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Top Five Reasons for Getting Married in April


Wed Apr 10

Choosing a wedding date is a unique yet important planning decision for a couple. Anxious about getting married in April? Well, we suggest you should go ahead with your decision. Here are the top five reasons for getting married in April:




  • It’s symbolic: The word ‘April’ is derived from a Latin word, Aprilis, which means ‘to open’ and implies the blossoming flowers and trees during this month. April’s symbols include the diamond gemstone and both the daisy and sweet pea flowers. An April wedding symbolizes eternal growth and celebrates a budding new life together.


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  • Seasonal significance: April marks the month when trees and flowers begin to bloom. Hence it is just the right time for a new relation to bloom as well.


  • Mythological Significance: The month of April is named after the Greek goddess, Aphrodite. who stands for love, beauty, and desire in classical mythology. Her holy birds included doves and swans, both of which are frequently used during wedding ceremonies to represent loyalty in marriage and devotion to one another.



  • Significance in Indian astrology: Those who get married during this month are influenced by Taurus. According to Indian astrology, this month is a great time for solemnizing Wedding as couples experience a romance-filled journey throughout their life, and also have a great sex life.


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  • Favorable climate: You would definitely not want to ruin the fun of your wedding by sweating profusely or shivering on your ‘D’ Day.  Since the month of April is characterized by a mild climate in most of the parts of India, we recommend you do not think twice before choosing this month for your ‘D’ day.

So, what are you waiting for? Zero in on April as the month for your Wedding.

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