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Some Secrets For Happy Married Life


Tue Apr 23

If you want to marry a millennial boy or girl, they want; Organize or love? More and more crowds will choose love marriage. They want to wait and want to find that person instead of putting a family wedding under a particular marriage. But this does not mean that people have lost their faith in the concept of arrange marriage held in India. Many bachelors rely on their parents to choose the best life partner for themselves. The most prominent reason is that many people like to love to Arrange Marriage, both faith and friendship understand both boys and girls.

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This is obviously a lack of chain marriage because these are really strangers and the courtship period of 5-6 months is not enough to know anyone well. There are so many systematic marriages in India which make both successful and joyful.And soon to help all the grooms who are entering the systematic marriage, we have prepared a list of those mysteries that will fill your married life with many happiness, mutual respect, and love.

11 Secrets for A Happy Married Life  In India

1. Do not Work on Little Things Because of the pressure of work in Indian men, a lot of stressful lifestyles is born and it often makes them stressful. And ANGER is a common cause of feud between many joints. It can sometimes be that you are in a hurry and can not find a wallet, handkerchief and other essential things in the usual place. Rather than teasing and working on his wife, to keep them somewhere else, why not just ignore it? Instead, why not take a shirt from Mrs. for a bright day before going to the office? Isn’t it a great secret for happy married life?  It trusts me.

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2. Decrease your smoking and drinking habits it’s time to check a reality! You are no longer a man who likes to drink beer and enjoy smoking with friends, even if your wife is fine with it has been scientifically proven that excessive use of smoking and alcohol has a negative effect on human natural testosterone. It will negatively affect your relationship and physical intimacy in married life. This secret for happy married will leave your relationship to true love levels.

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3. Please, no need to say it loudly for extramarital affairs. The biggest reason for the systematic marriage failure in India is the tendency of people to have extramarital affairs. If you feel that you are getting separated from your wife, then please talk with her and share what is going on in your mind. Do respect her and your relationship. Don’t just go out for lust. This secret for a happy married life is eventually hard but not impossible. 


4. Respect his parents It is very common to guide your wife’s parents and help them to settle in your family. If there is anything in her mind, then she may feel hesitant to share it with you and ask your parents to talk to you on it. All you need to do is listen to what they have to say and never get bothered with them. This will gradually build up their faith on you and they will soon start sharing their feelings. Just make your wife this is the greatest secret for happy married life one can have and apply.


5.  Don’t take any of the Fight to Bed. Ego and misunderstanding are the two main reasons for an unsuccessful marriage. Fighting for newly married couples is very common, but their bonds are stronger. But you should never fight on the bed and always should solve the problem on that day, even if you first meant to say sorry and talking. Leave your ego for the love of your wife. This is again the biggest secret for a happy married life and you should always remember this.


6. Talk to her about managing expenses For both of you, it is not necessary to have a large amount to spend on your holiday. As you both are starting a new life together, talk about savings that should be done and it is okay to spend the money. You will be surprised to know that being independent is not able to spend money. In India, there is a major cause of problems in a systematic marriage. This secret for happy married life will take you to successful married life.

7.Do not judge her but understand that in the case of Arrange Marriage, it is very common for people to not know about the likes and dislikes of their choice. Just like you like buying the latest and trendy smartphones, while a budget phone can be enough for years, and it does not make it less knowledgeable and old enough. Understanding is the only secret for a happy married life.

8. Do not claim your husband’s rights as old and famous, it may seem, there are still many grooms in India who think that marriage is all about sex. It is not easy for any girl or anyone to share physical intimacy without first knowing the person. You should slow down things, talk to them, understand them and enjoy the process instead of such humiliating expectations.

9. Supporting her decision We are living in the 21st century, where women are working side by side with men and working in a job. Generally, in an arranged marriage in India, the girl is asked to leave her passion for work to handle family matters. If your wife is interested in getting married after her job and expressing these feelings then you should support her decision. Respect her career as she does. This is again the biggest secret for happy married and my personal opinion to everyone.

10. Ask for her opinion in a marriage, it is always about WE, not just about ME. It does not matter that you make decisions in your life, always run it by her and ask for an opinion. Just like you might be thinking of buying a car and it will affect both your financial resources. So you should discuss the idea with him and maybe even have a dream car, which you can consider to please him to buy.

11. Do not intrude in his personal place like you would like to do once with your school friends, she will do the same. Always give your wife an individual space, some time alone in which she can meet and enjoy with her friends and family members. This is the best secret for a happy married life. These are eleven secrets for a happy married life with love and happiness forever. In India, once you know as husband or groom as soon as possible start applying these secrets. If you think we remember any magical material or tip, please share it with us by commenting in the section below. We would like to hear from you. And we are always open to your opinions and advice.


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