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Latest Kalire Designs you need to Check NOW!!


Tue Oct 15

What are kalire?

Kalire is a part of bridal jewelry which is worn by the bride to be. This ceremony takes place on the morning of the wedding day in Punjabi rituals. There are many designs available in the market, here we will be providing you the latest kalire designs to have on your big day!!

latest kalire designs

Earlier kalire was gifted to the bride to be by her future mother in law as a sign of well being and happiness in the life ahead. But nowadays the bride starts shopping on their own. Because there are many designs available in the market.

Earlier Kalire was just a part of a Punjabi wedding, but nowadays Kalire has start ruling of the heart of every bride!!

The Kalire Ceremony:

latest kalire designs


Kalire Ceremony takes place especially in Punjabi Family. In this ceremony, the bride shakes her bridal Chura on the head of all unmarries girls including her friends and other relatives. This is said that if the kalire falls on any girl’s head then she will be the next getting married.

Latest Kalire Designs to have the perfect look:


1. One with the  Colourful Pom Poms and Tassels :

All of us have seen tassels in blouse, earrings. But Kalire with tassel is something new and this one is indeed one of the best and latest kalire designs for all the bride-to-be.

latest kalire designs



2. Get that Peacock designs:

Kalire mostly in hanging and chandeliers types of bangles which is mostly of gold and silver. But nowadays many customizations are available in the market and the best one is peacock designs.

Give a look at these peacocks designs kalire over which the bride-to-be is crushing over!!

latest kalire designs


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3. For all those Minimalistic Brides:

If you are also one of those brides who love minimalist and small jewelry, then these small cute and minimal kalire designs are for you. Give your hands a relief!!

latest kalire designs

latest kalire designs

4. All-time favorite Traditional Kalire:

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5. For all those floral jewelry lovers:

Floral jewelry is back in trends, and along with floral maang tikka and earrings. Floral kalire is also becoming the bride’s favorites.

latest kalire designs



6. Pretty Pastels Colours:

latest kalire designs

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latest kalire designs


7. For all beads Lovers with bright colors:

Are you also fond of beads and hand-work? Then, this style of kalire is for you!!


8. Get Inspired by your Favourite Celebrity:

As many celebrities are getting married nowadays, so take some inspiration from these newly wed brides of Bollywood. Here are some inspiration from Sonam Kapoor and Deepika Padukone.

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9. Those Super Bulky Kalire:

If you are looking for some heavy and bulky kalire, then these are just for you!!


All Image Source:  Pinterest

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