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Most Popular Wedding Themes in India – Have You Seen ?


Thu Mar 14

The most complex work is

to decide on a wedding theme.

wedding themes

Couples are full of confusions and chaos. Not able to decide which wedding theme to opt.

Wedding for everyone like a fairytale is a dream day. And just to make it special people do everything.

The couple wants everything to be perfect from outfits to songs. And in this run of perfection the confusion increases.

But let’s make it a little bit easy. Let’s try to help you guys out in deciding your wedding themes.

1. Fairytale theme: –

fairytale wedding theme

Every girl wish is to become a fairy princess on her wedding.

A perfect fairytale decoration with princess look.

Fairytale wedding venue: –

fairytale wedding theme

A beautiful place with peace a simple and soothing background music. And a perfect decoration to make your wish come true is all you needed.

With princess entry to prince proposing for marriage will add a little dramatic effect of fairytale theme.

2. Shahi wedding theme: –

shahi wedding theme

Tying your wedding knot in a Shahi andaaz is every girls dream. From childhood , we play Queen and King games. And when we grow up we want to become a Queen and King on our wedding days.

Happily Married in Shahi Style is Remembered and Admired by Everyone.

Shahi wedding venue: –

shahi wedding theme

Wedding at palaces with perfect decoration with the Queen and King looks is all you need. A king and queen marriage is completed at their Rajmahal. Select a place which looks like a palace or is a real palace arrange your wedding there with good decorations. And a perfect outfit for your wedding.

This wedding themes can take place at Udaipur or Jaipur where we have real palaces.

Great memories with adoring Shahi andaaz will remain to ages.

3. Nawabi wedding themes: –

nawabi wedding themes

And being a Nawab and Begum is all a girl or boy dream for their marriage. Tying your golden knot of marriage and having a nawabi wedding theme is very famous among Muslims and in Lucknow.

Nawabi theme is also known as Lucknowi style theme.

Rich-Nawabi-Style is All You Need to Complete Your Nawabi Wedding.

Nawabi wedding venue: –

 nawabi wedding themes

A perfect place of Nawabs with beautiful decorations complementing the theme. Perfect outfits of Nawab and Begum and perfect tandoori food at wedding will fits this theme.

This theme is adored by Muslims of our country. They generally want this theme to accept their nikkah. All their rituals at nikaah are completed and looks perfect at this theme.

This theme is getting famous in North India too. People are adopting this theme to make their golden day more perfect and beautiful.

4. Rajasthani wedding theme: –

rajasthani wedding theme

Being a rajasthani bride and groom has a great hidden luck inside it.

Perfect rajasthani makeup and decoration showing rajasthani culture is all you need to tie your wedding knot.

Rajasthani wedding venue: – 

rajasthani wedding theme

You can create a small fake Rajasthan for your wedding purpose or can go out for your wedding destination in Rajasthan.

From Rajasthani attire to delicious Rajasthani food.

Decorating the place with perfect Rajasthani culture. Having Rajasthani music will embrace the wedding atmosphere.

Rajasthani culture and the wedding is perfect for everyone’s dream come true. Spell bounding food and the decorations are the highlights of Rajasthani culture.

5. Beach wedding theme: –

beach wedding themes

Do you love the noise of the sea?  Do you love the peace and impact of the sea? Do you feel yourself attached to the sea sand and waves?

Do you love beach parties?  Then why not have your wedding near the beach?

A perfect romantic beach wedding theme will be adored by everyone who will attend your marriage.

Mystical magic of sea with a golden knot for ages. Is a perfect thing anyone can have.

Beach wedding venue: –

beach wedding themes

This dream can come true only near a sea beach. Decorating your mandap and arranging it near sea beach is all you need to do.

Having your wedding day at the romantic beach between the noise of waves and the magic of sea is something everyone should opt.

Having sea food as your dishes. Outfits suiting your theme. Soothing music and with a great story of photographs.

weddding photographer

Best place for everyone’s golden day of life.

So tie up your shoes!!

Go and select a perfect wedding theme and let the magic happen.

Become the groom and bride you wished for.

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