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Tiny Things Matter- Makes A Big Fat Indian Wedding


Wed Jun 5

1. Invitation card- craft wedding signs:

It’s a traditional way of inviting guests who are diminishing to an extent because of digitalization. But don’t
the worry we got some innovative and groundbreaking ideas to apply and get your special
day to remember by the crafty card with a trending personalized wedding sign.

2. Bridal entry:

To be a bride is already the eye-catching power as dulha is always
considered dull and in Indian royal wedding, bridal grand entry brings more shine to
the moments, she sustains the eyes of the crowd on her till the time she reaches the stage.
So, a royal, charming, cool and inventive bridal entry is essential for the occasion to
be a blast.

3. Polishing the wedding ring:

Choosing a wedding ring is the toughest job though one has many feelings connected to that ring. We should get neoteric designs
for our loved one. Getting the ring prepared is a priority, need exuberant and genuine
efforts. The tradition of exchanging ring can get modernized and westernized by
making the groom proposing to the bride.

4. Contingency plan for bad weather:

Many couples forget to possess an idea B just in case of inclement weather. They get so wrapped in the occasions other
chores that tend to forget the weather expectations of the venue and don’t make any
other arrangements for that while when inversion can occur. Because in a country like
India weather changes from sunny day to heavy rain within moments, so a plan of
the indoor hall should be the backup.
Even they should be aware of sunset timing to get magnificent photographs of the
a day with golden backgrounds.

5. Welcome bags for outstation guests:

Small bags with pertinent wedding details to outstation guests make the functioning of event smoother, added with
some luxury wedding favors that will delight the guests. To make these bags more
reminding one can get them personalized one.

6. Assign duty to pick up your dress:

Someone should have the duty of getting a wedding dress to be ready before the event and even get that lehenga and
sherwani cleaned after the occasion. Because this task is mostly neglected or
considered to be done by the couple themselves, however, they are already surrounded by
the hustle of the wedding.

7. Transportation for the couple after reception:

after the reception is also a wedding goal for many couples. Getting lavishly decorated cars
for so-called bidai is noteworthy and that car should be well dressed. Even couples
book yacht but can’t be affordable by all, but getting debonair transportation is quite an
essential part of the event.

8. Do-not-play list for DJ:

Though we might have meticulously planned
father-daughter song and cocktail hour songs one should demarcate the do-not
playlist to avoid the spoilage of mood on such a life once happening event.

9. Comfy footwear for the bride:

The bride should be prepared with a pair of
comfortable footwear to wear after shoe biting heels. Wearing those stilettos and long
heels make toes and ankle ache, so for the later ritual’s bride can wear those comfy

10. Eat food and drink water:

Couples often get busy with the whirl of
the wedding and ignore their intake of nutriment. So, as the bride and groom, you
should take care of your health as well as of your partner. Put the reminders if you
can’t remember.

Keep these small things in mind to make your day be a blast. To begin a new life, you
should have trust and understanding with your partner. Being in a relationship is easier
than leading it with you for whole life and for that spend some valuable time with
your partner to make your journey worthful.
Style yourself, get your wedding themes, have a social imprint, get dazzling decorations
with fragranced flowers and golden lights, cut the oversized cake, have pre-wedding
hangouts and shoots, create a lit atmosphere with relatives and nevertheless bang the
Get your wedding the way you wish to make your story begin, and have your big fat Indian wedding

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