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Most Popular Sabyasachi Lehenga Designs For Brides of 2019


Thu Apr 25

book bridal makeup artistSabyasachi a name which doesn’t need to have an introduction. sabyasachi lehenga design makes a magical feeling and mesmerizes every soul. He knows how to give that magical effect to his outfits. He is well known among everyone not only in our country but across the world. He is praised for his unique and innovative designs. And is the most trusted name among b-town celebrities.

From Deepika Padukone to Priyanka Chopra every celebrity orders his designer lehengas for their wedding. And he also never disappoints anyone with his beautiful designer Sabyasachi lehengas.

Now let’s talk about the latest designs of Sabyasachi lehenga.

Classy Green Lehenga with Golden Accents and Beautiful Heavy Border! 

sabyasachi lehenga

This green color lehenga with golden heavy borders has left us stunned by its beauty.

The Very Elegant & Eyekonic White Color Lehenga With Heavy Embroidery Has Taken Every Heart! 

designer lehenga

This is the most beautiful and graceful lehenga by Sabyasachi and the elegant white color has left us mesmerized.

The Red color Designer Lehenga That Every Bride Strives For! 

sabyasachi lehenga

Sabyasachi understands the favoritism for red color lehenga among brides and takes care of it.

The Unique Green Color Lehenga With Floral Dupatta is Changing The Style Statements For Brides! 

sabyasachi lehenga

They are popular for their unique and innovative combinations and has proved this with this green color lehenga with floral dupatta.

The Beautiful Lavender Color Sabyasachi Lehenga is Taking Every Heart Away! 

sabyasachi lehenga

We all love lavenders so why not to have lavender color lehenga for our wedding. Let’s have this lehenga and become the most stylish brides.

The All Gold Color Lehenga with Beautiful Pink Color Base is Taking Breathe Out! 


The Sabyasachi uses the perfect combination to give their lehenga perfect look. This all gold lehenga with pink color base has proved this.

Pride of India- Saina Nehwal Also Wore Beautiful Indigo Velvet Sabyasachi Lehenga & Stole Every Heart! 

sania nehwal

Saina Nehwal also trusted Sabyasachi lehenga for her wedding and changed the style statement by wearing an indigo velvet lehenga.

The Classic Red Color Lehenga With Adorning Golden Highlights Will Make You The Spotlight of Brides Who Wore Sabyasachi Lehenga! 

sabyasachi lehenga

The classy red color lehenga with golden highlights have made this bride look more beautiful.

Sabyasachi Lehenga is Not Only Loved by Indians But a Popular Name Between Foreigner Brides As Well! 

sabyasachi lehenga

Sabyasachi is known for their new designs and perfect combination so the foreigner brides also opt Sabyasachi lehenga for their wedding.

Sabyasachi Lehenga knows The Favoritism for Red & Golden Color Bridal Lehenga! 

sabyasachi lehenga

The red color lehenga is dreamed by every girl since childhood and Sabyasachi take care of every dream.

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This Sabyasachi Lehenga Has a Separate fan Base Among Brides. The Mesmerizing Green Color with Red Bandhani Dupatta has Made Everyone Speechless! 

sabyasachi lehenga

This Sabyasachi lehenga has opted Rajasthani culture and this green color lehenga with red bandhani dupatta is taking every heart out. And many brides desire to have this lehenga at their wedding.

The Beautiful Rani Pink Color Lehenga with Golden Embroidery is Really Attractive! 

sabyasachi lehenga

This beautiful rani pink color lehenga can genuinely give you the feeling of a real royal queen. And this is the most beautiful lehenga among pinks.

This Cupcake Pink Color Lehenga Has Left we Mesmerized! 

sabyasachi lehenga

This beautiful pink color lehenga is popular among minimalist brides who love cupcakes. The beautiful cupcake pink color lehenga is again breathtaking.

The Ivory Theme of the Wedding Left Us Mesmerizing & The Beautiful Sabyasachi Lehenga Gave Us a New Eyeconic Bridal Lehenga! 

sabyasachi lehenga

This beautiful lehenga and the perfect combination of ivory theme is inspiring many brides to have this beautiful lehenga with the ivory theme.

The Maroon Velvet Lehenga Has Become Every Bride’s Dream to Wear It On Their Wedding! 

maroon lehenga

The beautiful maroon velvet lehenga is extremely royal and graceful. It is looking very attractive and stunning.

The Stunning Priyanka Chopra Wore a Beautiful All Red Sabyasachi Lehenga on Her Wedding & Looked a Royal Queen In It! 

priyanka chopra

Priyanka Chopra wore Sabyasachi lehenga at her wedding. And this pure red color lehenga has created a style statement among the brides to be.

The Beauty Queen Deepika Padukone Also Trusted Sabyasachi Lehenga To Flaunt It! 

deepika padukon
Laka Como: Bollywood actor Deepika Padukone during a mehendi ceremony, at Lake Como in northern Italy. (PTI Photo) (PTI11_20_2018_000218B)

Deepika Padukone also trusted Sabyasachi lehenga for her wedding and this lehenga gave her the perfect royal look and she is looking extremely beautiful.

The Most Favorite Floral Sabyasachi Lehenga That Has Proved That They Are Always Unique & Innovative! 

designer lehenga

This unique floral print lehenga has really changed the trend. This is the most beautiful lehenga which created the most simplistic and elegant effect on every heart.

So don’t wait have these Sabyasachi lehengas for your wedding too. And rock your wedding day with the most popular Sabyasachi lehenga.

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