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Why Aerobic Exercises Are Good For Your Health and 15 Beneficial Exercises


Fri May 3

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We all need to stay fit. We need to have good health. And exercising keeps us healthy and fit. And aerobic exercises will not only keep you healthy but also can help you in curing all your health issues. There is not a single health problem that can’t be cured by aerobic exercise. Diabetes, heart diseases, obesity, high blood pressure and even some of the cancers. You will stay fit and free from health problems by doing aerobic exercises. But the problem with the youth is that we just write speeches on health care but doesn’t follow it. We know what all is good for us still we try bad things first.


And then we regret later. We spend our youth wasting our time and live our old age regretting. Do you know how you all are wasting your time in different ways? No clue?  Because never paid attention to it. Was busy having fun with your friends. So let’s discuss in what all ways you all are wasting your time unconsciously.

  • Spending most of the time in watching prank and funny YouTube videos, Hotstar, Netflix and Voot.
  • Spending every second in checking your WhatsApp or social media accounts.
  • Sleeping all the time in your bed.
  • We always prefer to sit and relax when we are asked for doing exercise and yoga.


So am I right?  We are wasting our time in these unnecessary activities. Ok fine. I know it’s important too but not spend half of the time in doing these things. Let’s do it but not so much that we are not left with any other things to do with.

Over the past two decades, obesity increased from 16.8% to 18.5% in youth and 33.7% to 39.6% in adults in the US. This, in turn, has given birth to various health problems. Not to ignore or forget about the huge medical bills. But, there is one way to get your self out from it that is fantastic and beneficial mood-boosting aerobic/cardio exercises.

So let’s begin!!!

Difference between aerobic exercises and anaerobic exercises.


There are two types of exercise,i.e, aerobic or anaerobic exercise. Aerobic exercises are also known as cardio and use up oxygen. The heart gets active pumping, your breathing improves, you take in more oxygen, and oxygen fuels the fat burning process.

And on the other hand, anaerobic exercises do not use much oxygen. They use energy stores like fat to perform exercise sets and reps. These exercises are mostly short parts of high-intensity exercises. As you do not have time to breathe between exercise so oxygen is not used to fuel the high-intensity exercises.

I know how you are thinking that anaerobic exercises are better for burning fat. But imagine doing 30 jump squats, 35 high knees, 20 mountain climbers at a time and then skipping working out the whole week because of your muscle cramps and fatigue. Then will not benefit you at all. Cardio or aerobic exercises are a great way to get started with exercising and workout. They have as many benefits as anaerobic exercises have. Let’s discuss the benefits of aerobic exercises.

Benefits of aerobic exercises



  • It helps in weight loss
  • It helps in reducing the risk of cardiovascular diseases
  • It reduces stress and anxiety
  • It reduces blood lipid levels
  • It lowers the risk of diabetes
  • It also slowdowns aging
  • It promotes brain plasticity
  • It also helps in fighting certain types of cancers

Feeling energetic?  Boosted?  Now planning to go out and take a walk? Or planning to join a gym? No stop your clouds of thoughts here. Wake up and leave your beds and start doing aerobic exercises that is going to give you all the health benefits you want.

15 Aerobic Exercises That Can Give You All The Health Benefits And Will Make You Stay Fit.

Let’s make it a bit more easy by classifying it in two parts.


The aerobic exercises that you can do at your home.

1. Jump Rope


The reasons to have rope jumping first on this list are (a) it is an energetic warm-up exercise, and (b) it is a full body exercise but it does not require you to move your whole body too much. All you have to do is jump and prevent yourself from slipping over and fall. Its fun to do it. It increases your heart rate and can burn around 200 calories in just 10 minutes! But, let’s not get too aspiring. Jumping rope continuously for 10 minutes is really tough, especially if you are not in the habit of jumping rope regularly. Take it easy and slow, wear comfortable shoes, and increase the time after your improvement.

2. Running Or Jogging



Ever feel like running on a peaceful road alone when it gets too stressful? I know most of the time you feel about. Well, that’s exactly what running helps in reducing – stress. When you jog or run, your mind is more focused and intended on saving you from falling, your heart rate increases, you breathe faster, and you sweat. After 10 minutes, when you are out of your breath, you will not be able to focus on the things that are making you think or causing you to do so. Running is the best way to burn 100-200 calories in a day that depends on the speed, time, and your current weight.

3. Walking

If you suffer from pain in your knees it is advised to walk. As running can increase your pain. Walking is as beneficial as running and it also saves you from your joint pain. Walking should be regularly scheduled in a day. Walking every day can burn around 100 calories per mile. Start walking with a slow speed and then walk fastly for a minute. Slow down your speed again. Stop and take rest if you are tired and out of breath.

