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150+ Simple Mehndi Designs for every Occasion

Girija Mutha

Sat Sep 21

Women have always been fascinated with various styles of mehndi designs throughout the years. Occasions are just mere excuses for women to apply it. With the growing fondness of mehndi in the last years, women not only apply it on just their hands but even on their feet, back and shoulder, so we here provide you the most simple mehndi designs you can apply.

This year bridal mehndi designs saw some of the great transformations. From the old traditional look to a modern twist, mehndi designs are upgrading radically. Brides nowadays are preferring a mix of different designs and are becoming more and more experimental.

Mehendi is not just loved for its magical beauty, it is also a crucial part of the whole ritual and is believed to bring good luck to the bride. Mehendi designs as you all know can be as varied as your imagination allows you. From traditional motifs to even customized modern ones.

So, we have done our homework and listed below some of the most beautiful New Bridal mehndi designs we have spotted on real brides.

But, before getting into the list, there are certain things to keep in mind before choosing your mehndi artist.


To ensure the style which suits you, we recommend that you do your homework which includes lots of research. Make the best use of Instagram accounts and google images for making your final decision. Find the design that suits your personality and align well!

While choosing that perfect mehndi artist, ask for his Portfolio. There are many artists who portrait his work of art online or through a proper portfolio. You would not want to choose an artist who has his specialization in very dense, complex designs to get big, bold and open work done.

Without further ado, let’s get into the list of super pretty mehndi designs you could choose.

  1. Beautiful Birdy

For a bride, who likes to keep it simple and sleek. This design completely has our hearts. The USP of this design is the simplicity attached to it.

Source: Pinterest

2. A Flowerly Affair

With shaded flowers, leafy strokes and checkered patters, this is one of the prettiest mehndi designs for weddings.

3. Neat and Nice

Can’t figure out that whether someone actually applied this design or is it printed, because that’s how pretty it is. Absolutely in love with the neatness and fine work of the artist. Major Crushing!!

Source: Pinterest

4. For the Blessings

For the brides who want to start the new phase of life with all the blessings from above. Loving this design for the neatness and the raja rani design.

5.Marvelous Minimalist

A comparatively minimal mehndi design highlighted with thick strokes. The design on the fingers is clearly drawn with delicacy and with a lot of concentration.



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6. For the love of Petals

Absolutely crushing over this half hand side design which is gaining popularity with each passing day.

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7. Chandelier Design

Loving each and every detail of this design, from the beautiful chandelier to the shaded flowery design. Loved the stroke of petals in it.

8. God’s Own Made Portrait

God portraits in bridal mehndi are becoming a  great option nowadays. Many brides who want to start her life with all the blessings from above are inclining more and more towards this type of designs. Also, seek blessings of God by this simple mehndi design.


The super pretty design is absolutely stealing our heart and it’s definitely worth it.

10. For The Love Of Flowers

For the brides who love the flowery vibes. Absolutely love the shaded petals and leaves of this design.

Source: Pinterest

11. Pretty Little Things

It’s the smallest details which actually counts! This design is a fine example of this fact. Loving the small details attached to this super pretty mehndi designs.


12.  Stunning Strokes

Definitely the USP of this has to be the mini empty spaces and the fine design drawn with utmost delicacy.



13. Simple and Sugar

Definitely having a thing of bold strokes and pretty petals. And this is one of the most simple mehndi designs for hands.

15. Treat To Eye

This is one of the most gorgeous designs. This neatness with which this design is made makes it look so soothing to the eyes

16. Fine Fingers

This mehndi design resembles a lacy glove. It requires neatness and intricacy.

17. Let the Fingers Do The Talking

Every modern woman would love to flaunt this contemporary mehndi design. The central portion of the backhand is adorned with a diagonal pattern making it so likable. Whereas, the lined-pattern on fingers is so simple but looks so modish.

18. Trail Love

This effortless Mehendi design is so easy to make and looks cute at the same time. Should there be any other Mehdi design that can be short and simple than this, this is one of the best simple mehndi designs for kids.

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19. Super Sleek

For a bride who doesn’t want her hands to be fully covered with mehndi and yet has to follow the Mehendi ceremony for traditional purposes, this simple mehndi design is a perfect reference.

20. Circular Love

This simple mehndi design with circular strokes and extremely easy ring-style pattern on fingers is a great option.

21. Hands Full Of Love

A breathtakingly beautiful mehndi design is laden with bespoke neatness and creativity.

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23. Pretty Peacock

Absolutely crushing over this beautiful and smoothing peacock design. Loving the neatness of this design. This is one of the best and simple mehndi designs for front hands.

24. Flowery Vibe

Loving the details of tiny flowers and petals. Definitely done with a lot of concentration.

