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Top 5 Best Wedding Photographers In Delhi NCR


Fri Apr 26

Click Below To Find Best Wedding Photographers in Delhi

best wedding photographer in delhi


 Photographers don’t capture your photos they create memories with their artistic skills. The create magic with their art. The photographer plays a vital role in any wedding. They click the photos that are kept assured customer satisfaction. You won’t be disappointed. Trust me. beautiful memories of any wedding. Everyone strives to have the best and the perfect photographer to capture their wedding pictures turn a magical effect with photography.

Now the question arises how to found the best wedding photographers in Delhi NCR. Delhi has many photographers. But choosing and finding the perfectionist and professional time hand over this essential duty is a really hard task to do. And in a place full of its own hustle and bustle you don’t get the perfect photographer you desired for always.

So I have the list of the best wedding photographers in Delhi NCR: –

Snap Shooters

best wedding photographer

best wedding photographer

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They are the most perfect and best photographers in Delhi NCR. They are specialist in a pre-wedding photoshoot. And they know how to take best candids, portrait photographs and they also know the traditional photography. They know how to play with lights and backgrounds to give you the desired photographs and make your wedding album stunning. They have pre appointing services as they provide their services on a first come first serve basis.


Happy Flashbacks

best wedding photographer

best wedding photographer

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The company’s focus is to fulfill the desire to tell stories through their wedding photography. Their specialization lies in capturing candid moments to be cherished as memories for a lifetime. They are that’s why known as the best wedding photographer in Delhi NCR. They are pocket-friendly and can assure with great customer satisfaction and the experience you won’t forget. If you didn’t hire them you will regret. Don’t take any chance to appoint them.


My Visual Artistry 

best wedding photographer in delhi

best wedding photographer in delhi

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They believe every wedding is a new story and a fresh start and they paint the new story with their artistic photography skills. They are specialist in every style of photography.  They constantly redefine creative limits. They strive to highlight that  ‘Something unique’ in each photograph we desire to see. They are expertise in portrait photography and candid shot and they apply every single rule of photography to make their picture perfect. You can’t lose any chance to have this professional wedding photographer in Delhi NCR.

Mayank Malik 

best wedding photographer in delhi

best wedding photographer in delhi

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They believe that we create memories and they capture it with their third eye. You will be lucky if you hire them as the worthy pictures they click are really priceless. They are popular for their perfectionist style and their new and innovative techniques used in their photography. They are the professional and highly experienced wedding photographer in Delhi NCR. You can totally rely on them to have the perfect photographs. And they fit every pocket size. So no need to worry about.


Clicks By Garry

best wedding photographer in delhi

best wedding photographer in delhi

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Garry is a freelance photographer who is mastering his skills from the past 8 years and he is highly experienced. He is expertise in shooting pre-wedding, wedding, baby photography, events and is open to serve clients all over in India and across the globe. Photography is his passion and there is sincerity in his expression. He has done multiple workshops in order to enhance his skills and for more perfection. He is very much dedicated to his work. He will serve you with full satisfaction. So he can one of the best wedding photographers in Delhi.


My Unique Studio

best wedding photographer in delhi


best wedding photographer in delhi

best wedding photographer in delhi

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They are highly experienced and also fits in every pocket. They are very focused on their work. And they know how to create magic with their photography. They are known for their customer service and therefore are the most professional wedding photographer in Delhi NCR. They have packages for every festivity or event like post wedding functions and pre-wedding events.

So what are you now waiting for? Don’t sit back at your couches and relax. Get up and browse Setmywed and contact these best photographer in Delhi NCR. And also ask them to share their previous work experiences and their portfolio. Trust me you will not able to get rid off their photography.

You will get the experience you never thought of. You will not be disappointed with their reliable services.

Now don’t think much just visit Setmywed and get the best wedding photographers in Delhi NCR.

Hire top wedding photographers in Delhi NCR

Are you looking for a great photographer to capture your dream day? Capturing photos are not just a thing to have a high-quality camera and to know the rules of photography. Rather experience and make their every single click excellent.
Photographers don’t just capture every moment rather they create a story in their every single click.

It is very essential to have a good photographer for your wedding. Because a wedding photographer is a very significant part of wedding planning. Wedding photographer not only captures at the right moment but also embraces your photo album to show it to your future generations.

You can only get the best photography by the professional wedding photographer to cover your wedding and cherish every single moment.

Candid photographers in Delhi

Candid photography is in trend these days. And mostly best shots captured are candids. The photographer who knows photography and knows every rule and theories to capture a moment can only capture the beautiful candid shot. These photographs are priceless because they capture the natural emotions and feelings. And frame it for you till your life. These photographs capture beautiful happy moments and frame it for you.

Traditional photographers in Delhi NCR

Many people still love and prefer the old style of photography. So as the direction the photographer only captures the groom and bride with their family members and friends. After posing for the camera.

Cinematic videography in Delhi

Cinematic videography weaves the story like a movie and captures every single moment and attach them just like the pearl in the garland. The cinematic videography is a mixture of images, short video clips, music. However, the photographer should have the creative mind to bring out the real emotions from it. These days cinematic videography is done also with the help of drone cameras.

Traditional videography

Traditional videography captures the wedding videography in a traditional manner. The videographer simply records the events and rituals of the wedding and follow it. Not so much of creativity is required and it is done in a very simple format.

Pre-wedding photographers in Delhi

It’s a going trend in the country and most of the couples prefer to go for it. The pre-wedding photo shoot is done to preserve all the memories and the new found love of your life. The location for the pre-wedding photo shoot is taken outdoors. And is done 2-4 months before the wedding. Many candid shots are combined to complete this pre-wedding photoshoot.

