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What Do All Should Girls Keep In Their Handbags?


Tue May 28

We have many things in our bag but we always forget to keep some necessary things in ours. We have really messed up with our handbags. We are always confused about what to keep and what to not. And this dilemma never ends. We always want to have everything whether necessary or unnecessary in our handbag. And then we end up having everything unnecessary and just to make your handbags heavy. We always want to have a super perfect handbag with every essential thing.

But we are always confused that what all the necessary things we should keep in our handbag. We are always stuck in which product to carry and which to leave in your drawer. So let’s talk about all the necessary and vital things for girls to have it in their handbag.

So let’s start from the basic things that every girl should keep in their handbag.

Facial Wipes

No matter it is summer or winter, you have to keep these facial wipes in your handbag as it is a necessity. Whether you want to clean your face, your burger that slipped on your and then on your shoes. You can clean them with it. Stressed out with your work?  Use these wipes to get an instant fresh face full of energy. This is an essential thing that every girl should carry in their handbag.

Pocket Perfumes



Perfumes are again the most important thing a girl should have it always. No matter where you are going. The future is uncertain you never know that you are going on a movie date next minute. So have your fragrance with you always. And especially in summers. You will never stink or smell bad with your sweat. So have a pocket perfume always in your handbag. And yes avoid having big perfumes it will make your handbag heavy.

Hair Brush

Hair never stops flaunting and when it comes in the direct contact of air it really goes beyond your control. So to rescue yourself from that awkward situation when you have your hair on your face and you look like a ghost. You must have a hairbrush in your handbag to comb your hair nicely and become a woman again from a ghost. And you never know when you will need this necessary thing. As you might have a meeting next minute and due to your workload, you have spoiled your hairstyle. So you will need a hairbrush in any case.

Lipstick That Fits Your Every Outfit


Keep always that color of lipstick that fits your every outfit. Avoid keeping more than two lipstick as it may confuse you and can create a mess in your handbag. Having a red lipstick is always a great idea. As red lipstick fits on every outfit. And you can always put this shade for any uncertain personal event. It matches everything and every party, event, and occasion.


Nudes are the new trend. And you can use it for your formal events. And for touch-ups. It gives you natural looking lips. And also fits every outfit. So by keeping red and nude shade will save you from every confusion and rush.

Smudge-Proof Kajal For Touch Up


Touch ups are always mandatory. You can compromise on it. And keeping kajal in your handbag is the essential part as well. You may need it anytime.  You never know who will fall for your eyes and their magic. So keeping your eyes look perfectly sexy is something everyone should do. So keep a smudge-proof Kajal in your handbag. You can’t miss it at any cost.

Face Powder  


Again for touch-ups. Face powder helps you out when you look down. Under pressure and your workload may make you look stressed and can hamper your makeup and overall look. And face powder is used to correct it and make you look fresh. It settles your makeup and sets everything on your face to make up you look perfect the way you came from your home. So never ignore to keep it in your handbag.


You never know when you need to wash your face. And suddenly your makeup comes out. To save yourself from this awkward moment you should have your foundation in your handbag as whenever you will need to touch up your skin you will have it and can use it at any time. You never know when you are going out with your friends and due to stress and work, all your makeup comes out. So you can have to touch up with your foundation.











Trust me you always need it. And you always ignore it. You never know when your face becomes dry and your skin starts coming out. To give moisture to your skin, you will always need this in your handbag. Especially in winters when you need moisture a lot on the skin. So never forget to have a small moisturizer in your handbag.

Body Lotion

The body lotion is for your hands, legs, and every part of your body except your skin. You never know when your body parts are going to become dry and they will lose moisture. Especially in winters. You need it every time. So don’t miss out as every day you need it.


Again for touch up. If your sweat has removed or lightens your eyeliner then do not hesitate in applying it again. You should not hamper your look by yourself. Always keep your eyeliner ready with you. Who knows who you are going to meet today. And who will fall in the beauty of your eyes?



Blush is to make your cheek look pink. And to give them natural glow and blush. And so you should have your natural blush in your handbag always with you. It will rescue in every situation whenever you suddenly plan to go and hang out.

Face Brush

They are again very useful to blend everything on your face. Sometimes we apply very much of makeup and realize later. And then we are caught up in an awkward and helpless situation. Then we can use this to blend our makeup perfectly. In fact, the face brushes are also helpful in doing touch up and making you ready for everything. So never forget and ignore this important survival tool.

So have these necessary and important things in your handbag to save yourself from any uncertainty. And start ruling the world. You may forget a few things in the beginning but once you will develop a habit you will be happy and will be ready for any date, meeting, movie, family function and hangouts.

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