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Easy and Latest Mehndi Designs of 2019

Girija Mutha

Thu Aug 29

Mehndi is one element which absolutely sums up your bridal attire. Nowadays, brides are becoming more and more experimenting. They are refusing to go to the mainstream and doing something ‘out of the box’ has become their new normal. So, here we provide you the list of the best Mehndi Designs of 2019.

Mehndi is not only winsome, it has great cultural, sentiments and social significance. It is one of the most  popular art recognised all around the globe with special importance in the east, that’s why there are different options of  mehndi designs.


Women have always been fascinated with various styles of mehndi designs throughout the years. Occasions are just mere excuses for women to apply it. With the growing fondness of mehndi in the last years, women not only apply it on  just their hands, but even on their feet, back and  shoulder.

There are thousands of different types of beautiful mehndi designs to choose from, all over the web.

There is a wide range of options available to choose from.Right from wedding hashtags, parent portraits, and love quotes.

So, we present to you different unique trends which a 2019 bride must follow on her the day!!

But, Of course, with a myriad of henna artists to choose from, it can be pretty difficult to get that perfect mehndi artist for you.  Each artist has a different and unique style of applying the mehndi.

To ensure the style which suits you, we recommend that you do your homework which includes lots of research. Make the best use of the instagram accounts and google images for making your final decision. Find the design that suits your personality and alings well!

While choosing that perfect mehendi artist, ask for his Portfolio. There are many artists who portrait his work of art online or through a proper portfolio. You would not  want to choose an artist who has his specialization in very dense, complex designs to get big, bold and  open work done.

Look for an artist who fits and understands your vision. The photographer is the main  man for your mehendi albums. So, you should definately invest your time and energy in choosing one!

So, without any further ado,

Let’s get into the master list of the trending mehendi design ideas for 2019


1. For That Foodie Bride

For all the brides-to-be, who are absolutely in love with food. You can definately flaunt your intense love in your mehendi. We are absolutely loving it!!

2. God’s Portraits

God portraits in bridal mehndi are becoming a  great option nowadays. Many brides who want to start her life with all the blessings from above are inclining more and more towards this type of designs.

mehndi designs

3. Purely Personalised

This is the most trending mehendi design nowadays! Have both your hand portraits disclose your love story throughout your bridal mehndi design.With your entire mehndi disclosing the dates you met on, the time you finally said yes to your BAE. This surely looks absolutely divine and super romantic.

4.  Parent Portraits

Ditching the mainstream portraits of hubby-to-be, brides are choosing their parent’s and even their in-laws portraits for their mehendi designs.

This surely grabbed our eyeballs as in the end, it’s all about the love of parents, right?

mehndi designs

5. Love Quotes

When you finally decide to give your love story an upgrade. You have to dedicate a quote to your hubby-to-be. This love quote would be more like a life quote or the tagline of your journey.

latest mehndi designs

6. Save The Date

This wedding season, get your mehndi design etched with the date of your Big Day!

mehndi designs

7. For Bollywood Junkie

Are you a die heart bollywood fangirl and crave to have a love story as magical as them?  Get your hands etched with your favorite Bollywood couple. This design is getting more and more popular within the bride these days.

latest mehndi designs

8. ‘Sada Saubhagyawati Bhava’ Bride

mehndi designs

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