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26. Super Pretty

This design has our eyes stuck to it. Absolutely loving the minimal design and designing of flowers.

27. Love For The Look

Loving the Flowery designs and petal details. But, the pretty detailing of the fingers is the one grabbing our eyeballs.

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28. Sweet modern Twist

The dark strokes and pretty small circular details look stunning and gracious.

29. For Bollywood Junkie

Get your hands etched with your favorite Bollywood couple. This design is getting more and more popular within the bride these days.

Explore the best bridal makeup artists in your own city.

30. Save The Date

This wedding season, get your mehndi design etched with the date of your Big Day. Loving the neatness and sharpness of this design.

31. Favorite Stuff

Loved how beautifully the favourite stuff of the bride are crafted and etched on her own hand. Full marks for having this unique idea.

32. Perfect Petals

The strokes and minimal flower design of this mehndi is what makes it so different and simply beautiful.

33. Super Basic

For brides who like to keep it super basic and simple. This design is just adorable. This is the perfect and simple mehndi design for beginners.

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34.Feast For The Eyes

Super pretty design adorned with notable floral motifs whereas the other side is covered with netted details. The best part of this design is that it accentuates the essence of the wedding.

35. Oh So Sweet!

This design is definitely made a mark on our list by just being so pretty and complete. The empty mini spaces are just working right for it.

36. Picture Perfect

This mehndi is so beautiful that it needs no explanation. Such neat and pretty design etched on your hands is totally worth the time you sit for application.

37. In the Name of Love

When you finally decide to give your love story an upgrade. You have to dedicate a quote to your hubby-to-be. This love quote would be more like a live quote or the tagline of your journey.

38. Loaded With Fineness

Another contemporary and chic mehndi design that brides all over have fallen for!

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39.Purely Portrait

Absolutely loving this epic mehndi design. The bold strokes and the pretty portraits are treated to eyes.

40. One for the Kids

Super Super Cute!

41. Speaks Volume

Beautifully crafted mehndi design is without a doubt an ideal option for your big day.

41. For That Foodie Bride

For all the brides-to-be, who are absolutely in love with food. You can definitely flaunt your intense love in your Mehendi. We are absolutely loving it!!

43. Lovely Leafs

Absolutely loved how smartly this design is created. Not ignoring the neatness!

Forever Floral

Floral mehndi designs always look amazing and this is no exception. Though you need a really steady hand for this level of neatness.

Modernised One

Chains and floral designs have always been a hit amongst brides who like simple mehndi designs for hands!

Pretty Please!

It has an inverted artwork that comes with wide flowers. The design is very intricate minute detailing in the design make it a class apart.

Beautiful Curves

Flowers, beautiful curves and motifs with lovely shading which can enhance the beauty of henna art.

Flaunt Those Hands

Your feminine grace and elegance will get a tenfold boost if you deck your hands and palm with this awesome and pure girlish mehndi design.

Checks Please!

Paisley and checkered pattern have been used very smartly to create this absolutely gorgeous design. The similar designs on the fingers have also helped to draw attention to the entire design.

The beauty of the large floral patterns made along the length of your wrist and elbow gets enhanced because of the vacant space left all around them.

Pretty Attachments

A flower in the center and pretty attachments.

Beautiful Spaces

The best and the most simple mehndi designs for beginners.

Intricate mehndi designs never really go out of style! If you are a bride who likes to keep it traditional, then this mehndi design image is a great reference to show your mehndi artist.

Floral Fun

The fine lines and shadings and finally the beautiful floral patterns that add greatly to the beauty, elegance, and refinement.

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Simply Divine

In its simplicity lies its beauty. Note the vivid chain of large floral patterns made on the palm and also the tiny scattered stray floral patterns.

Disruptive One

This mehndi design on the knuckles and the back of the hand is definitely a winner!

Sparks Elegance

Should there be any more simple mehndi designs for front hands? This is just so simple yet charming.

 Pretty Peacock

Chequered, flowers and small flowers, this mehndi design is the amalgamation of all these. It is super pretty design including a peacock pattern in it.

Purely Prettify

Consisting of flowers and dome-like shapes, this mehndi design looks like hand jewelry that has started on the wrist and ended in a gorgeous way.

Deftly Done


Subtle and Sweet

Floral Love

Consisting of floral motifs and paisleys, this mehndi design looks like a beautiful floral strand

For the love of jali and floral

Adding Character

Consisting of paisleys and half flowers. This mehndi design looks stunning on the palm. Also, fine work on the tip of the fingers has added more characters to the design.

Ultimately Unique

This mehndi design makes use of semi-circular patterns with intricate details on them done with absolute finesse!

