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Punjabi Wedding Traditions, Rituals and more

Sonika Dalal

Fri Oct 18

Well, who don’t love the big fat Indian Punjabi weddings? We all know Punjabi are so loving people and they love to celebrate every small function in such a grand way. They never miss an opportunity to celebrate. They always believe in “dance till you drop”. So, here we are with the list of all Punjabi wedding traditions that you need to know, this will include all pre-wedding and after the wedding

Punjabi wedding traditions (Pre-wedding)


Roka ceremony basically marks the beginning of the new relationship between two different families.  In this ceremony both the boy and girl give their commitment and want to tie up with the pure relation of marriage.

In this ceremony, the bride side visits the groom’s side with various gifts including clothes, sweets and many other gifts this is known as sagan. And on any other day, the groom’s side also visits the bride’s side with various gifts.

This ceremony is only attended by close family members.

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2. Sagai:

Sagai is the official engagement between the couples. This is a grand ceremony and all family members, friends, relatives all are invited both from the bride as well as the side.

3. Shagun and Chunni Chadai:

Chunni Chadai ceremony takes place one or two days before the wedding day. On this day the groom’s side goes to the bride’s side with red Chunni and different types of gifts, sweets and many more. And indeed one of the best ceremonies at the wedding.

Image: Bhavna

4. Sangeet:

This is a musical party, in which all family members, friends, and family. This is a grand celebration that des dancing till you drop. It’s a great opportunity for the families to get acquainted with each other.

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5. Mehndi:

Mehndi ceremony is one of the most important ceremony for girls, they apply beautiful mehndi on their hands and feet. This is generally a women’s party.

The mehndi which the bride applies is sent by her future mother-in-law.

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Punjabi wedding ceremony (on the wedding’s day)

Chooda Ceremony:

This performed early morning on the wedding day. The maternal uncle of the bride plays a dominant role in this ceremony. A havan takes place in the early morning and in this, the chooda is purified with the help of milk and rose water.

Then the maternal uncle of the bride ties the chooda on her hand.

And other families member and friends tie kalire to the chooda.


In this ceremony, all the family members and friends dance and celebrate in front of the decorated at home.

All the neighbors are invited to dance, sing and celebrate.



In this ceremony, the groom gets ready for his wedding by wearing all the traditional attire. The shera tied to his head by an elder male member of the family of by groom’s brother-in-law.

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In this ceremony the bride and groom become the center of attraction they come in the middle of the circle where the family is standing, and place a heavy garland of flowers on one another to state, they acknowledge one another and will love and live respectively with one and other.

punjabi wedding traditions


In this ceremony, the father of the bride gives a ring to the groom and gives her daughter to her. And bless the newlywed.

punjabi wedding traditions

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Pic credit :- 1plus1studio

In this ceremony, the Bride and Groom will walk in tow around the Guru Granth Sahib four times at the set intervals. And seek blessings and pay areas.



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