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Romantic Surprise Ideas For Your Wife To Be


Thu May 30

Your wedding is around the corner and you want to make your fiancee special and happy. And when the question comes what to do this creates drastic confusion and dilemma. We always get confused about what to do and what not to do when it comes to surprise our partner. Though there are many different ideas in the market running around we still do not find the right one.

So selecting, choosing and planning is really confusing. But we have every solution to your problem and query. Let’s have a bucket list of some popular surprise ideas for your bride to be. To make her happy and feel wanted. I will suggest you a small bucket list and choose accordingly. What suits you.

A Long Drive With Your Pride

After late-night calls and full day chats. The long drive is another romantic thing that you can have. Going on a long drive with your wife to be will make her feel special. Plan long drive at evening that continues to dinner and then dropping her home at the correct time. This makes her feel that you care for every single thing.


Try avoiding unnecessary phone calls and messages. Give her full attention. Don’t make her feel bored. Do all cute and romantic stuff to see that smile on her face due to your efforts. You can plan long drive dates before or at the moment also. It all depends on you and your feelings. If you don’t want to listen and at the last moment then inform her before. And if you want to give her surprise then inform her one hour before that you are coming and she should get ready.

Hey, My Super Chef!!!

Every girl’s dream is to have food made by her husband. Generally, in India, it is a compulsion made on the woman by the society that she will only make food for the family. But I was being a girl this is very unequal and unfair. The husbands should cook sometimes or help their wife regularly. The family responsibilities are not alone for a woman. You should respect your wife’s efforts.


So to show her some love and care. Plan a surprise visit at her home. With some groceries. And announce you are going to cook something for everyone and especially for your beautiful wife to be. Trust me she will get so happy that thank you throughout her life. She will extremely feel happy and wanted. Cook anything you know. No matter how it tastes but it will be the most delicious and tasty food for her. She will never forget that very moment in her life. Serve her and to add some more love then make her eat food by yourself with your hands. No matter how many people are there. Show your love in front of everyone.

Sing A Song And Make Her Feel Special

If you can’t become Arijit Singh for her then you are good for nothing. Sing her favorite song propose her on your knees and tell her how much you love her. Try to impress her. And yes no matter how bad you sing she will feel your feelings in your voice and not the rhythm and beats you missed. Just make her feel wanted.


Sing the most romantic song which is her favorite. She will really appreciate your effort and will remember this moment life long. So show your love and dedicate her a song in your own voice. As sharing the song’s link and video are very easy but dedicating it to her in front of everyone will make her feel more special and wanted.

Love Letters

This is not just a simple letter which was written in love you repeatedly. It is a token of love which will be appreciated and kept carefully for a lifetime. Whatever you feel for her. Good or bad just try to give your feelings words. She will not only appreciate it. In fact, she will love to know about your feelings and will keep these letters safely throughout her life. This will make your bond strong.


If you can’t speak about your love for her. Then write it down and tell her what all you feel. She will really fall for you again after seeing your efforts towards her. She will never forget this moment in her life. Take out some time write down everything that you feel.

Plan Great Surprises For Her

Surprises are always close to every girl’s heart. Every girl desires for surprises. Every girl wants her husband or husband to be plan surprise for her. Never miss any chance to plan surprise dinners, surprise birthday or surprise anniversary. Make her feel special as she is. And never miss any chance to show your love to her. Tell her how much you love her. And what all you can do for her.


Planning surprise will also clearly signifies that how you are thinking about her and planning things for her just to make her happy. The more you care and think about her. The more you will plan surprises. Giving surprise doesn’t mean to do something grand always. It can be small as a gift and great as decorating a room for her. It depends on you what do you want to do. Always remember small things can also make her happy. It is always your efforts, not the money you spend.

So plan these romantic surprise to make her happy and proud of being with you. She will really appreciate and acknowledge your efforts. She will never forget these golden moments throughout her life.

She will get all the happiness in just a single act. So you should not miss it at any cost. Try to make her feel wanted. Never leave her alone. No matter you are only planning things for her and she may not. It shows your efforts and love and for a strong relationship, you should do every single effort. And trust me you will realize it yourself.

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