The ultimate guide to hiring the best wedding photographers in Delhi

Photographers don’t learn photography in a day. It is after years of working and practicing that they develop their skills. They are very passionate and focused on their work and accept those assignments only from those clients who carry the same vision and passion for getting quality photographs at their wedding. Their work is like an excellent piece of art. It is possible only after countless hours of practicing and clicking from different angles and gaining high experience that these leading photographers learn to create magical photos in their every single click.

Things to keep in mind to keep when you hire for a photographer: –

It is very confusing to find the best photographer in the hustle and bustle of the city like Delhi. But once you know how to identify some traits of best wedding photographer you will surely set yourself free from every confusion.

Go and look out the creativity: –

You can differentiate between photographers as the professional photographer will be keen about the creative styles and ideas to capture the moment. And this will be clearly seen in their work and portfolio. Every photographer imagines the shot before actually, it happens.

Great attention to details

Along with the creative angle, the top wedding photographers in Delhi focuses to even the slightest and smallest of details. This is what you get in the most magical photographs with every detail of the precious and priceless moments captured. You can calculate these skills by looking at the portfolio carefully.

Good at communication

Another trait of a good wedding photographer is that he should be a strong communicator. They must also be open to your requirements. They must listen to all your demands, concerns and requirements patiently and ensure that everything goes smoothly and successfully. And according to your will.

Browse their portfolio

To ensure that you hire the top wedding photographer, always view their previous work. Ask for referrals and browse their past portfolios to get an idea about their work. Ask questions and make sure that you are comfortable with him and his style of photography.

Things to discuss with the photographer

Now if you are sure that you have finalized your wedding photographer, you need to have a face to face discussion with him or her. Meet the photographer and get yourself familiar with their working style. Always browse their portfolio on Setmywed. Ask about their previous work experience and see some samples of their photography and work. The wedding photographer should always know how they are going to cover the wedding. Discuss the kind of coverage you are looking for, and it can be the still photography, videography or both of them. Discuss the changes with them you require and your budget beforehand. Ask him about the advance payment, the date of delivery, and GST procedures, etc before assigning them.

Why book photographer in Delhi only from setmywed?

Setmywed provides you only the top names in the field. Thus, when you browse the list of wedding photographers on our site, you can trust the professionals without any confusion. Our wedding photographers are very reliable. We have done the listings only after a strict background check and based on the quality of work as well as their past record of work assignments. Today, Setmywed is a reputed name when it comes to reliable wedding services. What makes us different from other wedding sites are reliable and credible listings in specialized areas. When you browse the wedding photographer’s profile at Setmywed, you will get an accurate idea of their style, quality of work as well as their latest projects and past experiences too. Moreover, you can read their price and reviews too at Setmywed. Another big advantage is the personal guidance and service you can have here as well as the discount offers. At Setmywed we promise you to help and find only the best in wedding professionals.

How can Setmywed help you to hire the best wedding photographers in Delhi?

If you desire to make the right choices when picking the best wedding photographer, then you can count it on In just a few clicks, you can get a list of the best wedding photographers in Delhi and book them at your comfort by sitting at your home at any time. Setmywed makes things simple, easy and convenient for you. All you need is to do just mention the city where the wedding event is going to happen and fill some simple details like the kind of wedding photography you are looking for, the number of days and the kind of functions you would like as well as your budget for your wedding photo shoot. While you can ask your friends and family for recommendations and ideas, the chances are that you will only get some limited options from them and the budget will always be a concern. Why not cut out the clutter and head straight to Setmywed where you can search the top wedding photographers with the detailed portfolio, experiences, reviews and that too within your budget! As soon as you send a request, the professionals will contact you within 24 hours. Also, our relationship manager will help you get the best deal in your budget.

Mistakes you must avoid while hiring professional photographers in Delhi?

Now you are aware of how to look for a wedding photographer and how to hire the right photographer, why not to have a look at the very common mistakes to avoid when hiring a wedding photographer.

Avoid asking friends and relatives to cover the wedding shoot as they may be amateurs and unskilled. Moreover, it is embarrassing to discuss the pricing and other favors too.

Avoid the delay when hiring a wedding photographer as they are always in high demand and you may not get the one you are looking for.

Avoid interfering with the photographer’s work or advising him. His point of view of capturing photos might be different. Remember that he is a professional and knows what he is doing!

Avoid being too rigid about the costs as the top wedding photographers in Delhi are expensive.

Avoid being casual when you are signing the formal contract with the photographer and ensure that everything is written down in black and white.

Fees and Charges of Wedding Photographers In Delhi

Good wedding photographers come with a price tag, and one should never be stingy when hiring them. The top wedding photographers in Delhi need to be given an important place in the wedding budget. Compromising with the quality of work would simply mean losing out on those special, priceless and irreplaceable moments on your big day. The wedding photography starting price range can be between 80k-1L for two days in Delhi.

Other wedding services provided by Setmywed in Delhi-NCR

Apart from the wedding photography services, there are many other  services offered at Setmywed:

Wedding Venues in Delhi: Browse through the list of the top wedding venues especially customized by our experts.

Wedding Decorators in Delhi: Enjoy professional and perfectionist services from the top wedding decorators in Delhi.

Wedding Invitation in Delhi: Explore the list of the leading wedding invitation card makers and you are ensured with the exclusive designs and quality services and satisfaction.

Wedding videography in Delhi: Get beautiful and mesmerizing wedding videos made by reliable wedding videographers in Delhi.

Choreographers in Delhi: improvise your dance moves under the guidance of professional dance experts for your wedding.

Wedding Planners in Delhi: Let the professional and experienced wedding planners handle all your arrangements and let them plan your wedding while you can sit back at home and relax.

Mehndi Artists in Delhi: The wedding ceremony is incomplete without exclusive mehndi designs. Leave them to the learned mehndi artists in Delhi who are listed here.

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