Back to Basics

Here is one of the most simple mehndi design for front hands. This look is just so sober and nice!!

Little Disparate

Loved the elephant inspired mehndi. This surely is one of a kind and something different.

The Perfect Pick

This latest mehndi design image is a perfect pick to wear save and use for any small and special occasion.

Posh Pretty

Gorgeously Crafted

This beautiful mehndi is everything that Indian bridal henna stands for: intricate, gorgeous and well-drawn.

Bangle Style

If you want to do something different from the usual flowers and paisleys, then go for this bangle pattern mehndi design. This is quite an innovative and super pretty mehndi design that you can definitely get done on yourself.

Beauty at it’s best

Love for Lotus

Well, this mehndi is for the floral lover who just can’t get enough of lotus motifs all over their hands.

All about Petals And Flowers

Sharpness at it’s best

Truly Mesmerizing

This mesmerizing henna design for your hand will grace your palms indeed with its intricate floral plus lace motifs done deftly.

Effortlessly Pretty

Art At It’s Best

This majestic design comprises of the swan and lotus design located at the arm. This design of mehndi is the spanking choice for all the brides out there.

The Love Of Colour

Ditch the black and basic mehndi and try out this beautiful piece of art.

Captivating One

The intricate spiral work, dotted lines on arms will just keep you gazing at it. The hashtag adds the right amount of spark.

Attaching Love Quotes

When you finally decide to give your love story an upgrade. You have to dedicate a quote to your hubby-to-be. This love quote would be more like a life quote or the tagline of your journey.

Mehndi or Tatto?

Absolutely loving this Mehndi cum tattoo design. Girls who want something unique other than flowers or petals, can definitely try this one.

Adding Real Effect

Some spiral strokes pattern fill-ups are used to cover up the negative spaces. And the semi-circular designs are bordered with jali work that adds a real effect.

Got You Fully Covered

This design looks subtle yet fuller on your palms.

Intelligently Crafted

The beauty of this design lies in the way how intelligently it uses the space.

Matter Of Neatness

Whether it is the neatness or the beauty factor, everything about this beautiful mehndi design is so-damn-gorgeous!

Speaks Intricacy

This looks truly stunning. The floral and leafy motifs done in it are done with superb intricacy and the black shade used for the design gives the design excellent intricacy.

Parent’s Portraits

Ditching the mainstream portraits of hubby-to-be, brides are choosing their parent’s and even their in-laws’ portraits for their mehndi designs.

This surely grabbed our eyeballs as in the end, it’s all about the love of parents, right?

Jewelry Style

Let The Mandala Do The Talkings

This mandala style mehndi design for hands is so simple and looks so classy!

Beautifully Decked Up!

Looks really sizzling and adds to your style and glamour. Be on the spotlights today by making a departure from monotone Mehendi patterns and wearing this beautifully decked pattern for back of the hands.

Speaks Elegance

It cannot get simple and more elegant than this.

Other Than Flowers and Patels

With Love, From Above

Absolutely in love with this beautiful portrait of Radha Krishna.


Charms All Over

Simple and Stunning

The center of the backside of the palm has been adorned with a gorgeous flower type structure. The designs on the finger have been kept simple to draw full attention towards the semi-circular pattern.

Jewelry Style

Absolutely loving this mind-blowing jaali and floral-jewelry style design.

Prints that tell a story

Loved How Beautifully the raja rani portraits are crafted and etched on palms.

Strokes That Shine

Simply Sharp

Sharp floral designs with chains make a great simple design for the back of the hand!

Wonderfully Winsome

Flowers all the way!

This is one of the spanking choices of designer mehndi that depicts a flowery glove.

Connecting the Dots

Class Apart

Just 3 words for this Epic mehndi design: Plain, Bodacious, and classy.

Redefining Fineness

With rhombus being the focal point of this mehndi design. In fact, a single finger pattern has complemented the mehndi design nicely.

Little Artistic

If the minimal design you want to get on your hands with henna then little artistic patterns you must try to look up for.

Minimal Please!

This mehndi design is like so many patterns of rings you have worn in your hand. Definitely an ideal one for someone who wants a very minimized design.

Chic Yet Traditional

This design is super gorgeous and the shading and tiny parts are just adding the best to it. This pattern will look chic on every hand.

All in One

From lotus to latticework this simple mehndi design for hands has it all.

Adorn One

You can get your hand adorned with jaal mehndi designs.

Celebrity Portraits

Getting run-of-the-mill bridal portraits is passe! Get a bride and groom portrait on your 2019 mehndi design that looks close enough to the two of you.

If you fancy Aztec print and geometric designs, this simple henna design is for you!

