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Live In Relationship – A Trial Marriage With No Conditions


Mon Jun 3

Live in relationship is a western concept with both pros and cons. But yes it may give you a beautiful gift throughout your life if you choose a wise and perfect person for having you live in relationship.

Live in relationship is a couple living together under a roof like a husband and a wife before having their wedding. Having equal expenses, doing equal household work and doing everything that a married couple does. From sharing the same beds to sharing food. This concept has its own sort of beauty and love. By having this relationship you will get to know your partner much better. You are not bounded only by knowing likes and dislikes but habits, behavior, and nature as well. And then you can decide will you marry him/her or not.

Our Bollywood has highlighted this western concept through the movie Lukka Chuppi. The movie cast Kartik Aryan and Kriti Sanon had a live-in relationship without telling their families. They have covered every aspect of how life in relationship faces everything in India. They are answering the society, the quirky questioning aunties of the neighborhood and how they are managing a household. And then finally caught up by their families. Who believe that they are married. The comedy, thrill, and romance are full in this movie.

Luka chuppi has clearly shown how to live in a relationship that is judged by our Indian society. And how people threats couples living together. This movie highlights the exact position of living in a relationship in our country.

So basically this was a brief idea about what is life in a relationship.

Now let’s talk about how to have a perfect relationship. And what all efforts one should do to have a successful life in a relationship.

How to have successful live in relationship? 

What all you need to do to success your life in bond. And then how to decide whether you should go to the wedding or not. This is again a very huge dilemma. That should be broken down.


Start listening to your partner. His views, her demands, his needs, her comfort. Try to understand your partner. That you get to know what they need before saying. Ask, discuss, have opinions. And this will create a good connection and bond between you both. Ask for help with household works. Consult first before buying anything or making a budget. Plan surprises and go out for romantic dates. Plan indoor dates as well. Make your house heaven for both of you.

Understanding is very important in any relationship. And one should always work on it. Nothing survives without understanding. And you should never ignore this primary key to love. Your bond will get strong. And once you get to know each other, your decision for a wedding will become easier and smoother.

Discussing, Asking And Helping

You will have to discuss everything before starting anything. You will have to ask everything from your partner. You will have to keep transparency between you. You will always have to be ready to help each other. No matter what the situation is or what happens you will never leave each other in hard times. You will have to face everything together.

And get ready to solve every problem for your partner. Don’t just ask them to manage it all alone. You will have to take the initiative to keep a balance and transparency between you.


Relate everything to after wedding life. If your partner has a bad habit of not switching off the light of the washroom after using it. He might do this after your wedding also. And by doing this you will get to know on which habit you need to work on and change it. And also by doing this, you will get to know a brief idea about spending the whole life with this person. If you can change some bad habits then you can further think about the future. If not then you will have to compromise. Or you can also leave the relationship.

This is a major task everyone should do. This will also help you in analyzing the overall character and nature of your partner. And will create ease for you to take a wedding decision.

Trusting each other

Nothing can be build built having trust on each in her. You will have to trust your partner. To make your relationship and bond strong. By trusting each other you will get easily connected to your partner’s feelings and emotions and in fact his/her current mood. You should have faith. Have transparency. Trust is the first step for the destination of love. Love is nothing without trust. And trusting will also help you to take the wedding the decision. As if he/she cheats you forget about the wedding.the  End your relationship now. You will also get to know about your partner’s character.

Remember cheating is a choice, not an option. So judge and decide accordingly before signing your marriage certificate.


Everyone lives to gain respect. You should not hamper anyone’s respect. Respect your partner equally. This is very important to sustain your bond and relationship with each other. If you don’t respect each other in any way. Then you should continue living with each other. As you never what things can turn up in the future. Hard times are uncertain. So have respect as your priority. Whether it is respecting views, opinions, suggestions, gender, emotions, feelings, positions in society, and thinking.

Do not forget:- You are always free to walk out of the relationship and no one can force you to stay. 

Now let’s talk about how to decide on the wedding.

How To Decide Whether To Get Married Or Not?

I have a simple way for you to decide whether you should walk for a wedding or walk out of the wedding.

Make a checklist. Write all the qualities you want to have in your partner. From smallest things to the hugest things. And start matching it with your life in a relationship partner. You will get to know whether he/she stands to be your partner live long or not.

Didn’t you like this idea?

No problem I have another one.

Think about a life with him/her. How will you marry, how will you manage things, your partner’s behavior both positive and negative? Has he changed for you? How many efforts did your partner apply to be with you? Think about everything. Have you reached out to a conclusion? If it is yes then go ahead and get married. And if it is no then walking out is a great option.

Is it tough too?

Then I have the best option. Follow straight to your heart. Whatever he tells is the truth. Whatever he suggests you follow it. You will be satisfied and feel happy as well.

It lies only in your hands. Do not get pressurized of anyone’s suggestion. Do whatever you want to do. After all, you have to live together. And yes don’t forget that you have all the rights reserved with you.

Just follow what makes you happy. Don’t get offended by anyone’s opinion or thinking.

Whatever you do will have to face till your last breath. So think accordingly and go ahead.

Be Happy Always!!!

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