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Pre – Wedding Skincare Tips for Brides


Mon Apr 1

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Bride’s skin is the most highlighted thing at her wedding and is adored by every relative and friend.

A bride should take Skincare Seriously before her wedding and should do every effort in order to make her skin look glowing.

It is always advised that no new experiment or product should be used on the face before the wedding as it may not suit your skin and cause irritation to your skin.

Nothing is too early or too late to start, so starting having pre-wedding skincare to have a radiant skin on your wedding.

Now let’s suggest you some pre-wedding skincare steps for the brides.

Cleansing, Toning, Moisturizing:-

skin care tips

These three steps will give you immense radiation therapy on your skin.

Do this regularly before your wedding day and get the desired natural looking glowing skin.
You should not wait for the last minute for your skin care therapy.

Apart from cleansing, toning, moisturizing you should not use any new product on your face. And this suggestion is applicable for your hairs too.
Just your routine shampoo and conditioner will create the bouncing effect on your hair.

So you should start cleansing, toning, moisturizing regularly as soon as possible before your wedding. And take this pre-wedding skincare tip sincerely.

Go natural: –

skin care tips natural
Homemade skincare and body scrubs with natural ingredients avocado, aloe vera , lemon , cucumber sliced, sea salt, peppermint leaves, coffee scrubs, and honey set up on bamboo cutting board.

Avoid using makeup on your face or using new makeup products on your skin as it can harm or cause irritation to your skin.

Start using natural and homemade products on your skin. Start rubbing bananas and watermelon. Start making face packs with aloe vera gel with honey and few drops of lemon juice.

For your hair start using banana hair packs, and using lemon juice and onion juice and white part of egg on your hair.

Use Multani mitti and aloe vera gel to have glowing skin. Use coconut oil and curd for shiny hair.
Use mommas homemade ubtans on your face.

Just tend to keep everything natural for your pre-wedding skincare.

The magic of green tea: –

The Real Health Benefits of Green TeaGreen tea helps in removing wrinkles and aging.
Green tea is very beneficial in removing age lines. And is a good ingredient for your dark circles and puffy eyes if used in tea bag form.

It is a great ointment to repair your skin and get rid off your skin aging problems as well.

Drink green tea on a regular basis to get radiance in your skin.
Brides who are career women or cannot invest much time to their skincare can just drink this magical thing as a beverage and have a glowing skin.

So stick to this routine green tea or add this up in your pre-wedding skincare treatment to get rid off your skin from aging and wrinkles.

Eat healthy and good: –


Avoid junk food and oily food if you want to speak through your makeup.
Drink at least 8-10 glass of water. And do not skip any of them. To have a natural glow and blush on your skin.

Water also helps in making skin look fair and glowing. Take proteins and vitamins.
Don’t skip your meals. Take the correct amount of your nutrients needed by your body and skin.

Have more fruits and eat fruits in every hour of the interval. Have fresh and delicious food. It will also increase your stamina and will leave the glow on your face.

Eating healthy will also keep you fit and active. You will get energetic. You will also not feel lazy.

So having fresh and healthy food will help you in your pre-wedding skincare strategy.

Sleeping – The golden rule: –

skin care

Take sufficient sleep daily. Lack of sleep will cause dark circles and laziness that will hamper your bridal look.

Take at least 8 hours of sleep. Do not exceed your sleeping time it will though create you lazy.

Take small naps if you feel tired. But leave the habit of sleeping all day if you have. It will make you lazy and hamper your beautiful bridal look.

Getting up early will make you fit and feel active.

So taking ample time to sleep will also be included in your pre-wedding skincare treatment.

Sun protection: –

sun protection

Start using SPF 50 sun protection cream when you go out in summers. And have anti-tanning cream as well.

It will save your fair anti-tanning our contrast of your face. Keep your skin hydracolor you will save your self from tanning.

It will also help you in your pre-wedding skincare. Explore Best Skin Care Products

Meditation – the key to beauty: –


Start getting up early and meditating. It will keep your physique balanced and make you look adorable with a glow on your face.

You will also feel stress released through meditation and that will be seen on your face.

It is suggested that to drink green tea after meditation. You will feel lazy in the starting but then it will come into your routine and you will enjoy it.

Not only for your pre-wedding skincare but after your wedding you can continue with this it will make you look fit and active. You will be energized throughout the day.

In Long run, you can be taught meditation and yoga to your in-laws also. They will learn something from you and will praise you.

Now, what are you waiting to start your pre-wedding skincare tips now…

And get that bridal look you desired for. Speak through your makeup on your wedding.

Now with these tips, you can rock your wedding and after the wedding as well.

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