Triangular Trunk

If you have a soft corner for simple mehndi designs, then this mehndi design is just for you.

Can I have this permanently?

Loved each and every detail of this beautiful modern mehndi design. Classy and simple mehndi designs.

Mughal Feels

This henna design is like a flower has bloomed from its roots and it is Arabic inspired from Mughal era.

Joining Dots

The USP of this design is the clever use of dots to give it a finer and fuller look!

Immensely Attracting

It looks ravishing and feels like hands are wearing a piece of jewelry like totally embellished. The flowery pattern is the center attraction of this mehndi design.

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Purely Personalised

This is the most trending mehndi design nowadays! Have both your hand portraits disclose your love story throughout your bridal mehndi design. With your entire mehndi disclosing the dates you met on, the time you finally said yes to your BAE. This surely looks absolutely divine and super romantic.

Beauty Speaking For Itself

This mehndi design is definitely redefining the meaning and beauty of the art.

simple mehndi designs

God’s Portrait

Another God’s portrait that we absolutely loved and is super cute.

simple mehndi designs

Super Pretty Stuff

Have this super pretty mehndi design and you will without a doubt stand apart from the pack without any effort.

Class Apart

A long curve with simple floral motifs looks classy as well as stylish. The half-circular design on one side has ensured that the hand doesn’t look empty.

Grabbing Eye Balls

This design of Mehndi never goes out of trend for the bride who likes to keep it attractive yet traditional.

simple mehndi designs

Basic One

This is one of the stunning looks mehndi design designed with the basic floral motifs on the finger.

Marvelous Mandalas

Loving the amalgamation of mandalas and paisley in this simple mehndi design!

simple mehndi designs

Garba Portrait

This mehndi design is so adorable that it will make you want to get your hands etched right now for this garba season.

Birdy Bird

It is one of the best bird mehndi design patterns that you can apply. It is different from mixtures of others.

simple mehndi designs

Source: Pinterest

Sada Saubhagyawati Bhav

Princess Feels

Loved this mehndi which showcases such beautiful designs with pure sophistication and fineness. Get the princess feels from this simple mehndi designs.

Work of Art

This art work is made shows clear perfection in every line that’s drawn. The smudged effect of flowers and bird with jali lines give a real mesmerizing look and tell about the expertise of the artist.

Motifs Love

This can be termed as the perfect mehndi design for engagement with a classic Indian Motifs.

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Natural Love

Looking like a beautiful book of paintings of nature with designs of birds.

Speaks Of Grace

simple mehndi designs

Modern Touch

This is for girls who like intricate patterns but still do not want to look all traditional.

Minimalistically Beautiful

If you have a soft corner for simple mehndi designs, then this beautiful floral trail with leaves is minimalistic enough to wear.

And indeed this is one of the best and most simple mehndi designs of 2019.

simple mehndi designs

Source: Pinterest

Pretty Leaf

For the women in love with minimal designs of Heena, twirling leaf designs around the fingers till wrist is beautiful to get wrist adorned with.

Floral Blast

Consisting of spiral strokes and simple floral motifs, this mehndi design looks sophisticated and beautiful.

Stand Out

To stand out with your henna design, unique patterns are the ones to look up for. You can get your wrist adorned beautifully with such patterns that will definitely seek the interest of everyone.

Half Full, Half Empty

The half full and half empty design looks quite unique and eye-catching. Indeed one of the best and unique, simple mehndi designs for brides.

simple mehndi designs

Beautifully Basic

Glorious Hands

A henna design like this is giving the feel that you want to accept life in full glory.

Simple and Sophisticated

simple mehndi designs

Source: Pinterest

Flaunt Those Hands!

This design is unique and definitely super attractive to just flaunt on your hands.

simple mehndi designs

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Beautiful Dots

Flowers are always there in mehndi designs and in this, we can see the beautiful use of dots design. And the flower is full-grown including other small ones.

simple mehndi designs

Imparting Refinement

This design is simple yet impart an intricate look on your hands. Simply loving the final look of this one!

Fineness At Its Peak

simple mehndi designs

Absolutely Stun

Pretty Pretty

This mehndi design look so pretty and also so simple and simple sober.

simple mehndi designs

Intelligently Crafted

Loving the space which is intelligently filled by beautiful and floral designs.

simple mehndi designs

Fine and Divine

Note the fine detailing on fingers, on the palm. Towards the wrist, the design is made into a pattern that resembles a bangle and kept open.

simple mehndi designs

Worth It

Another bracelet like mehndi design that is worth a try. And this design is also super simple and one of the best mehndi design for the front hands.

Choose the best and simple mehndi designs from the above mentioned and provide your valuable suggestions.

Source: Pinterest

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