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What You Expect And What You Get On Your First Wedding Night ?


Thu Apr 11

After all, the day of your marriage has come and today you are going to get married. Both excitement and nervousness feelings are both in you. Now when you are in each other’s arms then you do not need a long night call. And for the moment you are waiting since your engagement. Both of you are thinking about your first wedding night, how it is going to happen, how it will be and how it will start. There are many questions that come to mind of a couple. But the thing is that it is not what you expect and think. There is a huge difference between reality and expectation.


Expectations vs. reality that no one will

tell you before your first wedding night

Your first wedding night like a Bollywood Or Hollywood movie. 

1st night

On your wedding night, you will see so many Bollywood and Hollywood movies and when a romantic scene came, you might have thought that your first wedding night It’s going to be like the same movie, which is probably not. Or it may be too reverse. But most of the time, the first wedding night is not like the first wedding night.

Forget about Sex, We Need food. 

Brides and grooms are starving. On your wedding day, guests, relatives, and friends are eating all delicious dishes and watching them dancing and singing on the bridegroom’s chairs. You might be thinking that someone will ask you to eat but in a most Indian wedding, after the Fera Festival, which is a late night, the bride and groom eat together, for which you have to wait a long time. If you are lucky then a friend might ask you for a start.

Don’t hesitate, ask everything you want to. 

Do not stress so, release all the questions, especially in case of an arranged marriage where the bride and groom do not know each other, for them it is a problem when after all the fatigue you see each other that it is It’s going to happen in reality, or by the time you do not know it takes time. Each other a little So without any tension, free yourself from all the questions that are going on in your mind.

Conversation full night. 

bride and groom

This is not sex, Perhaps only talk about that smile and in that look of your marriage, seeing each other looks like he loves so much but when you come to your room for that special moment, you did not even pick yourself up Find And when you sit on the bed, your night just starts with the conversation. Although this exception can be everywhere. Talking the whole night, it’s not always about making we can not say what is going to happen on your wedding night when you will be with each other. There should always be a connection there, then you can start, even a little help. There is no problem in love marriage, but in organizing people, it may happen. So start talking and you know each other the whole night, and it is more romantic at this point. So this is all that can happen with you on your moon night, which you probably have no idea about.

Just smile for another picture. 

Your entire wedding day passes in photography Your wedding day is like a photo session of the whole day. So many relatives, Friends and guests and they all want to get a picture with you provided they can remember your wedding night, and you can not reject them, although you want because you are adequate with photo sessions. You want to be with each other but photo shoots and even your personal.

Ask, ask and ask!!! 

wedding night

Ask each other how you want to go, whether to go with a safety or without it. You should ask your partner because what is going to happen should be and then when both of you agree and especially if she agrees. And the best thing to do is to get around.


Co-sensor if she says yes then go and she should also ask if she wants it. You may not want to do this because of a tiring marriage. It can be from both sides. Therefore, whatever decision comes from Partner, you should always respect him.


Indian marriages are always tiring. So you know that there is a big difference between expectation and reality that nobody tells you before your first wedding night.


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