep fast the whole day without eating anything, even without drinking water for longevity, well being and the healthy life of their husband.

Karwa Chauth 2019 Murat is  05:46 P.M to 07:02 P.M

Indians who are celebrating this celebration everywhere throughout the world, pursue the dates and timings of karwa Chauth also. The timings won’t change despite the fact that the festival is going on in any piece of the world. This celebration has much significance among North Indians and they pursue every one of the traditions related to it however living anyplace in the world.

Karwa Chauth Sargi:

Sargi a pre-prepared meal that is prepared by mother-in-law exclusively for their daughter-in-law.

This is necessary to consume Sargi before sunrise early in the morning. This helps the fasting woman to remain active the whole day. Sargi is a combination of sweet and other healthy food. This a type of blessing given by mother-in-law to their daughter-in-law.

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Items of Sargi Thaali:

  1. Sweets
  2. Dry Fruits
  3. Chapatti and veggies
  4. Butter Milk or Fresh Juice

If you are a newly married your mother-in-law will gift you a new dress along with all makeup products, jewelry, and many other related products.

Gifts to Give to Your wife on Karwa Chauth:

Husbands should always provide gifts to their wives on this day because they are having the whole day fast for them. Husband should make their wife feel special on this day by providing different gifts. There are various types of gifts available online to choose from.

So  for your rescue, we are here with the list of gifts for wife on Karwa Chauth:

karwa chauth

  1. Accessories: There are a number of accessories available in the market that you can gifts. For example Handbags, jewelry, Saree and much more.
  2. Customize Gifts: You can also gift customized gifts, which includes customized cushions, bangles, photo frame, Coffe Mugs, etc.
  3.  Personalized Gift Hampers: Personalised gifts hamper includes beauty products hamper, spa hampers, and other many kinds of the basket are available in the market.

karwa chauth

Why we celebrate Karwa Chauth:

As discussed earlier karwa Chauth was mainly celebrated in northern India. And in ancient time male from this area are in the army, soldiers, policemen and serve the country. So, the women used to pray to God for the longevity of their men.

Karwa Chauth Pooja and Samagri:

In karwa Chauth pooja, the eldest woman in the family narrates the story to all other women. And some things are forbidden on the day of karwa Chauth like pleasing to anyone or waking up someone when they are sleeping.

How to open karwa Chauth Fast?

Karva Chauth is celebrations include playing out the pooja, at that point seeing the moon. Ladies will wear ethnic wear and dress like a lady of the hour. They apply Mehandi to hands which is much significant in the celebration. They wear a handfull of bangles and dress pleasantly.

Ladies perform pooja with a thali comprising of Diya, flowers alongside the water in lota (pot). A few people will design this thali with different flowers. They additionally have a strainer (channi) with them to watch the moon. Subsequent to finishing the pooja, the following thing is they state different stories and melodies till the moon rises. When the moon is in the sky, they take the thali alongside the channi. At that point see the moon through the net and appeal to the god. At that point see their significant other take the gifts from them.

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