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Wedding Checklist For Hosting Best Catering Service- caterers in delhi for wedding


Wed Mar 6

wedding catering


Best  Catering is a big responsibility for the wedding. It tells about your choices, your test, and your work.

In the wedding ceremony, most of the guest spend their time in the catering area. guest remember your function to a long time .there for the impression of catering should be best and take care of this area is very carefully.

Let’s know about what should be there for the caterers in Delhi for wedding.

1: know about your guest.

2: list of guest

3: know about your budget

4: catering space

5: sanitation

6: food order (quantity+ quality)

7: catering equipment

8: food  items(snacks+ lunch/dinner+ dessert )

9: according to the culture

10: seasonal vegetables/fruits

11: drinking water

12: cocktails

13: decoration

14: staff list

Let’s talk about in details that what should be kept in our mind during function because it is not a cake walk. service of catering should be stupendous. Crater does their work in diligently. Demeanour should be good. Teamwork should be wherewithal. Obviate fights. Use good language. Keep calm. Hold smile on your face.

1st thing know about dinner or

lunch ceremony

Every staff should have a checklist of all work .all works means from venue to spoons. All have should active and prepare for their work.

Kitchen equipment

checks out of catering tools.

1: Glasses for water and drinks.

2: Pitchers filled with water and drinks.

3: straw should be there.

4: Napkins should be there.

Equipment for buffet

Tongs, chafing, Fuel, Lighter, Cuttings board, Cutting knife, Rolled silverware, serving baskets, Plates, Dish clothes, Dish Wash. Bus bins Serving trays, Water pitcher,

Table setting equipment

best caterers best caterer

Water and Drinks

best caterers in delhi catering service

Water should be pure and should be clean, which equipment is using for hold water that should be very clean it should be without sticky. glasses should be clean. which type of glasses should be it depends on host choice. If we talk about drinks it also totally depends on candidate demands.

Food presentation

wedding catering caterer

Presentation of food always creates a hunger for food. Its looks and its attractive smells always create magic. Because in marriage guest does time pass in the catering services area. Some time they go for snacks and some time they go for other tasty food. There should be a seasonal food, should be fresh vegetables fresh fruits. Take care about sanitation all the time in any area of catering. All food should be hot. All food presented with their name.


Teamwork should be healthy. Healthy behavior for the guest. It is a very important part of hosting.

wedding cateres


Catering staff should have a checklist. kitchen cleaning checklist. Wiping plates, use napkins, hand gloves,  apron,


wedding caterer


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