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The Do’s and Don’ts to being the Perfect Bridesmaid  


Sat Jun 8

Is the first time being a bridesmaid? Don’t worry, we got you covered!


While it is true that in an Indian wedding, the center of attraction is the bride with all her glitz and glamour. Your role as a bridesmaid starts the day the wedding is talked about for the very first time. From the bride’s outfits to make up to the best performances at sangeet function, everything involves the bridesmaid in a vital role. It’s no surprise that little girls talk about getting married and having their best friend or sister as the bridesmaid!

In the quest for being the best bridesmaid ever, it’s easy to forget about yourself, but don’t you worry. With this list of things for you to remember, we guarantee you a great time as a bridesmaid and as a wedding guest.


  1. Skincare all the way

When it is about beauty preparation for a wedding, there is no such thing as starting too soon! No skincare is enough skincare. Start a nice and regular morning and night routine for your skin to achieve the best results before the wedding festivities begin. There is no need to weigh your skin down with 10 products every time you wake up or go to bed. All you need is a good cleanser, a good toner and a moisturizer that suits your skin type.

  1. Channel your inner fashionista!

Remember that there are at least four and sometimes even five functions in a Big Fat Indian wedding and you would need the best outfits (less than the bride of course!!) to feel like your best self. Start looking for outfit inspiration on the internet and in the markets at least a month prior to the wedding. Decide if you want custom-made dresses or ready-made ones. A good point to remember is to look up lowkey designers, they have great designs at prices that won’t burn a hole in your pockets. Don’t forget that your best friend or sister’s marriage can lead to you finding someone and getting married next!

  1. Go the indo-western way

If anything says modern bridesmaid, it is indo-western clothing. No, you don’t need to spill cash on a brand, you can do it all at home. Wear a shirt instead of a blouse and you have a modern, yet traditional saree look. Or pair a cropped top with a lehenga skirt and tie a scarf around your neck and you have a quick yet effortless look for the mehndi function.

  1. Accessories are KEY!

Amp up your outfit by a hundred with accessories. If you are a plain dress type, look for statement jewelry. A big pair of blingy earrings with a high neck, a beautiful choker or necklace with a boat neck will add oodles to your look. Don’t forget that golden clutch you purchased because you loved it! It will not only add to your outfit but also carry your lipstick for touch up (go ahead and eat those gol gaps!)

  1. Shoes are more important than you think

Heels are a must if you’re wearing ethnic clothing? Absolutely NOT! There is nothing attractive about a foot with blisters from dancing for two hours in heels! If you really want to not miss out on wearing a pair of heels then keep an extra pair of beautiful yet comfortable flats. They will not only match your outfit but also give you a moment of relief from those beautiful but deadly heels. Dance all you want with those flats on!


This is not just for your convenience. There is no place more prone to fashion or other problems than a wedding! Safety pins for a loose blouse, deodorant for sweat, band-aids for shoe bites from those beautiful heels, translucent powder if the bride’s sweating from the nervousness (just kidding!). Everything depends on your little bag of emergencies. And don’t forget to keep personal hygiene products! Better be safe than sorry!

  1. Rest up!

You have a full on a wedding in front of you, rest as much as you can. Don’t miss out on sleep because those dance practices will keep you up all night long, you don’t want the ladkewale to win!

  1. Eat healthy, not at the functions of course!

Eat healthy and drink water, your skin will thank you through every function. You wouldn’t want to cake your face up to hide those blemishes or one zit on your nose! Maybe you even bring it to a lifestyle change and just stay with clear skin all year round.

  1. Spa day (or days, if you may!)

Taking a day off from the wedding preparations and going for a spa day with all your girls and the bride to relax and cool off the stress and look great on the D-day will keep your spirits up. A DIY spa night with a movie and some snacks will be a great idea too! You can watch your favorite movie and hang out with the girl gang in the comforts of your home while you give each other manis and pedis and hair masks! Because friends who mask together, stay together!

  1. Comfort over beauty, always

Remember that you will have hours of dressing up and going around, so don’t choose discomfort for beauty. Heels are a great thing, but wearing heels for seven hours straight is not good for your health or mood, who would be happy with foot pain? Don’t’ choose heavy dresses because you need practicality as well! You can find several comfortable as well as beautiful things if you look carefully.


  1. NEVER wear the same colors as the bride!

You don’t want to be the one bridesmaid that everyone stares at because she wore the same color as the bride! As much as you want to shine, don’t forget that the bride is the star. It can be helpful to discuss color pallets for the bridesmaid with the bride to avoid such color clash disasters!

  1. Don’t steal the bride’s attention (unknowingly, of course)

Remember that the bride is the star of the wedding, you don’t want to go over the top and end up feeling guilty for the attention you get. Dress according to what will get your attention, just not more than the bride.

  1. No fashion experiments if you don’t have time

If the wedding is just a couple of days away, you don’t want to fall prey to the devils of dressing up! Of course, you are free to try new styles, but sometimes when you’re in a crunch of time, you know what styles suit you best.

  1. Don’t compromise on your fun time

In order to wear than heavy designer lehenga from your favorite designer, don’t forget that you have to be at the beck and call of the bride as her anchor! You need to have fun and enjoy the wedding. That’s quite difficult with that 4 kg lehenga around your waist or those five-inch heels!

  1. No snacking on junk before the wedding

Avoid junk food a few days prior to the wedding. Eat healthy and drink water to avoid end moment breakouts that spoil your mood as well as your face. Start a skin routine besides avoiding junk food.

Happy bridesmaid-ing!

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