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Best Tip To Announce Your Wedding Date, Digital Invitation !


Tue Apr 2


Wedding Invitation is the first official announcement of your wedding.
Everyone wants it to be great.

Are your relatives living far from you?
Out of the county or out of the town?
Going to them just for giving them the wedding card will cause your pocket unnecessary.

No chance to visit them just for giving your wedding card?
We have a solution for you.

Setmywed makes a digital wedding invitation and can deliver these on your relative’s doorstep.

We have provided you a solution but there are many queries regarding it?
Visit: –

digital invitation

And have answered by the setmywed.

Now the question arises how does digital wedding card look?
What are the colors available?
What patterns are available?
What designs are available?

Wait wait wait!!!

We have every solution regarding your digital wedding card.

Here some basic designs and patterns of the digital wedding card: –

With the Culture and Religious Theme: –


The first page consists of an animated photo of bride and groom.
Dressed up as their cultural and religious beliefs.

The second page consists of name and venue information. Followed with some cultural quote.

Many beautiful colors with adoring floral designs and patterns.
Every color is available in digital wedding cards.
From white to red.
From green to blue.
From violet to yellow.
Every color embraces the digital wedding card.

Setmywed gives you customized color options.
So keep calm and trust setmywed.

We have every color, design, pattern, etc.
Combine your favorite design with color and make a rocking combination.

The simple Bride and Groom card: –


Simple is always adoring.
Simple bridge and groom card embrace your Simplicity’s choices.

Beautiful and tempting cards with a combination of simplicity.

The simple bride and groom digital wedding card will look very adoring and will bound spells of your relatives.
Most people prefer off white or white color with Golden color design.
This combination always makes the card look very adoring.

But we have many combinations waiting for you. We have customized combinations for your digital wedding card. The simple bride and groom card will mesmerize all your relatives and friends as well.
So they will not take any chance to miss your grand wedding as well.

The invitation card is the first impression you can make on your relatives and friends.
So make this first impression a grand combined with simplicity.
This will create a spell bounding and mesmerizing magic in the minds of your relatives and friends.

Digital wedding card in video format: –

A wedding video will leave a soothing impact on the viewer.
You can customize it with your personal photographs with inviting quotes. And information on wedding functions and wedding venue details are followed up at the end of the video.

Pre-wedding photos can also be included in the digital wedding card.

Video formats always leave a great impact on the viewers’ mind and heart as well.

Videos can also be used for the digital wedding card and will look more impacting on your relatives and friends.

No one will deny attending your wedding after viewing your digital wedding card video.

No Photo Digital Wedding Invitation: –


Just beautiful florals and designs with wedding venue details and wedding rituals information and no photo on the digital wedding card.

It looks great too. With beautiful combinations of design and pattern with vibrant colors. Like brown, violet, maroon, blood red, orchid yellow, mustard color, and many more colors are used to show the vibrancy of your digital wedding card.

Many people who don’t want their animated photos on the digital wedding card or any photo to be there on the digital wedding card can go for this option.

It looks simply great and mesmerizing also. Because it has a large space for beautiful patterns and floral designs to fulfill the cards space.

Spacing in the card is then done according to the designs. And these cards look very adoring and designer as well.

So choose your digital wedding card and contact setmywed. For your optimized digital wedding card, you can only trust setmywed services.

So contact setmywed to have the most beautiful and trendy digital wedding card.

There are many more different digital wedding card designs waiting for your paths. Not only those who are mentioned above but we have a wide diversity of digital wedding card ready to rock your first impression on your relatives and friends.

Call Us +91 9812884105 And Grab Your Digital Invitation Card.

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