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The After Wedding Checklist Everyone Should Follow


Sun Apr 28

after wedding checklist

The After Wedding Checklist Everyone Should Follow

Everyone’s checklist is made what all should do before the wedding and no one focuses on what all to do after the wedding. But We have after wedding checklist for you. Let’s plan out this important task to. And this is the major activity everyone should do and also focus on. We live and forget so we should always do these things before we forget about it.

There are many things we forget after the wedding is over. We skip many necessary things. And we also regret later. So let’s plan it step by step together so that you won’t forget anything later and thank me afterward.

Send thanking cards

The most important and must do the task after the wedding is writing thank you cards to the one who all attended the wedding and made your day grand with their blessings. When it comes to sending these out the places of your beloved guests you should not sit back and should send it as soon as possible. Target to have this important task to finish within 90 days of your wedding. Your mother and mother-in-law will praise you for this and will acknowledge you as well. You will win their hearts by doing this. And most importantly you will make your mother in law happy. That will result in good relations and lovable relations with your mother in law.

Ensure that you pay every vendor

Check and make sure that you pay your vendor. And make sure to check it twice and thrice. Find out what you have paid every vendor for their hard work. Review every contract and be sure that you don’t forget anyone. Pay them immediately if you realize that you left with any of the vendors. You can the main point of after wedding checklist.

Go for reviewing your vendors

If you are fully satisfied and happy with the services of your vendors then let the whole world know about it. And the best way is by sending your personal review to the vendor and also by posting your online reviews about it. Other brides will also appreciate your feedback and look ahead to work with them and will also hire them for their wedding. And this will eventually turn a great profit to your vendor potential to grow to their business.
They will also love it. They will feel wanted and will appreciate this care.

Make sure to clean your wedding dress

Must point of after wedding checklist. Wedding dress is the most beloved outfit of any woman and every girl strives to keep it new, clean and preserved till her last breathe. And this is the most important thing anyone should do just after their wedding. As the stains may set long if you don’t clean it immediately and as soon as possible. You can reach out to the bridal dress shop to get recommendations about the companies that clean and preserve your outfits. Some shops may give you discounts on their services so that you can purchase it along with your wedding dress. Tell the cleaner about the stains beforehand when you give him your dress so the cleaner can remove them and it comes to his notice as well.

Reuse the things left over in your wedding

Ask your wedding planner to pick up the extra wedding leftover articles and then make them into effective use. You can also consider them giving as gifts. If you have leftover extra cups then use them in your own kitchen. If you are left over with any monogrammed towels then you can use them in your guest’s bathroom.

Don’t forget to gift your parents and in-laws

Your parents always help you out in everything and when it’s your wedding how will they relax. And this goes the same with your in-laws as they also can’t sit back and relax when it’s their own child’s wedding. Show them that you love them with a token of personalized gift that will be remembered always and will result in the most lovable thing by them.

Finish down with every registry

Don’t forget to overlook on what all is now left on your wedding registry. Many retailers will still offer you good discounts on the left out items. But do not wait and relax. These offers are valid only for about 30 days after your wedding, which will fly by and you will never know. Now the time is to purchase more expensive and important items and complete every. After all, no one wants to have one salad plate and three dinner plates and a single cup on their dining table. Close your registry when you are satisfied purchasing with what all you want.

Reviewing your social media status

If you have created funny and personalized wedding hashtag then the following days are the best time to check all the important social media platforms. You can rule the world with your Facebook and Instagram Stories and newlyweds will want to make. Let your love flaunt on social media.

Store the valuable articles

If you have received a wedding china or silver then you will have to store it nicely. China articles should be packed up well in fabric boxes that can zip it up. Silver articles should be stored in silver bags to prevent tarnishing.

Changing your social media status

This is the most important task on our list to change your name on all your social media accounts. No one pressurizes you or forces you that you have to change your last name it totally depends upon your will. But if you have decided to do it and choose to do so they make it your priority to complete the changes as soon as possible before you forget about it.

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