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What If Avengers Plan A Wedding?


Mon May 27

Avengers End Game released recently and was appreciated by everyone all over the globe. Avengers end game was awaited from more than one year and when it touched the stairs of theatre. It made drastic enthusiasm among people all over the world. All the four sequels of Avengers:- Avengers, Avengers Age Of Ultron, Avengers Infinity War and Avengers End Game.

They made a separate fan base and whenever they came in the theatres,  the box office turned to be full.

And now what happens when Marvel’s superheroes will plan a wedding. What all they will do?  How will they arrange everything?  And who will do what? Have you ever thought about this?  Seems interesting and quite funny? Let’s talk on this and find out.

Marvel Superheroes Role In Arranging Wedding:-

Captain America:- The Wedding Planner

The most attractive superhero with leadership qualities will make every girl mad at the wedding. He knows how to manage a task. How to give orders and how to commence it. He takes the right decision and will really fit for the wedding planner job. He will arrange everything and will also make every bridesmaid and girl fall for him at the wedding. And it may also happen girls will start running after him due to his charm.

Iron Man A Savage Dj

A savage DJ like an iron man is everyone’s desire. His jokes between songs will take everyone’s heart. He is well versed with technology and can solve anything. And so he will manage DJ by just snapping his fingers. Imagine iron man performing Bhangra and in full mood to rock the dance floor. He will also make everyone mesmerized with his music beats.

Thor An Alcoholic Bartender

Thor is a beer lover. And he never forgets any chance to have a sip of beer. Whether it is having fun with his friends or is alone and tensed. He is always accompanied by his glass of beer. So, therefore, he is well versed with how to make drinks and how to serve them as well. So he is perfect for the role of bartender. He will also accompany anyone with his glass of beer. He never says no to beer. He loves to drink beer.

Black Widow As The Professional Choreographer

She is a secret detective. And help every marvel superheroes. She is most trusted by Marvel superheroes and everyone fears to fight and face her. She fights so smoothly that you will not even notice how she killed a man. Her moves are very killing. And she also moves very smoothly. So she is perfect for making anyone learn smooth and flexible dance steps. So she can be a professional choreographer at your wedding to set fire on the stage.

Hawk-Eye A Professional Wedding Photographer

Hawk’s eye is a perfect archer. And he never misses his shot. He waits for the perfect time patiently and shot his enemy. What all we need in a professional photographer is that he should also wait for the perfect timing and click a photograph.  And Hawkeye is someone who will do justice with this job full of patience. He will wait for the best moment and can capture a perfect shot.

Spiderman As An Anchor

An anchor should be entertaining, funny, energetic and freakish. He is very funny and entertaining. And can anchor at the wedding. He will crack jokes in between and make everyone fall for his charm. So his task as an anchor is locked and fixed. We can’t have a good anchor like him. He has all the qualities that an anchor should have.

Hulk As Packers And Movers

Hulk is a bodybuilder who can move anything. He can pick up anything and drop it anywhere. He has so much strength and is full of energy. He is suitable for packers and movers job. He will do it excellently. As he has all the stamina and strength for moving things here and there. He is perfect to become packers and movers and he will be the most demanded in the market if he enters this business.

Black Panther As Event Manager

He is the king of Wakanda. And he is the leader of Dora Milaje regiment. He is one of the most amazing and astonishing characters at Marvel. He is a superb leader full of leadership traits. And the way he saves his kingdom from invaders he can also manage the event and make successful. So he is perfect for an event manager role. He will do full justice to his work.

Ant-Man As Wedding Caterers

Ant-man loves to eat. He loves food very much. He can’t live without delicious food. And is perfect as a wedding caterer. He will serve finger licking tasty food to your guests. And will make you cause many acknowledgments for his service. He will serve delicious and fresh food. And will also have it after everyone’s stomach is full.

Nick Fury as Pandit Ji

He made every superhero unite and made a group of them and named them as Avengers. He is brilliant in making people unite and together. So he is perfect for the role of Pandit Ji at the wedding. As the Pandit Ji also unites the groom and bride. He is perfect for this task and will put all his efforts to make them together.

So plan how you can get these superheroes as your wedding arrangers. Ask them and request them to plan your wedding.

And yes if you didn’t get them.  Then you can make your wedding planners and arrangers dress like them and act like them. Have a rocking wedding with Marvel superheroes.

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