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Wedding Trends of 2019 that should not be Missed!!!

Girija Mutha

Mon Sep 2

With extremely large trends going on nowadays for a bride-to-be, there is always confusion about what to choose and what not to! We are sharing top wedding trends 2019 that have jumped onto our radar!!! We aim to spark your imagination, make these ideas your own!!

Weddings are extremely personal and there is no wedding that perfectly fits all. Everyone will want something slightly different and unique to be it the dress, catering, styling or decorations. While trends changes rapidly so do tastes, and what people wish to spend their money on when it comes to their Big Day.

Just as with the fashion trends, we have even seen wedding trends evolving every year. From the outfits to  Larger Than Life Decor and entertainment ideas, the celebrations are becoming more and more about a couple of the hour, and more personalized than before.

2019 is the year that is shaping up to be one of the most exciting wedding seasons. These are the brand new ideas as you start planning for your Instagram perfect wedding.

With so many celebrity weddings that happened this season, you could definitely look up to them for the latest trends and new things. But since Trends should never be blindly followed, Individuality is a must and not should be negotiated.

Weddings are rapidly becoming more and more personalized and brides-to-be are modern and sleek. They are not only following trends but are happily expressing their personalities through their outfits, makeup, jewelry, and decor.

For wedding trends 2019, it basically covers every aspect of the wedding from decor to bridal jewelry to bridal outfits and other bridal elements. After seeing brides becoming more and more experimental with choices for their wedding in 2019. We provide you with a comprehensive list of best wedding trends you need to try for your wedding.

Destination Wedding

A destination wedding has endless advantages. It could give you a lavish venue, an intimate experience, and the luxury and advantage of working with a knowledgeable specialist who can keep the planning process easy and stress-free.

But the cherry on the cake is the opportunity to turn your destination wedding into a three-day celebration with everyone you love. With more and more celebrities choosing destination weddings over home town ones, they are undeniably in demand!


Customizing the ordinary customs is the ‘new normal’. Customization is unbeatably coming forward and increasing with each passing day. From dresses to latkans, brides are customizing their outfits to their decors.

Skipping the ordinary, this customization is becoming something unique which definitely adds up to your pretty lehnga!

 Classy is Back!

Decor with mere red roses and shinny lights are officially back from the 60s.  If you have a thing for a contemporary look, use different lights to create a minimal yet modern backdrop. In fact, using different light strings is a great way to embellish your backdrop with a clean appearance.

Not to mention, for an evening outdoor reception, you have to infuse various types of light elements like lanterns, Diya and globe lights with your wedding decor.

 Bid Goodbye To Pastels

With pastels officially getting offseason. Brides are counting on the bold colors for their big day.  Ditching the minimal and soft colors, they are opting for valiant and bold choices.  Brides nowadays are getting super creative and fun with their wedding day wear.

They are discovering an entire arrangement of new color choices for their big day. From bold hues to different prints. These lovely colors are just as lovely and elegant as any other pink color palette.

 Simple and Sweet Invites

Couples are ditching the OTT invites from large boxes to exaggerated context, to minimal and sweet invites to their guests. Selection of the correct words that will appear in your wedding card is one of the super important tasks when it comes to the finalization of an invitation.

wedding trends of 2019

However, there are a few things that must be taken care of while doing so. For example, if you are opting for traditional ways of inviting your guests, then there are various options to choose from.

However, there are always a few special conditions, when we need to customize the words to be there in the card to add that special and personal touch to it.

wedding trends 2019

 Personalized Minimal  Mangalsutra

One of the most overlooked and uncoordinated aspects of an Indian wedding is choosing a mangalsutra. Why? Because the groom’s side of the family picks a mangalsutra. The bride is generally not consulted.

And now the bride is stuck with an important piece of wedding jewelry for the rest of her life.

wedding trends 2019

To avoid this, brides are choosing their mangalsutras on their own. Nowadays, keeping the long and large designs aside, brides are happily keeping it personalized and minimal.

 Super Fun Bridal Entries

Whenever we think of Bridal entry ideas, Din shaghna Da is always what pops up in our minds. And don’t know about not-so-wedding lovers but I don’t want to enter on this same old school entry idea.

wedding trends of 2019

If you are a bride go for something out of the box and have an absolutely Bollywood level magical entry in which you could also include your family. So, indeed this is one of the best wedding trends of 2019 which is totally “Hatke”.

wedding trends of 2019

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