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Neemrana Fort Palace:- Let’s Begin the Drive


Wed Jul 31

Neemrana Fort is the palace situated in Neemrana. It is the most beautiful and Royal palace you will ever visit. Its beauty and legacy are magnificent. The architecture of the palace is mesmerizing. Won’t you feel like planning your wedding here? It is another paradise on the earth. So, let begin the ride to Neemrana Fort Palace.

Neemrana fort palace is situated on the Delhi – Jaipur highway. This attractive place is not just a hotel. But convenient holiday destinations and places amidst all the places to visit near Delhi. And therefore they can be the best destination wedding venue in India.

destination wedding in neemrana

Neemrana is a live example of living history. It has maintained its comfort and legacy. You will find nothing ordinary at this beautiful place. It is the own world. Also, weekend cultural performances and daily music programs are happening at weekends on Neemrana.

The place doesn’t look like hotels. They have kept the initial palace and accomplished some modifications in the palace. Also because of the interiors, you will get the feeling of Royalness at your wedding. You will feel the royalty and legacy at Neemrana palace.

neemrana fort palace

Confused About Cuisines Served Here?

You will find every kind of cuisine here. Starting from Rajasthani, Chinese, continental, north Indian dishes, south Indian dishes, Italian and much more.

I told you there is a different world living there. You will never forget the flavors of the food. They are delicious and extremely tasteful.

And we also suggest that you should not miss the Rajasthani thali of Neemrana palace. You will never forget the flavor of this particular thali. Neemrana is also popular for its Rajasthani cuisine.

destination wedding in neemrana

Some Entertainment At Neemrana Palace Fort

India’s leading dancers musicians, foreign artists also perform for guests & delegates who come to enjoy here. This place also offers many actions to people. For example, camel cart rides, vintage car rides and a thrilling zipping tour. You never forget this experience. And you can add these to your wedding events to add adventure and fun at your wedding. You will get the extraordinary feeling after adding this.

Let Us Know Some Of The Entertaining Activities Offered

Step Well

A beautiful stepwell with lots of beauty is hard to find. It is amazing and looks more beautiful in the evening. You will enjoy this place. You can go for romantic evening walks of this place. Even plan surprises for your bride/groom to be.

neemrana fort wedding destination

Camel Rides

Camel rides are really fun. And everyone loves it. Camel ride will give an experience that you will never forget. And you can’t resist this desi long drive. Therefore we advise you all to once go for camel rides with your partner. Your bonding will get strong with this romantic design drive.

neemrana fort palace

Vintage Car Ride

A vintage car is loved by everyone. Go on a vintage long drive with your loved one. You will enjoy this. And will create some beautiful memories. It’s quite romantic. And we can advise you that you can also decorate the whole car to make your partner feel special and worthy. He or she will appreciate this.
You can also visit nearby places. Like nearby monuments, palaces villages and hot springs.

neemrana fort palace

Let’s Talk About Some Nearby Places To Visit

Though there are many places near Neemrana fort palace as the place is extremely beautiful. But there few places which are famous among tourists. And are popularly known as tourists hub from the tourism point of view.

You can’t resist visiting these places. And you will live a never forgetting experience. You will create beautiful and romantic memories. You will get hallucinations from the place’s beauty with your family and friends.

Let’s Share Some Best Nearby Tourist Spots

Alwar Fort

Alwar fort is popular for its magnificent and beautiful architecture. It is a beautiful palace that has maintained its tradition, legacy, culture, and beauty throughout. And no one can turn their heads from the beauty of the palace.

neemrana fort palace

You must visit this place whenever you visit Neemrana. You can plan evening romantic walks at this palace. The has palace continued its royalty and heritage and this palace is also one of the best tourists attraction in Rajasthan.

Its beauty is undefined and flawless. You will have to visit here to spell bounding experience of the beauty of the palace. You will genuinely feel like you are the king or queen of the palace. Don’t miss this place anyway. Grab this opportunity tight with your partner.

Siliserh Lake

What should I say about this peaceful lake? Words are not enough to describe the beauty and peacefulness of the lake. You can enjoy boating and romantic boat dates in the evening. You can also surprise your partner by taking him or her to this place.

neemrana fort palace

The beautiful greenery that surrounds the lake is mesmerizing. The peaceful environment near the lake is very soothing and healing. This lake has the power to release all your stress and anxiety. You can enjoy sunset and sunrise over here. You should not miss this chance to be the part of this peace and soothing vibes.

The aura of the lake is relaxing and healing. It can make you feel calm and peaceful. You should visit this lake once in your life. Trust me your stress will get disqualified automatically.

Sariska National Park And Tiger Reserve

Are you a tiger lover? Or want to capture wildlife? Or are you interested in wildlife photography?

Do you want to feel the wildlife from closeness to know and understand it much better? So I have a great place for you. Sariska National Park has great wildlife. You will find tigers here as it is also a tiger reserve. If you didn’t visit this place you will miss everything. And also acknowledge and appraise the talent of your partner if he or she loves wildlife photography.
Understand wildlife. Capture some golden moments and the silence in the forest. Capture the questioning eyes of animals and also the beauty of nature.

neemrana fort palace

What If You Want To Plan Your Wedding At Neemrana Palace?

It sounds so exciting so just imagine how exciting will it be in reality. You have imagined the mesmerizing experience at Neemrana palace by reading this blog. Now think how exciting will it be in reality.

It is a good option if you want to have your destination wedding that too close to Delhi but out of Delhi as well.

Neemrana fort palace is situated on the Delhi – Jaipur highway. It is situated at 84 km from Gurgaon; 122 km from Delhi and 150 km from Jaipur on the Delhi-Jaipur highway in Neemrana tehsil. It is in the middle of the highway. But it has a beautiful world.

Neemrana has everything you want. You can go for a theme wedding at this beautiful fort palace. You will have the best cuisines. And a romantic experience. Also, you can have your post-wedding ceremonies followed by your honeymoon. And also, capture as many photos as you can get it captured.

Create memories here. As the architecture and beauty of the place will embrace your memories and photographs.

Advice:- You can try out Royal theme, color theme, fairytale theme, etc. You can fulfill all your dreams at Neemrana.

Now Wondering How Much Will It Cost?

The total cost including food, accommodation, and decoration will cost 10 lakhs for 250 guests.

That is pretty pocket-friendly. And I feel its a good sort of amount. If you plan a destination wedding, an anywhere else you will have to pay more. We advise you to plan your wedding at Neemrana palace.

So pack your bags and book your place at Neemrana fort palace beforehand. They have limited bookings so book it 3-4 before your wedding.

Cheers to Neemrana!!!

Hopefully, you are almost near to solve your doubts after reading this article. If you need further help, do contact Setmywed For a destination wedding in Neemrana. Our team always helps you.

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