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Simple Payal Designs for Brides in 2019


Tue Sep 17

Simple and Trending Payal Designs

Payal is the best way to embrace the beauty of your leg. Bride’s beautiful ankle is incomplete without the beautiful Payal. And the bride’s legs are also incomplete without the Payal. So, here we came up with simple Payal designs from which the brides can take some inspiration.


It shows our culture. From actress to Models every diva run behind to wear Payal at their wedding. It’s kind of compulsory for brides to wear payal. And every girl thrives to have the best and most beautiful payal designs. Every girl struggle strives to have the beautiful Payal design.

Let me simplify this work for you all. I have the list of 10 trending beautiful Payal designs. You can buy and rock your wedding.

  1. Gold plated jhanjhar style Payal

This beautiful Payal design will surely blow your mind. Beautiful golden color multilayered Payal with stones in between looks extremely stunning. You can wear this payal if you are going to have a darker color bridal lehenga at your wedding.

Like red, maroon, wine red, dark green, etc. You will get a beautiful look with this beautiful Payal designs.

2. Pendant style silver Payal


This beautiful Payal will surely give you hallucinations. Three-layered strings joint with the pendant design looks very adoring when carried. And you must have this beautiful Payal designs for your wedding.


You can wear this Payal if you wear light color lehenga like baby pink, light blue or coral. This will complete your bridal look.

3. The Madhubala style payal


If you really want to stand out and want to flaunt our Indian culture then you should opt this payal for you. When you will wear this and get up for feras every eye will fall on your feet. You can also wear this Madhubala style Payal at your Mehendi, Haldi, and sangeet.


simple payal designs

This beautiful Payal designs will go with any kind of outfit and will always be looking attractive. Trust me you will be praised by everyone once you carry this Madhubala style payal. You can also opt this for your post-wedding festivities.

4. Red emerald payal


Have you seen simple and elegant but beautiful Payal designs?  This is the most elegant Payal style you can have for you. The white stones across the Payal joining with the beautiful flower of red emerald and white stone look super cute and stunning.


This can go with every type of lehenga and outfit you are going to wear at your wedding, pre-wedding functions and post-wedding ceremonies.

5. Elegant golden string Payal


This beautiful Payal is my personal favorite and looks very pretty when carried out by brides. Small ghunghru in between will really attract everyone. White stones in between make it more beautiful.

simple payal designs


And this is popular among many girls specially the brides to be and married women.

6. Silver jhanjhar style payal


This extremely grateful silver Payal is the most adoring and loved by every. You can also wear this at any event and festival. You don’t need to attend or marry to wear this. This is extremely versatile and suits every outfit.

simple payal designs

And this bride’s favorite as they can wear them on any occasion after their wedding. This is extremely beautiful and graceful.

7. Stunning white pendant Payal

The simplest and elegant single-layered Payal joining at a graceful flower of white stones that is the most amazing part of this Payal. This is also very versatile and you can wear this at every occasion and festivity.


And you can add it to your sangeet and flaunt it with your dance. Trust me people will surely follow your style and ask you for advice.


8. Simple silver Payal


This is extremely simple and graceful. And it’s elegance is going to stand you out from the crowd. You will surely regret if you didn’t have these beautiful Payal designs at your payal collection.

simple payal designs

You can also wear this Payal on your honeymoon as it’s very light to carry. This Payal goes perfect with jeans and a T-shirt also so you need not wear this only with traditional outfits.

9. Multicolored emerald Payal


Just married? Yes?  Then this is the payal you are missing from. This simple Payal with red and green small emeralds looks extremely attractive and the white stones combined with it gives you an embracing look. And indeed these are one of the most trending and simple payal designs from where bride can take inspiration.

simple payal designs

10The Anarkali style Payal

Have you listen to the song ” salaam krne ki arzoo hai “This same Payal is carried by Rekha at this song. You will wonder how are these beautiful Payal designs trending still?  I know.

simple payal designs

It is also trending because many times the trend strikes from the golden era movies and everyone knows that old is gold. This multilayered Payal covering the whole feet looks very stunning.

So what are you waiting?  Just order it fast before it slips out your hand. Don’t miss the chance.

Your wedding is going to happen once. Make it best.

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