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Upcoming Auspicious Wedding Dates In 2019


Fri Sep 6

Wedding dates play a vital role in everyone’s wedding. According to Hindu sabhyata we have given very much importance to the pious date that is suitable for a wedding. We married on the most pious date so that our married life becomes successful. And we live a happy married life. So, let’s begin with the wedding dates in 2019.

In Islam as well the qazi saheb, suggests a date which is suitable for nikah. And they prefer that date as holy and sacred.

They too believe that marrying on a pious day leads a successful and happy married life.

Therefore in our culture, that date is fixed months or years before the marriage. And then marriage happens on that holy day.

In fact, we fix dates for every special occasion. So we fix a pious and holy date for our engagement and post-wedding functions. Whether it is any ritual or ceremony we fix a holy date and time.

It said that if you get married on a pious and holy date you will be very happy and live a successful married life. And love in your wedding will last forever.

Generally, people ask their family Pandits to suggest some of the wedding dates. But we have worked on this aspect as well. We have consulted some of the best and trusted Pandits for some pious wedding dates.

Now let’s talk about some of the Holy upcoming wedding dates in 2019.

So let’s begin!!!

wedding dates in 2019

Though half of the year had passed away. But no worries we have half of the year left with us. So let’s talk about upcoming wedding dates in 2019.

Here we go!!!

As the month of August, September, and October, considered as no wedding months and considered as impious for weddings so, no wedding got conducted in these months.

So we will be starting from the month of November.

 Let’s Talk About The Best Wedding Dates In November 2019

Date:- 8th November 2019 (Friday)

Time: 12:24 to 30:42+

Nakshatra: Uttara Bhadrapad

Tithi: Dvashashi

Date:- 9th November 2019 ( Saturday)   

Time:- 06:42 to 30: 43+

Nakshatra:- Uttarra Bhadrapad, Revati

Tithi:- Dvashashi, Triodshi

Date:- 14 November 2019 (Thursday)

Time:- 09:14 to 30: 47+

Nakshatra:- Rohini, Mrigashira

Tithi:- Dvitiya, Tritiya

Date:- 22 November 2019 (Friday)

Time:- 09:01 to 30: 53+

Nakshatra:- Uttara Phalguni, Hasta

Tithi:- Ekadashi

Date:- 23 November 2019 (Saturday)

Time:- 06:53 to 14:45+

Nakshatra:- Hasta

Tithi:- Dvashashi

Date:- 24 November 2019 (Sunday)

Time:- 12:48 to 25: 05+

Nakshatra:- Svati

Tithi:- Trayodashi

Date:- 30 November 2019 (Saturday)

Time:- 18:04 to 31: 00+

Nakshatra:- Uttara Ashadh

Tithi:- Panchami

Luckiest dates to get married in November 2019:-

22nd November (Friday) Start time ( 09:01 AM) – End Time ( 11:59 PM), Nakshatra – Uttara Phalguni

This date is the most auspicious and pious date to get married and start a new life. This date considered the best wedding dates in 2019, November. Don’t miss it.

wedding dates in 2019

8th, 9th, 10th, 14th, 22nd, 24th, and 30th November are only considered as auspicious Dates. Except for these dates, all other dates considered as impious and irreligious.

So you should marry except these dates. These Nakshatra are considered as pure Nakshatra. Don’t miss them anyway.

Now Let’s Talk About The Auspicious Wedding Dates In December 2019

Date:- 5 December 2019 (Thursday)

Time:- 20:08 to 31: 04+

Nakshatra:- Uttarra Bhadrapad

Tithi:- Navami, Dashami

Date:- 6 December 2019 (Friday)

Time:- 07:04 to 16:32+

Nakshatra:- Uttarra Bhadrapad

Tithi:- Dashami

Date:- 11 December 2019 (Wednesday) 

Time:- 22:54 to 31: 08+

Nakshatra:- Rohini

Tithi:- Purnima

Date:- 12 December 2019 (Thursday)

Time:- 07:08 to 30: 19+

Nakshatra:- Mrigshira

Tithi:- Purnima

Luckiest dates to get married in December 2019:-

6th December, (Friday) Start time ( 04:15 AM) – End Time ( 04:31 PM), Nakshatra – Uttara Ashadha

This date considered as the most pious and auspicious date in the month of December. Whomsoever get married on this day will be a successful married couple.

Love and luck got filled in their married life.

wedding dates in 2019

The God of Uttara Ashadha Nakshatra is Sun. If you wish to have a fascinating, virtuous, and wealthy wedding life, couples should organize a Pooja for the Lord Surya before the wedding ceremony starts.

And this will really fill wealth and love in your upcoming happy married life.

wedding dates in 2019

5th, 6th, 11th, 12th December is also the auspicious and pious dates. Except for these dates, all other dates considered to be the irreligious and impious dates in the month of December.

And marrying on those dates can lead an unhealthy and unhappy married life.

And of course, no one with this bad luck to touch their married life. So don’t miss the auspicious wedding dates in 2019 mentioned above. Don’t miss these auspicious muhurats at any cost. They are important and can change your life.

Do call us at your wedding if possible. We will be glad to join you on the special occasion of your life. All the best!

We wish to love, wealth and luck get filled in your upcoming married life.

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