4. Dancing

Dance and dance!!. And fun to your daily workout. Or you can also join a dance class. You will get a double benefit. One you will learn dancing and will also stay fit. And everyone loves to dance so you can’t give any excuse. You can learn any dance form like hip hop, ballet, contemporary, salsa, Bollywood and Bharatnatyam. And if you are too busy to join dance class then just play music in your room and start rocking the dance floor. Create some new dance forms and mix all the dancing styles. You will feel amazing. You will enjoy a lot.

5. Jumping Jacks

We sometimes jump into the main exercises without doing a warm-up exercise. The jumping jack is really fun warm-up exercise. It helps to make your muscles active in your body and burn about 50 calories. You can also combine it with other calorie burning exercises to get an effective 10-20 minute workout.

6. Butt Kicks

butt kicks


It is a modified or combined version of jogging on the spot, which can help you to become slim and tone your glutes, thighs, calves, and lower belly region. It is a great calorie burner exercise and it can help you in improving your strength and muscle endurance. Make sure you wear comfortable shoes to protect your knee during exercise.

7. Squat Jacks



It is similar to jumping jacks but not exact jumping jacks! Now, control your imagination before it run wild and thinks about a weird exercise where you have to do a leg split while you are squatting. You don’t have to do it. In this exercise will do a jumping jack and squat down. Squat jacks aim at the legs, glutes, and belly region. Doing 3 sets of 15 squat jacks can burn about 50-60 calories. Combine it with other exercises to achieve your target of burning calorie.

8. Burpees


Welcome the most effective exercise burpee – the best and topmost fat-burning aerobic exercise. You can burn around 500 calories if you do burpees for an hour. That’s not possible I know! While doing burpees your target should be on achieving the better and perfect body posture instead of focusing on the duration. Doing this exercise wrong can hurt you and your knees and back.

9. Lunges

If you want to get rid of the heavy looking thigh and leg fat then do lunging it will help you out. This exercise looks simple and it is a great leg slimmer. It targets the quadriceps, hamstrings, calves, glutes, and lower abdomen. You can burn between 50-200 calories depending on the intensity, time, dedication and your current weight.

10. Swimming

Smiling Girls Swimming Underwater

Swimming is the best full body workout that can help you burn about 500-600 calories in just 30 minutes. It improves muscle tone, loses weight, and also releases stress. You can learn various strokes or walk along the sides of the pool. You will learn how to swim and you will also burn out your calories. So go out to some pools and start a new exercise with fun and relaxation.

The aerobic exercises that you can do in your gym.

11. Rowing

No matter it is outdoors or indoors, rowing is an amazing upper body toning and strengthening exercise. You will surely burn around 300 calories in 30 minutes and you can lose the excess fat on your upper body. You can row on a rowing machine in your gym. Make sure you don’t put too many weights at initial stages. Also, to prevent yourself from any injury take care of the position of your feet, knees, back, and the muscles used.

12. Boxing


Boxing will not only make you fit. It will also strengthen your brain. You will learn to improve body coordination, balance, strength, and muscle tone and will make your brain active. You will also start thinking two steps ahead of the opponent once you developed the habit of boxing. Not just the calorie burner exercise, the stress releaser and the thrill of fighting it will keep you from giving up too soon.

13. Stationary Bike


Just imagine that it has been raining since morning, and you cannot go to the gym or outside for a quick run or on a biking adventure Or it is too hot weather outside and you feel like you will burn yourself once you will step out of the house. Then why not to drive on a stationary bike and get yourself moving for at least 20 minutes? It is an amazing exercise to improve your blood circulation and making it active. It burns around 200-300 calories and tones your legs, glutes, and lower abdomen if done for half an hour continuously. Be careful about the positioning.

14. Elliptical

Getting bored by stationary bikes? It doesn’t excite you more? Try elliptical. For beginners, it burns about 300-400 calories if you are in the weight range of 160-175 pounds. And more! The machine is designed in a way to give you a full body exercise. That means you can get slim and toned arms, legs, and belly.

Aerobic exercise you can do indoors or in your classroom

15. Zumba


Zumba has gifted many peoples perfect body shape. It is a great form of cardio, and you can have a lot of fun with friends by doing Zumba together. Zumba burns about 500 calories in 60 minutes if you do Zumba for at least an hour for five days a week. It has many health benefits and makes you fit and slim.

So these are the 15 aerobic exercises that can make you fit. And will also release your stress. These exercises will make you feel energetic and active. And these are the most simple exercises you can do and can’t make an excuse.

Just be honest and regular you will get your desired body shape and will be fit, active and energetic.

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