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Must Try Wedding Games For Entertainment And Fun


Thu May 16

We all focus on to make our wedding entertaining and fun. We try many things that eventually don’t work out or succeed. We try our level best to make our wedding interesting for every single guest. But many of the time we fail. It is my wedding and it is special for me not for every guest who is going to attend my wedding. And therefore we should think something interesting to make our wedding grand, great interesting and entertaining. So why not to have some wedding games at your wedding?

Let’s discuss some wedding games that you can have at your wedding. This will make your wedding entertaining, interesting and fun.

The Classic – Antrakshri

wedding games

Yes, the evergreen wedding game deserves to be at first in this wedding games list. Movies like Hum Apke Hain Kaun have shown this classic game. How everyone sits and enjoy this game. Someone or any team starts a random song and then complete the song and the other person or opposition team has to start the song from the last word of the previous song. And this is the most played game in India. You will enjoy this game at your wedding too. And everyone will get entertained by this game.

Paper  Dance

paper dance

This is a couple of of-of oriented game or the game is played in a team of two people with the opposite gender. You will really enjoy this game with all your couples in the house. The song is played and once it stops you have to fold your paper on which you are standing and dancing. You will have to make sure that you don’t fall down in between. And you don’t step out while dancing. Otherwise, you will get eliminated. Don’t miss to have this game in your wedding. Ask your mom and dad your in-laws to dance and remember their golden moments with their partner.

Whisper Challenge

whisper challenge

This is again an interesting and sizzling game. You will have to whisper some creepy and vulgar word in the ears of the person who is sitting next to you. And that person will forward that word in the ears of the other person. The one who gets to know who whispered it will be the winner. This the funniest and entertaining game. You and your friends will love this game. And many people also propose between the game. So just have fun. And don’t miss out this wedding game.


Shoe Game

shoe game

Once popularized in Western weddings, the shoe sport has also taken Indian weddings into the storm. The concept of this game is quite simple. The groom and the bride have to sit on the chairs in front of each other. Then, they have to exchange each other’s shoes to start the game. One person will ask different questions related to the couple, whose answer is to pick them up. The game wins with maximum correct answers and certainly a heavy reward!

Truth And Dare

truth and dare

The most played game among teenagers. You just have to spin the bottle and whenever the bottle stops on whomsoever will get two choices whether he or she has to speak something true or have to take a dare. The person will be asked a question if he takes the truth and he has to answer it honestly. Or he will be given a good dare to be completed. And this will be followed by every spin of the bottle. You will really enjoy this game. And I suggest one should have this game in their wedding. You will get a chance to make your friend embarrassed by giving him a naughty dare.

Ring Fishing

ring fishing

Ring fishing is a very popular Indian wedding game played at every Indian wedding ceremony. We believe that when this game is played by the bride and groom, you will be able to see your family members with more enthusiasm than the couple. In front of the newly married couple, a large bowl full of milk and a little turmeric is presented. The wedding rings of the bride and groom are kept down in the bowl. The bride and groom have to find rings using their free hand. Whatever ring you find is your first

So don’t miss out any of the game if you have plenty of time they have all the games suggested above. You will really enjoy and your guests and in-laws will also enjoy and get entertained.


At least they will not feel bored and alone in your wedding. Everyone will involve in conversation with one and another through this game and eventually everyone will enjoy your wedding. Don’t miss out any of the chance to host a wedding game. You will get acknowledged as well.

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