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Wedding Photographer in Delhi-“Dreams” All About to Live.


Wed Feb 27

1st of all, Every Wedding Photographer in Delhi NCR has to be patient and before giving a memorable moment to others they should be know how to keep a smile on his or her face.

Let’s start, Every Wedding photographer should know that before captures movements they should ask their candidate about choices, what she wants and which poses she wants to give.

1: Her favorite-with jewelry.


neeti mohan

Pic Credit –  @thrroyaljewels

With a big smile capture her dreamable moments in which picture she is wearing her all jewelry step by step like- Her “MATHA PATTY. Click pictures of the bride with her bangles in which she is trying to make everyone knows her happiness. One most important picture should be there which is her ” NATH”

2: All time favorite – Her branded makeup.


bridal makeup

Click a picture of her eyeshadow which is ready for doing magic. Bride eyelashes which are ready to speak about her happiness.


3: With her mom- Capture her emotion, her love for her mother.


bride photo with mom

: Want to See a perfect happy + sad emotion Must click a photo with Mom


4: kalire moments.



: Brides Kaleera Moment must be captured In which may be she showing her Kaleera

: Or Spreading Kaleera on her Younger Brother or Sister

5: Bride friends, bride boys friend ‘bodyguard’ -fun and any important days without a friend is impossible.


bride maids


click that picture in which she is trying to say her friend that she is fine, she is happy and she will be happy. capture her that movements in which she is doing fun with her friends like others day.” old days” pose which is famous in school time and college time

6: Bride with goggles- the super scene is this.sometimes on her head and sometimes pulling that goggles.


bride with goggles

: Bride “Dresses”- 1st things capture her laugh, her smile during dressing moments. she ready to hug.

She is making Pout and Showing “swag”


7: All moments at that time and full fill her arms one picture should be there in which


bridal entry

she is trying to trust that her dream is all about to complete.

Bride walk is the most important scene.


8: Her 1st hero in her life- her dad


Definitely catch that scene for giving a smile to anytime.

Wedding Photography is emotionless without a photo of the bride with her Dad.

9: It’s time to – Bride & Groom:


Her man, about him she can proudly say that ” he is mine”.make pose like real not fake, make a pose that is ready to tell her story.

  • Simple pose in which they are looking in front of the camera.
  • That will be some interesting, in that picture they looking for each other.
  • Eye contact with love, try to say everything.
  • The queen style – in which picture she is sitting on the couch and giving her a look in she is with confidence.


  • In the arm of her man- gratefully click that picture.
  • Holding the hand of each other.
  • Holding each other very carefully.
  • Her blush
  • During the taking selfie.
  • With her “world” means her whole family.
  • Showing her Mehandi.which color is saying something many stories about that.
  • Looking herself in the mirror
  • Having fun with her friends with lots of laughter.
  • Dance on the floor: click the picture when bride and groom moments is theirs. ask them if they have any pose or not.
  • Rituals time- bride emotions.
  • Her care about her family, she holds her emotion and giving a big smile during the marriage rituals.
  • Dinner time pictures.

And most of the emotional moments in which she is going forward and looking back to see her family, to see her friends, and make them trust with a smile that she is happy.


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