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Tips For Gifting Bridal Lingerie On First Night


Wed Apr 24

Gifting lingerie to a woman is not at all a bad idea. But are you hesitating?  Don’t hesitate. Women love to accept gifts. And that too on their first night. Gifting bridal lingerie to your wife on your first night will make her feel comfortable and will break the awkwardness between you both.

Bridal Lingerie

Are you thinking that what she will feel?  Ok, lemme answer this question. Only two things can happen once gifting bridal lingerie to your wife. The very first thing can happen she may give you a shy smile go to the washroom and change her clothes. Rather she will just laugh a lot and this will end up with breaking the silence and awkwardness.

So let’s talk about the tips for gifting bridal lingerie to your wife on your first night:-

bridal lingir

Choose according to her color preference

You are her husband and you should know her likes and dislikes. You are the only one who can talk to her favorite lingerie brands, colors, designs, etc. But don’t ask her these things on your first night. She might get uncomfortable. By gifting bridal lingerie to her can clear you about her color preference that which color she prefers or likes for her lingerie. Either she will tell you this in a naughty way or you will get to know it afterward. So this can be the start for you to know more about her. Her likes and dislikes, and her preferences too.


You will get to know her size

You may not be aware of her size and may buy free size lingerie. Or it may happen you gift her a very huge size lingerie this will again end up with some great laughter and will eventually break the silence and awkwardness. If you are bold and frank with her you can also ask her size directly. But make sure that she doesn’t get you wrong and clear her all your ideas and thoughts behind this question. As we are girls and we misinterpret many things. To be clear to your wife. Ask her these things very politely and make her understand the whole idea with how much you love her and want to make your and her life full of comfort and love.

Do it another way

I know you get uneasy or hesitate in gifting bridal lingerie to your wife on your first night. It happens with everyone and you need not worry. You can save your self from this hesitation by doing it another way. Just gift her a gift voucher and ask her to buy clothes for your honeymoon and you can add up a gift voucher of a lingerie shop between the other vouchers also. Or either you can take her to shop and in between can take her to lingerie showroom and ask her to buy some lingerie for her. Not on your first night but she will definitely wear it on your honeymoon and the rest of the nights.


Do something special

Don’t go for simple and boring things. Do something special and innovative. It is said that we should gift something precious and traditional to your wife on your first night. Gifting bridal lingerie with some cool gifting ideas make her feel wanted and special. You can gift some jewellery with lingerie. Or the best idea is you can gift her a beautiful saree and blouse with beautiful lingerie. This will help you in getting over your hesitation and uncomfort. You will gift her lingerie and will not feel awkward too.

Do it a little funny

This is just a suggestion that you can do. Once you enter your room start acting like you are finding her luggage and trying to unpack it. Then if she asks you what happened then tell her that baby how will you sleep in your heavy bridal lehenga you need to change it. And that’s why I am helping you out in it. Then she will feel that you are caring for so much at the very first night. After that you can also say I am very tired as well I have something for you which can make you feel easy and therefore you can gift her the lingerie you bought for her. She will laugh at you a lot. She can give naughty comments but at last, she will be happy and will wear it with her will and happiness.


Now don’t sit back. Be a gentleman and follow any of the tips. You will make her feel special and wanting.

Don’t force her to wear lingerie you can just ask her with love and leave rest to her wish and choice. Every time respect her decision and choice. This will make your married life run smoothly.

Have a happy married life. and Shop Bridal Lingerie Here

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